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Member Since: Tuesday, September 09 2008 @ 09:47 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.tempie.net
Location: Up there in the Blue Ridge, VA United States
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Tempie is the 00's equivalent of an 80's Tascam four track project, started in 2002. For-fun D.I.Y. pop influenced by 60's Teen Scene, 70's AM country, and 80's pop.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Tempie-Sound/107862485916036?ref=ts

tempie's Songs (0)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Like a Bomb jobu 12.10.17 Acoustic Rock
Draw five_extra_arms 12.09.17 Electropop
Skulk sammydix 11.30.17 Punk-Grunge
Madness Moses 11.07.17 Indie Rock
STRANGEROUS Calchas 11.03.17 Rock
Losing You PeterB7858 11.02.17 Rock
All The Way Home tmcfate 10.25.17 Alternative Rock
We End Up Being All The Same (42) jiguma 07.06.17 Alternative Rock
Something You Don't Show Songwriterz 01.24.17 Pop (mainstream)
A Little Less, A Little More Songwriterz 01.24.17 Pop (mainstream)
gaijins SuperStarSmith 01.03.17 Pop (Alternative)
New Years Day Vic Holman 01.02.17 Acoustic Rock
419 jobu 01.01.17 Pop (Alternative)
Getaway Calchas 12.28.16 Rock
No Requiem Calchas 12.18.16 Folk-Rock
Temptation Warren Smith 12.07.16 Progressive Rock
My Arms Schwerindustrie 12.06.16 Rock
Running With The Wind PeterB7858 12.05.16 Acoustic
The Greenwich Line PeterB7858 11.25.16 Acoustic
We the living tmcfate 11.22.16 Acoustic
Check Yourself [live]... Dadai.2 11.13.16 Soul
Fair Jenny's Jig and Matthew Briggs mandolinquent 11.09.16 Celtic
Dad Hickling_Stan 11.05.16 Acoustic
Youthful Adventure Doug Somers 11.03.16 Twentieth Century
Haunted House Election Daugrin 10.26.16 Holiday
Falling to the end DJWestM 10.26.16 Hip Hop-Rap
Her Dog Didn't Know She Was Crazy Damroze 10.25.16 Folk (traditional)
O O P egobandit 10.24.16 Psychedelic
Snake Oil - PBGB jiguma 10.20.16 Blues (contemporary)
Wunderbar (The Bastard) peeg 10.20.16 Folk-Rock
Life's A River jgurner 10.16.16 Pop (Alternative)
The Canary King Vic Holman 10.16.16 Alternative Rock
MITM 2 (with Steve Booth) PeterB7858 10.12.16 Acoustic
Five and Dime tmcfate 10.01.16 Acoustic
Captive Consciousness Lecture Daugrin 09.11.16 Experimental
The Ballad of the Golden Boy PaddyNavinCaryatid 03.10.14 Ballad
no making stars egobandit 11.22.13 Alternative Rock
Slab City / with DWL & rmarris davisamerica2 11.18.13 Rock
Hey, Hey, Natalie Vic Holman 11.16.13 Alternative Rock
Danger Honey PaddyNavinCaryatid 10.04.13 Alternative Rock
Don't Wish Your Life Away (H4 Demo) alackbass 09.22.13 Acoustic
Everyone In Between Vic Holman 09.20.13 Alternative Rock
Say (Spitlogic/Davis2 mix) davisamerica 09.19.13 Psychedelic
Underwater Relic67 07.26.13 Pop (Alternative)
The Fall PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.18.13 Alternative Rock
She Was Nowhere five_extra_arms 06.04.13 Electronic
Get Out of Town (V.2) PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.10.13 Punk-Grunge
Miniskirts n Popsox PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.06.13 Alternative Rock
Gone Lennon714 04.22.13 Indie Rock
Needle and Spoon bluduc 04.22.13 Folk (contemporary)
Someone Is Jealous Of You Vic Holman 04.21.13 Alternative Rock
Wandering Blues johnwhitehead 04.21.13 Bluegrass
say it aint so egobandit 04.19.13 Psychedelic
SUSTAIN w/Michael2 bud 04.17.13 Alternative Rock
Tell them You're Wrong PaddyNavinCaryatid 04.17.13 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Home kingbee 04.16.13 Pop (Alternative)
623 Lennon714 04.15.13 Indie Rock
Muddy Fields/ w DWL & rmarris davisamerica2 04.14.13 Acoustic Rock
Little Blue L200 Lennon714 04.07.13 Rock & Roll
friday ste 03.28.13 Pop (Alternative)
Chasing Ambulances PaddyNavinCaryatid 02.21.13 Alternative Rock
Defeated Relic67 02.08.13 Rock
Trinity PaddyNavinCaryatid 02.01.13 Alternative Rock
Love Relic67 01.25.13 Folk (contemporary)
silica bud 01.15.13 Other
My Baby Baby The_Applesauce_Project 01.14.13 Pop (Alternative)
Three for three danielmoore 01.12.13 Acoustic
domesticity ste 01.07.13 Pop (Alternative)
waste my time kingkenny 01.05.13 Alternative Rock
Out Here and Stranded jiguma 01.04.13 Rhythm and Blues
History Repeats Vic Holman 01.04.13 Alternative Rock
Try to Understand li3detect0r 01.03.13 Hip Hop-Rap
No Longer lazyjane 01.02.13 Folk-Rock
Precious Words Lagusaya2 12.05.12 Country-Western
Painted Blue stevel 12.04.12 Alternative Rock
You're Not There Garni 12.04.12 Pop (mainstream)
NOVEMBER KCsGROOVE 12.02.12 Acoustic Rock
Enemies li3detect0r 12.01.12 Hip Hop-Rap
It's All About Love Diego_B 11.29.12 Pop (Alternative)
The Repentant Pirate Six-Nail-Coffin 11.28.12 Acoustic
I Promise Me wheelehouse 11.27.12 Indie Rock
Along The Open Road (2) PaddyNavinCaryatid 11.27.12 Alternative Rock
Venerated FrozenEntropy 11.25.12 Rock
Moving to the Centre gadzooks 11.19.12 Art Rock
lost boy's dream tmcfate 11.19.12 Acoustic Rock
Crimson Halo (Demo) PaddyNavinCaryatid 11.18.12 Alternative Rock
Ricochet(w-Stan) J_Gretch 11.15.12 Acoustic Rock
One Way lazyjane 11.14.12 Folk-Rock
Deadlines w/ Vince Horan sewer rod 11.13.12 Rock
The End (of the world) gadzooks 11.11.12 Acoustic Rock
Remembrance kingbee 11.10.12 Acoustic Rock
Partly Sunny Relic67 11.08.12 Pop (Alternative)
short egobandit 11.07.12 Art Rock
Bad Blood by The Speakeasy Sway Gaylen75 11.07.12 Alternative Rock
Monkey Hammer five_extra_arms 11.05.12 Electropop
To the Dump grah3am 11.04.12 Electronic
When We Were Band Diego_B 11.15.12 Acoustic Rock
Silver Tongues and Golden Boys Vic Holman 11.02.12 Art Rock
Electric Beast w/Gaylen - Halloween Challenge 2012 - PrototypeEightyOne 10.30.12 Experimental
pay attention tmcfate 10.30.12 Acoustic Rock
Emma (davisamerica rexmix) HALLOWEEN 2012 jgurner 10.27.12 Alternative Rock
The Trader (Curtain Call- with Loob and egodays) finkeldink 10.25.12 Acoustic Rock
It Was Always Love johnwhitehead 10.22.12 Acoustic
Smoke And Cracked Mirrors PeterB7858 10.21.12 Acoustic
Control lavalamp 10.13.12 Alternative Rock
She Walks Vic Holman 10.06.12 Alternative Rock
Through My Window Gaylen75 10.01.12 Alternative Rock
See You in Hell J_Gretch 10.01.12 Rock
Slow Burning Story PaddyNavinCaryatid 09.25.12 Alternative Rock
Thousand Mile Stare PaddyNavinCaryatid 09.08.12 Alternative Rock
No U Turn (Woodstock 2012) MJ Band davisamerica 08.10.12 Rock
Sugared PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.25.12 Indie Rock
Axolotl Relic67 07.07.12 Rock (instrumental)
Wrongway Relic67 06.23.12 Acoustic Rock
Spring Relic67 06.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
The Reason I'm Lost PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.15.12 Indie Rock
Odds DarienLHernandez 05.14.12 Pop (Alternative)
Free Man gadzooks 05.14.12 Folk-Rock
dust kingkenny 05.13.12 Alternative Rock
Far Away johnwhitehead 05.12.12 Folk (traditional)
Talk To Myself jiguma 05.12.12 Acoustic Rock
I'll Do What I Like (w/ ParticleDots) michael2 05.11.12 Shoegazer
BIWB li3detect0r 05.11.12 Hip Hop-Rap
TV's Andy Levy (Reworked Final Version) TheReverendAG 05.09.12 Acoustic
it's in the ice box woofer3 05.08.12 Pop (Alternative)
Bare Wire PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.08.12 Indie Rock
geordie shore -with Lord Kinnock and Prince Philip woofer3 05.06.12 Alternative Rock
The Basement Fakes (with Scofugate) Relic67 05.05.12 Rock
Alone on a River w/ sammydix & kevmikwa alackbass 05.04.12 Hard Rock
Summer breeze is here (wSammy) egobandit 05.03.12 Art Rock
Mediocre fluffybunnyfeet 05.03.12 Alternative Rock
why won't you be my girl that80sboy 05.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
Doorstep cyt 05.01.12 Electropop
Which Way Is Up? bronco 04.29.12 Acoustic Rock
Break Me FEEL 04.28.12 Country-Western
Sanctified Fonk /Les_Kloo sammydix 04.28.12 Funk
Radio Music Aemyn 04.27.12 Pop (mainstream)
Walk on Water lavalamp 04.27.12 Alternative Rock
Psalms 13 li3detect0r 04.22.12 Hip Hop-Rap
Migrant/Migraine PaddyNavinCaryatid 04.18.12 Indie Rock
Migrant/Migraine PaddyNavinCaryatid 04.18.12 Indie Rock
I'm Doing Fine SondheimSteamroller 04.12.12 Folk-Rock
Supplemental Flair fatastro 04.11.12 Indie Rock
Anymore ElPeruano 04.11.12 Indie Rock
dry leaves tmcfate 04.10.12 Alternative Rock
Not Now Philip18 04.10.12 Acoustic
Talkin Cac jie 04.10.12 Country-Western
Life Story Shivers 04.10.12 Acoustic
Got You Cryin (Loob, Finkeldink, Nacho) ted23 04.08.12 Alternative Rock
Waiting Here For You alackbass 04.06.12 Easy Listening
The Last Dancing Man Vic Holman 04.05.12 Rock
Real Thing DualSpiritRecords 04.10.12 Acoustic
Taking the Black PaddyNavinCaryatid 04.04.12 Metal
The End of the New Era TheReverendAG 04.03.12 Acoustic
Light and Shade PeterB7858 04.01.12 Acoustic
Bill Cheatham/Cherokee Shuffle johnwhitehead 04.01.12 Folk (traditional)
Giving It All Away jiguma 03.29.12 Acoustic Rock
Something Different On My Face tmcfate 03.29.12 Acoustic Rock
Martyr at the Stake dylennon 03.29.12 Alternative Rock
The Whale Road PaddyNavinCaryatid 03.24.12 Metal
dont let em egobandit 03.23.12 Art Rock
Dream Experiment gadzooks 03.17.12 Electronic
Bad habits KCsGROOVE 03.17.12 Rock
Where Were You Yesterday? sammydix 03.17.12 Other
A Piece of the Sky lavalamp 03.13.12 Alternative Rock
Golden Age Relic67 03.11.12 Rock
Exhibit B Elevator_Funk 03.11.12 Funk
I Am Free (side B) seadogbluesband 03.05.12 Pop (mainstream)
Myopia w/michael2 sammydix 03.03.12 Open Collaborations
Night Traveller gadzooks 03.03.12 Art Rock
Indecision Every Night (Update) jobu 03.03.12 Pop (Alternative)
Cloudgig (w/ DavisAmerica) awigze 03.02.12 Other
Crazy With Love - Director's Cut rtcooper 02.29.12 Rock
Curtain Call (featuring Loob and egodays) finkeldink 02.26.12 Alternative Rock
The Guy who Fed the Minks mikkinylund 02.21.12 Pop (Alternative)
Wretched Man five_extra_arms 02.17.12 Electronic
Open Collaboration Idea michael2 02.14.12 Hip Hop-Rap
Keys to the City tmcfate 02.10.12 Acoustic Rock
YOU AND I KCsGROOVE 02.02.12 Funk
BIG CAR - NO SHOES PBGB 02.02.12 Rock
Progressions aRcTip 01.26.12 Electronic
Torches li3detect0r 01.26.12 Hip Hop-Rap
Love is Strange Moviz 01.22.12 Pop (mainstream)
Deckhand Blues johnwhitehead 01.21.12 Folk (contemporary)
Remember lavalamp 01.18.12 Ballad
Happy Birthday His_Boy_Sherman 12.31.11 Punk-Grunge
Junk Shop Relic67 12.10.11 Pop (Alternative)
Spectacle PaddyNavinCaryatid 12.06.11 Indie Rock
Goo Goo Eyes (with APOD) five_extra_arms 12.05.11 Electronic
I Ain't Never Been Lucky In Love guygrooves 12.05.11 Blues (contemporary)
At the Mountains of Madness PaddyNavinCaryatid 12.03.11 Heavy Metal
Christmas in Killarney ThePints 11.26.11 Holiday
me and you egobandit 11.25.11 Psychedelic
Fall tmcfate 11.24.11 Alternative Rock
Make Your Own News Pete_NB 11.24.11 Rock
WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT SKWERYL? Skweryl 11.22.11 Experimental
Good Wife five_extra_arms 11.21.11 Alternative Rock
Razor Wire PaddyNavinCaryatid 11.20.11 Metal
I Just Want To Scream! seadogbluesband 11.20.11 Downtempo
Promise You're Not Gonna Leave Relic67 11.12.11 Rock
Hand Me Down Soul rickbacoustic 11.02.11 Acoustic Rock
Just Keep Livin' seadogbluesband 11.02.11 Rock & Roll
reading for a minute michael2 11.02.11 Electronic
Rosalie PaddyNavinCaryatid 10.26.11 Pop (Alternative)
Had It All sammydix 10.24.11 Other
Where You Belong Gaylen75 10.23.11 Acoustic Rock
What Have I Done? feat. LYDIA WARREN ziti 10.22.11 Blues (contemporary)
Won't You lavalamp 10.22.11 Alternative Rock
Go Quietly gator4040 10.20.11 Punk-Grunge
Donna His_Boy_Sherman 10.19.11 Alternative Rock
Glass Factory (with Scofugate) Relic67 10.17.11 Rock
99% bud 10.16.11 Alternative Rock
Complicated Man Remark80 10.16.11 Acoustic Rock
I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye gadzooks 10.15.11 Alternative Rock
Little Things magic matt 10.14.11 Acoustic Rock
The Mortise Lock (w/ Sonnyjim) yrp 10.13.11 Experimental
Breaking Down (the bummer song) - word association challenge bud 10.13.11 Alternative Rock
SAFE HANDS w sisters,thoddi,ktb,kevmikwa,rok41 jiguma 10.12.11 Rhythm and Blues
dangerous woman breaking you (word association challenge) Vic Holman 10.10.11 Rock
I think you're synth is breaking (word association challenge) michael2 10.10.11 Shoegazer
Chop The Groove (funk challenge with Elevator Funk) michael2 10.05.11 Funk
Dark Tronix PrototypeEightyOne 10.04.11 Experimental
Shannon Come Back johnwhitehead 10.03.11 Acoustic Rock
Pissin' Hackberry BlueFlameRoom 10.02.11 Bluegrass
sugar? ste 10.02.11 Pop (Alternative)
My Little Typhoon Gaylen75 09.30.11 Electropop
The Roots of Trolls mikkinylund 09.25.11 Alternative Rock
Jets to the Inevitable michael2 09.25.11 Alternative Rock
Into The NIght v2.0 eleveneyes 09.18.11 Pop (Alternative)
Cosmic Interstate aRcTip 09.18.11 Downtempo
Sweetly Sings The Donkey alackbass 09.17.11 Children's Music
field of mine tmcfate 09.14.11 Acoustic Rock
A Matter Of Time Loob 09.14.11 Acoustic Rock
Roam w/PeterB7858 sammydix 09.14.11 Country-Western
I Wanna Live My Life Meta4 09.14.11 Hip Hop-Rap
There Will Come A Time Vic Holman 09.13.11 Alternative Rock
Box michael2 09.13.11 Alternative Rock
pod-fodder-of-funk-rock-kraut apod 09.05.11 Disco
Sum of The Arts spitlogic 09.04.11 Hip Hop-Rap
sleb SuperStarSmith 09.03.11 Pop (Alternative)
California, Please rockstar89 09.03.11 Folk (contemporary)
turn the key egobandit 09.02.11 Psychedelic
Wake Up (MotherF***er) PaddyNavinCaryatid 09.01.11 Punk-Grunge
To The Moon, Alice! Lennon714 08.17.11 Lo-fi
Complacent (by Spitlogic) ktb 08.14.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Funk in the Sun Bob6stringer 08.14.11 Funk
Living on the Fringe w/ Ryan, gadzooks, ktb, & Loob alackbass 08.12.11 Country-Western
Small Exceptions Mike_Lynn 08.12.11 Folk (contemporary)
Hiroshima Baby Gaylen75 08.12.11 Acoustic Rock
Heads Up Blob 08.10.11 Punk-Grunge
Invincible rickbacoustic 08.01.11 Acoustic Rock
Lonesome Luke (with Jiguma, Loob, & Paddler) davisamerica2 08.01.11 Ballad
Suffer Gaylen75 07.30.11 Alternative Rock
Vancouver lavalamp 07.30.11 Alternative Rock
Same Ole Road egobandit 07.29.11 Rock
A Collision rsorensen 07.29.11 Lo-fi
City Elegy tf10music 07.29.11 Indie Rock
Looking at the television billykirsch 07.27.11 Psychedelic
Guru michael2 07.26.11 Alternative Rock
More Than One Kiss (featuring Tempie) PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.26.11 Country-Western
She Walks in Beauty (posthumous collab Lord Byron) Relic67 07.20.11 Pop (Alternative)
Trees michael2 07.18.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Summer of Love echoroom 07.17.11 Alternative Rock
Don't count me out (just yet) apb 07.16.11 Hard Rock
Hey Cool Water By Pablatone stevenvea 07.15.11 Acoustic
BAD MAN (Sigmund, Alackbass, KTB, Dashriprock) rok41 07.15.11 Rock
Sailing On Broken Mirrors Vic Holman 07.14.11 Alternative Rock
Jockey Full Of Bourbon Bass3x 07.14.11 Rock
Sure Thing J_Gretch 07.13.11 Rock
if i could write a love song urbnite 07.10.11 Lo-fi
The Walk of Desire mikkinylund 07.10.11 Pop (Alternative)
Every Time Moviz 07.09.11 Romantic
What Would That Make Me? mowguy3 07.09.11 Ballad
The Falling Leaves lexmusicofficial 07.10.11 Country-Western
Aint askin for money (PickQuickRecords & DavisAmerica 1 & 2) awigze 07.08.11 Pop (Alternative)
Solutions egobandit 07.08.11 Rock
Golden Slippers / Needle Case (with johnwhitehead) Relic67 07.08.11 Folk (traditional)
While Away PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.08.11 Acoustic Rock
Rough & Tumble ShadowofNine 07.08.11 Hard Rock
Pieces Mike_Lynn 07.08.11 Pop (Alternative)
tomas Sea Monk Seven 07.07.11 Ballad
This Healing Skin PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.07.11 Alternative Rock
Gilberto Ibstrat 07.06.11 Bossa Nova
then it started to rain bud 07.05.11 Rock (instrumental)
Somethings wrong with you 2 apb 07.04.11 Pop (mainstream)
Solitude finkeldink 07.03.11 Acoustic
Carolina from LlarionBlues w/dave_b sammydix 07.02.11 Blues (contemporary)
MoJoZu jiguma 07.01.11 Rock
Try This Fredriksen 07.01.11 Rock
Funked Up gadzooks 06.30.11 Funk
Blue Dress PaddyNavinCaryatid 06.29.11 Pop (Alternative)
Self Diagnosis ted23 06.26.11 Alternative Rock
Put On Your Brave Face Vic Holman 06.23.11 Alternative Rock
I LIKE IT w Bob Pompei SISTERS 06.23.11 Easy Listening
Destiny w/BorisLuxx Garni 06.23.11 Pop (Alternative)
two is enough airportseven 06.22.11 Psychedelic
Resemblance w/hackneybloke and loob sammydix 06.22.11 Rhythm and Blues
BLIP michael2 06.22.11 Alternative Rock
Another Side of the Dream stevel 06.21.11 Alternative Rock
Crystal (Sisters) davisamerica 06.19.11 Other
Edge of the World PaddyNavinCaryatid 06.16.11 Indie Rock
Just-US Love spitlogic 06.08.11 Hip Hop-Rap
GO AHEAD AND RUN SISTERS 06.07.11 Dance-Club
Fish Face peeg 06.07.11 Pop (Alternative)
The Edge finkeldink 06.06.11 Hard Rock
rant3:45pm(Spitlogic,bud&awigze) davisamerica 06.04.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Karma Ride (w Gaylen75, rok41 & scofugate) Sigmund 06.04.11 Rock
xes (by Ginz111 w/tokai) ktb 06.01.11 Other
One Man Army rsorensen 05.30.11 Rock
I'M GETTIN' ANGRY! (AT MY TV) Skweryl 05.29.11 Rock
Farming Town (With Roxylee, Awigze & Scofugate) davisamerica2 05.25.11 Ballad
IN THE RED CAFE jiguma 05.25.11 Acoustic Rock
Say My Name (LIOLI) michael2 05.20.11 Electropop
My Stripper Wife jfisenne 05.15.11 Easy Listening
Detroit Lean kinane 05.15.11 Rock & Roll
no mAtter egobandit 05.14.11 Other
Firing Blindly (iPhone Demo) alackbass 05.13.11 Folk (contemporary)
Don't Get Strange on Me wheelehouse 05.13.11 Folk-Rock
The Haggards - No Glory(My new band) neckbones 05.12.11 Rock & Roll
The Haggards - Troubled Man(My new Band) neckbones 05.10.11 Rock & Roll
livin' strange Sea Monk Seven 05.09.11 Lo-fi
A.I.P. Relic67 05.08.11 Rock
You've got me thinking johnfinizio 05.18.11 Country-Western
For Alan bud 05.05.11 Other
That's When I Can Say Goodbye lavalamp 05.03.11 Acoustic
A Dangerous Life mvh9591 05.02.11 Rock
Why! neilh79 05.02.11 Acoustic
Bitter Comfort stevel 05.02.11 Alternative Rock
Life On The Trapeze jiguma 05.01.11 Acoustic Rock
365 ste 04.30.11 Pop (Alternative)
A Light Went Out (written by alackbass) Philip18 04.25.11 Acoustic
Still Boat Burning tf10music 04.25.11 Indie Rock
I'm Sorry (with FEA and Lennon 714) apod 04.24.11 Electropop
Imaginerica PaddyNavinCaryatid 04.24.11 Rock
I Will Be Your Alien Vic Holman 04.23.11 Alternative Rock
Herbert The Human five_extra_arms 04.19.11 Alternative Rock
An Untitled Love Song mana_junkie 04.19.11 Pop (Alternative)
Good 'N Greasy johnwhitehead 04.19.11 Acoustic
Little Town Gone /w Lagusaya2 jibes 04.18.11 Acoustic Rock
Riding into Jerusalem BlueFlameRoom 04.16.11 Folk (contemporary)
Three AM Waltz BlueFlameRoom 04.15.11 Folk (contemporary)
The Wrong Man jobu 04.15.11 Alternative Rock
Photographic (w/Hackneybloke, Scofugate, Rok41, and Steve Hix) sammydix 04.15.11 Acoustic Rock
She Didn't Know My Name lavalamp 04.15.11 Acoustic Rock
The Haggards - No Glory (My new band) neckbones 04.13.11 Rock & Roll
Change isn't always good guygrooves 04.12.11 Rock
HEY LORD craighalkett 04.11.11 Country-Western
Cinderella with blue eyes w/lagusaya2 jibes 04.11.11 Pop Classical
Still a Man jobu 04.10.11 Acoustic Rock
I Don't Know What's Never Been Said jobu 04.09.11 Acoustic Rock
If I Were A Girl (w/ 5 Extra Arms) michael2 04.09.11 Electropop
Get COW Tonight egobandit 04.08.11 Rock
Waiting For The Sun To Come Out Vic Holman 04.07.11 Indie Rock
Open Road jobu 04.07.11 Alternative Rock
Guy In The Sky five_extra_arms 04.07.11 Other
The Land of My Dreams johnwhitehead 04.07.11 Folk (contemporary)
The Reason I Ride Bulls pablatone 04.06.11 Country-Western
Hard Times sloparts 04.05.11 Rock
Don't Panic mer 04.05.11 Pop (Alternative)
The Animals Are Watching rsorensen 04.03.11 Alternative Rock
monkey business [09-01]mix woofer3 04.03.11 Pop (mainstream)
I'm Not Ready BossHook 04.02.11 Rock
Nadine Bass3x 04.02.11 Rock & Roll
Young Again Moses 04.01.11 Acoustic
Bullshit Sunrise geschwarztes 03.29.11 Acoustic
Love Is Just a Game We Play Bachthoven 03.27.11 Folk-Rock
Big Credit Card jibes 03.21.11 Blues (contemporary)
Happenstance rsorensen 03.20.11 Alternative Rock
K-A-R-M-A RAVENS 03.20.11 Rock
New Genesis michael2 03.18.11 Alternative Rock
My Anxiety (with Scofugate) Relic67 03.18.11 Pop (Alternative)
A Friend to the End fasteddie 03.17.11 Folk (contemporary)
out to sea egobandit 03.16.11 Art Rock
She Is Ready For The Call Skunkwrx 03.23.11 Art Rock
as long as you dont stop tmcfate 03.15.11 Alternative Rock
shakes ste 03.13.11 Pop (Alternative)
FREEDOM FOR MAMA Lagusaya2 03.13.11 Pop (mainstream)
The Customer is Always Wrong stevel 03.13.11 Alternative Rock
My Broken Sky racerat 03.12.11 Downtempo
Perception guygrooves 03.10.11 Rock
06 HAMMERHEAD apod 03.10.11 Punk-Grunge
I See Stars (w/APOD) michael2 03.10.11 Downtempo
05 EVERYTHING IS FINE apod 03.09.11 Lo-fi
Oh Jen Sea Monk Seven 03.07.11 Lo-fi
Karate Dummy rsorensen 03.06.11 Indie Rock
Always Afternoon racerat 03.06.11 Acoustic
Gospel Standard dylennon 03.15.11 Gospel
Just So You Know Vic Holman 03.05.11 Alternative Rock
01 BUD SEES THE LUNAR ECLIPSE apod 03.05.11 Other
horsefeathers [12-01] woofer3 03.04.11 Pop (mainstream)
Bit Crushed Accent (w/ 5 Extra Arms) michael2 03.03.11 Electropop
daydream ste 03.02.11 Pop (Alternative)
Bury me up side down kingbee 03.02.11 Pop (Alternative)
Sicker quicker apb 02.26.11 Pop (Alternative)
mark on the wall tmcfate 02.24.11 Alternative Rock
We Will Have a Good Time lavalamp 02.23.11 Acoustic Rock
Fanatic li3detect0r 02.21.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Medium Cool Relic67 02.19.11 Rock
Ghost In Your Eyes jgurner 02.16.11 Alternative Rock
A.I. CounterHarmony 02.16.11 Alternative Rock
MJ Stinger '11- Night five_extra_arms 02.15.11 Other
The Beaten Path jodyrush 02.09.11 Alternative Rock
A Break in the Clouds jgurner 02.08.11 Alternative Rock
Pressing In li3detect0r 02.08.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Hey (w/Strangedream & Scofugate) tonestones 02.07.11 Indie Rock
Under The Southern Cross w ktb jiguma 02.06.11 Alternative Rock
Master Boogie spitlogic 02.02.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Master Boogie spitlogic 02.02.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Obsessed Studio Trooper7 02.02.11 Pop (mainstream)
North (Artists From Canada): PC 2011 with Vic Holman tf10music 02.02.11 Indie Rock
Cup for the Saints li3detect0r 02.01.11 Experimental
(MJCC11) She Walks Away ted23 01.30.11 Alternative Rock
PC11 particledots - Home Sweet Home guygrooves 01.29.11 Pop (Alternative)
Straighten Out PaddyNavinCaryatid 01.27.11 Indie Rock
Money Tree sngwrtr 01.26.11 Country-Western
It Feeds a Lot of Poor People Lennon714 01.26.11 Informational
Get It On (Feat Morgan102 & bigdaddycee) RAVENS 01.24.11 Rhythm and Blues
Beautiful People jgurner 01.24.11 Pop (Alternative)
Just mere Breath li3detect0r 02.01.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Boy on Fire [Ravens cover; MJCC11] Bob6stringer 01.20.11 Acoustic Rock
You Ain't MJReunionNAR 01.19.11 Alternative Rock
Awkward Silence PaddyNavinCaryatid 01.19.11 Indie Rock
Closely Watched Trains (w/ Particledots) michael2 01.19.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Does Your Mother Know ??? (MJCC11) Lennon714 01.16.11 Rock
Stop Looking At Your Feet PaddyNavinCaryatid 01.15.11 Indie Rock
MJCC11 Sally (by bud) five_extra_arms 01.14.11 Electronic
(MJCC11) semi [by ste] Elevator_Funk 01.13.11 Indie Rock
MJCC11 Sailortown (Bud/Echoroom cover) Vic Holman 01.12.11 Alternative Rock
MJCC11 Everything's Better On Sunday (Lavalamp) five_extra_arms 01.12.11 Electronic
Whatever We Say Relic67 01.12.11 Folk-Rock
MJCC11 Things I Love (Written by Paul F. Page) davisamerica2 01.12.11 Romantic
break ste 01.10.11 Pop (Alternative)
all you do MarioLashon 01.15.11 Hip Hop-Rap
molly magnificent that80sboy 01.03.11 Pop (Alternative)
Love is the Only Thing ramonaji 01.03.11 Jazz Fusion
Still In The Dark starbombconnection 01.03.11 Pop (mainstream)
A dwelling in the past apb 01.02.11 Pop (Alternative)
Can't See The Line (w/sonnyjim) racerat 01.02.11 Alternative Rock
Little Miss Martian PaddyNavinCaryatid 01.02.11 Alternative Rock
This Wasted Beauty (w/t ted23) echoroom 01.01.11 Alternative Rock
Someday This Won't Seem Important Lennon714 12.31.10 Pop (Alternative)
Please Help (With DA#1 and Sloparts) davisamerica2 12.30.10 Country-Western
It's Over michael2 12.30.10 Indie Rock
Love, Love, Kill, Kill fasteddie 12.28.10 Hard Rock
swimming at christmas tmcfate 12.26.10 Alternative Rock
If You'll Be Here (with Scofugate) Relic67 12.23.10 Pop (Alternative)
What Can I Do? (My Heart Has Gone Wild) Loob 12.22.10 Rock & Roll
12 Days Of MacJams (MJ Christmas Challenge) five_extra_arms 12.21.10 Holiday
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (Xmas Challenge w/Bud) PaddyNavinCaryatid 12.21.10 Lo-fi
Wiffout Wu Lennon714 12.15.10 Twentieth Century
Abby's Gotta Dance / With (Too many to mention) davisamerica2 12.14.10 Rock
Partial Particles (w/ Diviner and Particle Dots) michael2 12.13.10 Alternative Rock
Please Come Back To Stay PeterB7858 12.13.10 Acoustic
C'mon Suga Lennon714 12.13.10 Ringtones
No Bad Luck (with Christopher Chaplin/Julian Sims/Aisuluu) lengold 12.13.10 Alternative Rock
Jack Frost paddler 12.12.10 Folk (traditional)
Riding On Stone Ponies Vic Holman 12.11.10 Rock
If You v2 (final w/ Scott Johnson on bass) papag 12.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
Life In a J.A.R. jodyrush 12.10.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
move ste 12.08.10 Pop (Alternative)
SPINNIN' w ktb jiguma 12.04.10 Funk
to her kaishin 12.04.10 Acoustic Rock
Thinking About You PeterB7858 11.27.10 Rock
Melt obbster 11.27.10 Rock
Once or Twice lavalamp 11.23.10 Acoustic
White Metal (w TERRAPLANE) sammydix 11.22.10 Rock
WRONG WAY HOME w Fran Dagostino jiguma 11.22.10 Rock
Saw The Girl (with egobandit) five_extra_arms 11.16.10 Other
I'm Talking to You Life Moses 11.15.10 Acoustic
VIVID Vic Holman 11.14.10 Alternative Rock
Soulless~ mix 3 RazorsKiss 11.13.10 Heavy Metal
World i know + piano and edit nevermine 11.12.10 Alternative Rock
Being a Fool Moses 11.12.10 Acoustic
Feel Alright Remark80 11.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Billy The Kid Re-al 11.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
panzer masto ste 10.31.10 Pop (Alternative)
Witches Sadness (Prototype 81, Ruby and 5XA) Halloween Spooktacular five_extra_arms 10.31.10 Holiday
When The Luster Is Gone (w/Ted23) michael2 10.30.10 Indie Rock
You Can't Be Dead kingkenny 10.29.10 Ballad
Colourblind PaddyNavinCaryatid 10.21.10 Indie Rock
Heaven paddler 10.18.10 Blues (contemporary)
I Should've Known (w/ParticleDots) michael2 10.18.10 Alternative Rock
All In The Bag DEMO eleveneyes 10.17.10 Indie Rock
Brighton Dark Fantastic paddler 10.16.10 Art Rock
Seraphim Sarah Fine ted23 10.14.10 Pop (Alternative)
Keys To Hell (sons of hypnos) ageofthedeathtree 10.14.10 Alternative Rock
anima apod 10.13.10 Alternative Rock
understand davidmurphy1899 10.13.10 Acoustic Rock
This Song Sucks fasteddie 10.12.10 Punk-Grunge
Wonderland Blvd [w/ Gaylen75 and Scofugate] tonestones 10.11.10 Progressive Rock
Emma (davisamerica) crissew 10.11.10 Indie Rock
C-Cell Sudra 10.10.10 Rock & Roll
Monster Down The Hall five_extra_arms 10.10.10 Holiday
UNEMPLOYABLE doc_elvis 10.09.10 Alternative Rock
Gray "An Ode To Winter" Gaylen75 10.06.10 Acoustic
Static Free FEEL 10.06.10 Acoustic Rock
Wigger koike 10.05.10 Lo-fi
Song for New Venice w/Five Extra Arms bud 10.05.10 Film Scoring
Radio Eyes (Mike Watkins/Gaylen/Tokai) ktb 10.02.10 Rock
get outa hell free dimm witness 10.01.10 Alternative Rock
Cook County stratcat 09.30.10 Country-Western
Duality of Man ronnielong 09.28.10 Hard Rock
Big Blue Bear (w/ Particledots) michael2 09.28.10 Children's Music
I heard a Rumor jibes 09.27.10 Blues (contemporary)
That’s How We’ll End It Loob 09.25.10 Pop (mainstream)
The Open Door davezero 09.23.10 Alternative Rock
Tilt-A-Whirl Studio version johnwhitehead 09.21.10 Acoustic
After The Rain DannyT 09.22.10 Pop (Alternative)
Round in Circles lavalamp 09.20.10 Alternative Rock
Prada Heels TomFairnie 09.20.10 Acoustic
People Under Pressure Vic Holman 09.19.10 Art Rock
'59 Superior (with Scofugate) Relic67 09.15.10 Rock (instrumental)
RENEGADE SKIN jiguma 09.12.10 Acoustic Rock
DANCE! w Wade Black SISTERS 09.12.10 Alternative Rock
Rusted Gaylen75 09.11.10 Art Rock
you twinkle by on happy feet egobandit 09.09.10 Psychedelic
Henry ft. Residence strangedream 09.07.10 Indie Rock
hi fi lo fi bud 09.06.10 Rock (instrumental)
Feel This Way w/ awigze & Fulvio Romano & Scofugate crissew 09.06.10 Acoustic Rock
And the Creek Don't Rise johnwhitehead 09.06.10 Bluegrass
Spiral UberCoolKungfu 09.05.10 Alternative Rock
Ride On Trouble fambroski 09.05.10 Pop (mainstream)
I Feel So Dirty Vic Holman 09.04.10 Alternative Rock
deeper the well apod 09.04.10 Pop (Alternative)
The Wraith fasteddie 09.03.10 Heavy Metal
South Union SixFeetUnderTheStars 09.02.10 Acoustic
He's a Hard Workin' Cowboy - An Old Saddle Tramp - with davisamerica2 sloparts 08.31.10 Country-Western
Summertime michael2 08.30.10 Pop (Alternative)
Easy Come, Easy Go w/Anne & paddler alackbass 08.29.10 Rhythm and Blues
Keep The Pace PaddyNavinCaryatid 08.29.10 Punk-Grunge
no time to cry [NAD-07-02] woofer3 08.26.10 Pop (mainstream)
semi ste 08.25.10 Pop (Alternative)
Cupid Went Postal (Gaylen) ted23 08.24.10 Rock
Spiral Man Vic Holman 08.22.10 Alternative Rock
Lake Balaton (t4s) w/ bud Symphony101 08.21.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Chrome side Bus T4S guygrooves 08.20.10 Rock
Bayou Stomp - 2-4 Summer challenge w/sonnyjim sloparts 08.20.10 Alternative Rock
Phosgene w/mike_d fasteddie 08.19.10 Heavy Metal
little tear tmcfate 08.15.10 Alternative Rock
We Hardly Live Our Lives SmokeyVW 08.15.10 Ballad
I don't like monkeys kingbee 08.15.10 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Angelika Lives Two Houses Down From Me (With Bob Rodgers) davisamerica2 08.14.10 Ballad
Still My Heart Bob6stringer 08.13.10 Rock
Watch Me As I Leave dadgarus 08.13.10 Pop (Alternative)
A Sort Of Loving (v.1) Saltaireguru77 08.13.10 Acoustic Rock
gaijins ste 08.12.10 Pop (Alternative)
it's up to you Sea Monk Seven 08.11.10 Pop Classical
Unable To Let Go w/Harmony (w Jeff Cook) crissew 08.09.10 Pop (mainstream)
I'M A MAN five_extra_arms 08.09.10 Electropop
Maybe He'll Get Lucky - 2010 sloparts 08.08.10 Country-Western
Beach Relic67 08.08.10 Pop (Alternative)
Stars (Alt. Vocal) PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.27.10 Indie Rock
coalition mybravedesign 07.25.10 Dance-Club
Forever, For Always RAVENS 07.25.10 Ballad
Bitch Slapped fasteddie 07.24.10 Hard Rock
On My Way whoaeasytiger 07.25.10 Folk (contemporary)
No More Stars (album version) michaelkoppenheffer 07.22.10 Folk-Rock
Texas Jam (sloparts band mix) davisamerica 07.22.10 Country-Western
She looked delicate as lace guygrooves 07.18.10 Rock
Keep On Shinin' w/ jdholliday Symphony101 07.18.10 Rock
Sad Bithday(Lonely) MitaMaleki 07.18.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Stars PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.18.10 Indie Rock
Loveless & Dead W/Brian Delaney remix hackneybloke 07.18.10 Acoustic
More Than Faith w/ Alackbass & KTB Gaylen75 07.17.10 Acoustic
Mayfly PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.16.10 Alternative Rock
Outright TheBoxtonesBand 07.15.10 Rock
Sense mexles 07.14.10 Progressive Rock
In your Eyes speedonl 07.13.10 Acoustic Rock
Funk Giant fasteddie 07.11.10 Hard Rock
Exactly Like You michaeljayklein 07.11.10 Jazz (vocal)
No Telling What I Might Do featuring RAVENS alackbass 07.10.10 Blues (contemporary)
Lost in a Day zombiemusic 07.08.10 Ambient
The Simple Truth roz 07.08.10 Alternative Rock
Loyal Whore with (alackbass) Gaylen75 07.07.10 Alternative Rock
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby? (with Lilmom & Awigze) michaeljayklein 07.06.10 Swing
Repeat The Scenery v2.0 eleveneyes 07.06.10 Pop (Alternative)
Surprise, Surprise Vic Holman 07.04.10 Alternative Rock
alive egobandit 07.01.10 Alternative Rock
A Kick in the Teeth fasteddie 07.01.10 Hard Rock
Outrage Outtaorbit 06.30.10 Rock
impossible now mr.turtle 06.29.10 Acoustic
Too Many People Gaylen75 06.29.10 Acoustic Rock
When Death Sets In f/ ToneLiv, Tab, Axl J. Foley, A.U.R.C axljfoley 06.28.10 Hip Hop-Rap
44 Gun Genevieve 06.28.10 Bluegrass
crushed ste 06.27.10 Pop (Alternative)
She Walks Away fasteddie 06.26.10 Hard Rock
Hold You (New Version) obbster 06.25.10 Pop (mainstream)
Ude o migaku dantimmermans 06.23.10 Indie Rock
heavy mary [#2 ] woofer3 06.22.10 Pop (mainstream)
Girl on Fire RAVENS 06.22.10 Pop (Alternative)
miltons waltz #1 Sea Monk Seven 06.21.10 Lo-fi
Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler) davisamerica 06.21.10 Art Rock
Moment of Silence Vic Holman 06.18.10 Alternative Rock
Both Fade Away (with alackbass) DarkPlanet 06.16.10 Alternative Rock
The Only Time - (redone) sloparts 06.14.10 Country-Western
House In Order five_extra_arms 06.14.10 Other
A Yeti Saves The Day ted23 06.14.10 Pop (Alternative)
Free Fall fasteddie 06.13.10 Heavy Metal
Pran Nath Figment airportseven 06.13.10 Other
forgivness(sad version) FlorryMcCarthy 06.13.10 Acoustic Rock
Dreamin' out loud stevel 06.13.10 Alternative Rock
kid charone davidmurphy1899 06.11.10 Blues (contemporary)
Pick Yourself Up (for Skean) michaeljayklein 06.08.10 Easy Listening
Saterday with an e HollywoodJetset 06.07.10 Rock
Gonna Go Instead BlueDarkness 06.06.10 Country-Western
Don't Be So Blind alackbass 06.05.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Bells & Whistles v2.0 eleveneyes 06.05.10 Acoustic Rock
Indigo B Vic Holman 06.02.10 Blues (contemporary)
High On Drugs f/ ToneLiv axljfoley 06.02.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Oh Makkareta DeathArrow 06.02.10 Pop (mainstream)
Green Butter Girl (By the Monggz) cjdaley 06.01.10 Rock
Of Thee I Sing michaeljayklein 05.31.10 Showtunes
500 Miles jibes 05.30.10 Folk (traditional)
Oh My Darlin' (acoustic session) stevel 05.30.10 Acoustic
Slow Burn / I'm Uneasy by michael2 and guygrooves guygrooves 05.30.10 Indie Rock
Stab Me with cchaplin lengold 05.24.10 Other
Out Of Control jiguma 05.24.10 Rock & Roll
Milk Teeth (Demo) PaddyNavinCaryatid 05.24.10 Indie Rock
Lay Down jibes 05.23.10 Indie Rock
Forsaken deadbeat egobandit 05.19.10 Alternative Rock
Apartment 1A axljfoley 05.18.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Too Easy spitlogic 05.17.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Your Smile (with five_extra_arms) kingbee 05.17.10 Pop (Alternative)
Obsessed Trooper7 05.17.10 Pop (mainstream)
WAITING (For The Rain To Fall) w Mike Watkins jiguma 05.16.10 Blues (contemporary)
Not the One Ver.2.0 airportseven 05.16.10 Rock
6:27am kinane 05.15.10 Alternative Rock
The Old Thumper mikkinylund 05.14.10 Indie Rock
No Helicopters (Particle Dots Mix) five_extra_arms 05.14.10 Other
Saturday Love Gaylen75 05.14.10 Art Rock
Infinite Summer (collab with scofugate) Relic67 05.13.10 Rock & Roll
Caught in the rip (with Bud/Magnatone) TERRAPLANE 05.11.10 Other
killer bees ste 05.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
Wanted Me To Lennon714 05.09.10 Indie Rock
Hakoiri musume dantimmermans 05.09.10 Indie Rock
Just Another Day lavalamp 05.08.10 Alternative Rock
Feel Alive Hickling_Stan 05.08.10 Acoustic Rock
Imagination of a Day Dreamer Vic Holman 05.07.10 Indie Rock
Everything Is Words michaelkoppenheffer 05.06.10 Acoustic
I remember when egobandit 05.05.10 Psychedelic
Fellow Strangelings springclock 05.04.10 Alternative Rock
Bringing All The Tears stevel 05.03.10 Alternative Rock
there were times Sea Monk Seven 05.03.10 Lo-fi
The Pick Eating Guitar (featuring scofugate) fasteddie 05.02.10 Alternative Rock
Little Storm billykirsch 04.27.10 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Do You Wanna Waste Some Time? w/kevlar of JOAN bud 04.25.10 Dance-Club
My Home ted23 04.25.10 Alternative Rock
Song For the Liar Joseph Strauss Lennon714 04.24.10 Pop (Alternative)
Let's Make Brownies Slashh! 04.24.10 Pop (Alternative)
MS-13 michaelkoppenheffer 04.21.10 Ballad
I Left Eden In Waste Vic Holman 04.20.10 Rock
I Wouldn't Let It Get to You (collab with scofugate) Relic67 04.20.10 Pop (Alternative)
Time of Our Lives (New Vocal) PaddyNavinCaryatid 04.20.10 Indie Rock
I Never Thought SmokeyVW 04.19.10 Rock
Why Are We Walking Like This? springclock 04.18.10 Rock
the yea yea song rayfieldstorm 04.17.10 Alternative Rock
last stand egobandit 04.17.10 Progressive Rock
Iceland - are you OK? airportseven 04.17.10 Alternative Rock
I Fell Behind michael2 04.17.10 Indie Rock
witness ste 04.17.10 Pop (Alternative)
The Great Disaster HollywoodJetset 04.13.10 Rock
Down This Old Dirt Road (Remix) lavalamp 04.13.10 Acoustic Rock
Pickup Line TheReverendAG 04.12.10 Acoustic
Shadowland (w/Awigze) Plumefall 04.11.10 Alternative Rock
Alaska (2009) Son-of-lavalamp 04.08.10 Acoustic
Sometime I Get Drunk sloparts 04.08.10 Country-Western
keep your head up egobandit 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
$12 Hooker (non-explicit version) fasteddie 04.06.10 Alternative Rock
The Stars Above davidmurphy1899 04.04.10 Acoustic Rock
The James Goodwill michaelkoppenheffer 04.03.10 Folk (contemporary)
The Smell of Roses thepilot 04.03.10 Acoustic Rock
The Devil Plays in all the Best Bands (Revised) fasteddie 04.03.10 Hard Rock
Angels Don't Cry W/Fasteddie ted23 03.31.10 Hard Rock
Glue apod 03.30.10 Acoustic Rock
No Holding Onto You w/Roxylee, Futzpucker, Vic Holman, Scofugate, Jiguma davisamerica2 03.29.10 Country-Western
Cliches stevel 03.28.10 Alternative Rock
Born To Love dadgarus 03.28.10 Indie Rock
Take Me Out to the Ball Game alackbass 03.28.10 Rock
Storybookland garodaro 03.26.10 Indie Rock
Sleep - w/ Len Gold paddler 03.26.10 Alternative Rock
its not me, its you Sea Monk Seven 03.26.10 Ballad
bloodshot ste 03.21.10 Pop (Alternative)
pica syndrome kingkenny 03.21.10 Alternative Rock
That E Thing bud 03.21.10 Other
Got It Down Mckenzie 03.21.10 Acoustic Rock
another egobandit 03.20.10 Progressive Rock
Time For Bed (w/ Vic Holman) lavalamp 03.20.10 Alternative Rock
The Inland Empire michaelkoppenheffer 03.16.10 Acoustic
Call to Prayer (w/vocals) rsorensen 03.16.10 Heavy Metal
Make Ya Feel Bad Relic67 03.15.10 Rock
Happy You Vic Holman 03.14.10 Alternative Rock
love is tuff (V2) Sea Monk Seven 03.11.10 Lo-fi
Call to Prayer rsorensen 03.10.10 Heavy Metal
Zippers and a Red Rose quarkhead 03.09.10 Acoustic
tomorrow or today that80sboy 03.09.10 Pop (Alternative)
1. Share the Same month_of_sundays 03.08.10 Alternative Rock
Used to Be Bad as You michaelkoppenheffer 03.07.10 Blues (contemporary)
Armed Robbery fasteddie 03.07.10 Hard Rock
find our way tmcfate 03.07.10 Acoustic
Wanna Be Like You When I Grow Up SCJohnson59 03.07.10 Rhythm and Blues
Daddy's Boyfriend renecalvo 03.06.10 Electropop
Sex Education (Radio Edit) DeathArrow 03.06.10 Pop (mainstream)
five percent ste 03.06.10 Pop (Alternative)
Farewell(New Version) Full Song! Cashed-In 03.05.10 Indie Rock
The Deep Blue Sky lavalamp 03.05.10 Alternative Rock
Hot, Like Laura Ballance PaddyNavinCaryatid 03.05.10 Indie Rock
let down egobandit 03.02.10 Art Rock
Sure Enough w/Awigze bud 03.02.10 Jazz Fusion
Zophy's X-Ray Eyes (v2) PaddyNavinCaryatid 03.02.10 Alternative Rock
Life is a Terminal Disease michaelkoppenheffer 03.01.10 Acoustic
Your Song TurquoiseRose 03.01.10 Country-Western
Fare Thee Well stevel 02.28.10 Pop (Alternative)
Sunrise willbill808 02.28.10 Hip Hop-Rap
I Believe in the Sunshine michael2 02.28.10 Indie Rock
comedy cycling ste 02.27.10 Pop (Alternative)
Original Sin (collab w/ woofer 3) johnwhitehead 02.25.10 Rock & Roll
Soundcheck michael2 02.25.10 Indie Rock
Pistol in my Hand Damroze 02.23.10 Rock & Roll
Reborn (w/ Bubba Hotep) mike_d 02.23.10 Heavy Metal
Green Eyes MattGranz 02.23.10 Indie Rock
HELICOPTERS five_extra_arms 02.22.10 Other
yess radio, funkable. joy % possibly, DJ WERD 02.22.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Last Words Boogie (Featuring scofugate) Relic67 02.22.10 Rock
A Little Crazy with cchaplin lengold 02.22.10 Other
big boy juice bolin 03.01.10 Indie Rock
A Day In Her Life (dadai vox remix) Dadai.2 02.21.10 Acoustic
forgot about love egobandit 02.21.10 Psychedelic
I need, I had, I want (w/ ramonaji) Son-of-lavalamp 02.21.10 Pop (Alternative)
It's a Good Night for a Fist Fight fasteddie 02.21.10 Hard Rock
I don't mind thepilot 02.18.10 Acoustic Rock
Barbed wire Sunday kingbee 02.17.10 Pop (Alternative)
She Don't (remix) rsorensen 02.16.10 Alternative Rock
snowfall (w/Gaylen75) ktb 02.16.10 Rock
IggyJiggyWiggy w/ jiguma , awigze I.G.M. 02.15.10 Acoustic Rock
Jennifer A. Vic Holman 02.15.10 Indie Rock
Angel Eyes (MJRF2010) jiguma 02.15.10 Acoustic
Everything About You michael2 02.15.10 Indie Rock
Loss For Words Lennon714 02.14.10 Rock & Roll
Repelsteelske (Valentine for Sherman) Go_Turtle_Go 02.14.10 Experimental
Raining Every Day lavalamp 02.14.10 Alternative Rock
Abata mo ekubo dantimmermans 02.14.10 Indie Rock
Walt Disney's Hands michaelkoppenheffer 02.13.10 Pop (Alternative)
And I'll Sing A Hymn. Dennis James 02.13.10 Rock
Concrete Tango (FSC) bud 02.12.10 Tango
mikes ballad Sea Monk Seven 02.12.10 Ballad
Two Scoops of Sugar In michael2 02.11.10 Acoustic
Life Is a Terminal Disease michaelkoppenheffer 02.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
crazy without you that80sboy 02.10.10 Pop (Alternative)
Snow Circus Relic67 02.08.10 Indie Rock
is she fell Sea Monk Seven 02.08.10 Lo-fi
like a leaf egobandit 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
Sometimes I Get To Wondering...MJRF2010 Dadai.2 02.07.10 Acoustic
The Same (MJRF 2010) lavalamp 02.07.10 Alternative Rock
kashiwa o-dori ste 02.07.10 Pop (Alternative)
I Can't Take It Easy dadgarus 02.03.10 Ballad
when you smile buckhorn 02.03.10 Lo-fi
bobbabledee(MJRF2010) egobandit 02.03.10 Psychedelic
Mexico Lennon714 02.03.10 Lo-fi
FINE LOVE SISTERS 02.03.10 Pop (mainstream)
The Lost Brother davidmurphy1899 02.02.10 Folk (contemporary)
Funky Man (Doh!) johnwhitehead 02.02.10 Funk
Inside Psychoholic 02.03.10 Hard Rock
Gaze v.F+F (MJRF2010) packosmokes 02.01.10 Electropop
Away In Black (MJRF2010) Vic Holman 01.31.10 Progressive Rock
All before family musichead 01.31.10 Pop (mainstream)
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Welcome to the New Age michaelkoppenheffer 01.30.10 Pop (Alternative)
Man Divided PaddyNavinCaryatid 01.26.10 Lo-fi
The One with BirdmanWayne94 guygrooves 01.25.10 Acoustic
Out of Orbit wheelehouse 01.24.10 Indie Rock
When I Say Y'All michaelkoppenheffer 01.23.10 Acoustic
That Sexy Smile Gaylen75 01.23.10 Alternative Rock
Echolalia (w/ sonnyjim) racerat 01.23.10 Downtempo
8 Days Son-of-lavalamp 01.23.10 Acoustic
We Never Make Love wheelehouse 01.22.10 Indie Rock
bliss v2 mybravedesign 01.22.10 Electropop
Grand Theft Auto Thrill ride fasteddie 01.22.10 Hard Rock
Earthquake (live) SuperStarSmith 01.19.10 Alternative Rock
not something you say egobandit 01.18.10 Psychedelic
Heart of The City stevel 01.18.10 Alternative Rock
Don't Want To Know TheReverendAG 01.17.10 Acoustic
Winter's End PaddyNavinCaryatid 01.16.10 Alternative Rock
Put the Habit Off wheelehouse 01.17.10 Indie Rock
Blow Yer Blues Away michael2 01.15.10 Rock
Come Over Here! jibes 01.13.10 Art Rock
Tearing Up Texas michaelkoppenheffer 01.13.10 Acoustic
Words RoughRooster 01.13.10 Ballad
Just you and I (demo) kaishin 01.13.10 Acoustic
Why Am I Here? Jim Bouchard 01.12.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
land davidmurphy1899 01.12.10 Acoustic Rock
Hey Julian. Dennis James 01.12.10 Folk-Rock
The Hit (collab w/scofugate) fasteddie 01.10.10 Progressive Rock
Human Being Vic Holman 01.10.10 Indie Rock
saying goodbye? magic matt 01.10.10 Acoustic
Break up song for a girl I never went out with magic matt 01.10.10 Acoustic Rock
My Car (Is Adequate) michaelkoppenheffer 01.09.10 Folk (contemporary)
In Wake of Apocolypse snowdragon 01.09.10 Acoustic Rock
Magic GB Slow Blues(2) (with dave_b) dave_b 01.08.10 Blues (contemporary)
Dirty Little Bones Gaylen75 01.08.10 Acoustic Rock
Fantasy Lady (ft Awigze) lengold 01.04.10 Alternative Rock
Barker's Creek / West Fork Gals Relic67 01.04.10 Folk (traditional)
Everyone Knows That You're Coming (But It's Not Too Late To Turn Around) rsorensen 01.03.10 Alternative Rock
Wyatt Not with awigze bud 01.01.10 Jazz (instrumental)
January lavalamp 01.01.10 Alternative Rock
Jeserine dream egobandit 12.31.09 Art Rock
The Devil Beat Me to Her Bob6stringer 12.24.09 Acoustic Rock
Something Else egobandit 12.22.09 Alternative Rock
Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains Lennon714 12.21.09 Alternative Rock
walk on mybravedesign 12.21.09 Acoustic
a heart is gold. 35 mile walk. davidmurphy1899 12.21.09 Acoustic Rock
Sol JohnHartigan 12.21.09 Acoustic
Faded Celluloid Actress Vic Holman 12.20.09 Alternative Rock
I Believe johnwhitehead 12.19.09 Acoustic
Lilly Child jibes 12.19.09 Alternative Rock
Mexican Girl (Five_Extra_Arms/cjdaley cover) Lennon714 12.19.09 Alternative Rock
Circle michael2 12.17.09 Shoegazer
Shine (MJ Collab) davisamerica 12.17.09 Ambient
I'd Like To Know What Makes You Tick PaddyNavinCaryatid 12.15.09 Alternative Rock
The Stig springclock 12.14.09 Alternative Rock
Heart on the Road (w/ feter, johnwhitehead, roxylee, crissew, tonestones, daugrin, komrad k, brian) tonestones 12.13.09 Bluegrass
A Little Of Nothing PC McBass 12.12.09 Acoustic
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen rsorensen 12.12.09 Holiday
Did we do our Best? hackneybloke 12.12.09 Acoustic
Cowgirl JohnHartigan 12.12.09 Acoustic
Summers gone R wright 12.10.09 Acoustic Rock
permanence ? egobandit 12.09.09 Experimental
Side B - sloparts - Country Style mjAlbumPods 12.08.09 Country-Western
Orange Scream w/z293 ktb 12.08.09 Rock (instrumental)
THE FIRST TIME THAT I SAW YOU five_extra_arms 12.08.09 Electropop
We Dance Alone Gaylen75 12.08.09 Sampler
12 after scofugate 12.07.09 Jazz (instrumental)
Mortgage My Life Away immichaelyoung 12.07.09 Jazz (vocal)
To Everything bud 12.06.09 Alternative Rock
LOST IN LOVE SISTERS 12.06.09 Easy Listening
Grow Old With Me(MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 12.05.09 Folk-Rock
Open Range PC McBass 12.05.09 Folk-Rock
Curtain hackneybloke 12.05.09 Acoustic
Old & New 2010 thetiler 12.05.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
CraZy mcsweb 12.05.09 Rock
the living wage davidmurphy1899 12.03.09 Folk (contemporary)
Amazing Grace susi2 12.03.09 Acoustic
Colorado River michaelkoppenheffer 12.01.09 Acoustic
Old Records PC McBass 12.01.09 Acoustic Rock
It is what it is. Live with it. mikkinylund 12.01.09 Pop (Alternative)
Rust Vic Holman 11.30.09 Alternative Rock
VocalShine davisamerica 11.30.09 A Cappella
Dr.Kawashima kingbee 11.29.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
You're Breaking My Heart lavalamp 11.29.09 Alternative Rock
I Want a Girl Who Smells Like Gasoline Lennon714 11.29.09 Alternative Rock
Found Me A Sasquatch (Night Club 2009) breezer 11.29.09 Dance-Club
The Message (w/ sonny jim) racerat 11.27.09 Alternative Rock
In Hell Relic67 11.27.09 Rock & Roll
Times Have Changed Lennon714 11.26.09 Alternative Rock
the heart's gone down davidmurphy1899 11.25.09 Acoustic Rock
one white lie (demo) Sea Monk Seven 11.24.09 Lo-fi
Dreams johnwhitehead 11.24.09 Acoustic
IN THE LAND OF PLASTIC RAINBOWS doc_elvis 11.24.09 Alternative Rock
try not to think bud 11.23.09 Alternative Rock
If I Could bowens 11.23.09 Acoustic
Give me a Natural Woman daibhre 11.23.09 Country-Western
she's your girl now davidmurphy1899 11.21.09 Acoustic Rock
What I Need Gaylen75 11.18.09 Acoustic Rock
All Smokey ziti 11.18.09 Acoustic
Behind Enemy Lines (w/Bud and Particle Dots) michael2 11.17.09 Film Scoring
eye for you (w/particledots and michael2) bud 11.17.09 Indie Rock
I'm Pluggin' In johnwhitehead 11.16.09 Bluegrass
Prayer for the President michaelkoppenheffer 11.15.09 Acoustic
salience #2 buckhorn 11.14.09 Folk-Rock
The Seven Year Itch mikkinylund 11.14.09 Pop (Alternative)
Green Bug egobandit 11.13.09 Psychedelic
So Far (Out Of Reach) selters 11.13.09 Indie Rock
November Vic Holman 11.12.09 Alternative Rock
Sur le sable (w Jiguma) blaky smith 11.12.09 Acoustic
Keep Your Chin Up rsorensen 11.11.09 Indie Rock
Michael Pool five_extra_arms 11.10.09 Punk-Grunge
You Were Cute Once cwispas 11.12.09 Folk-Rock
mississippi drink Gaylen75 11.10.09 Art Rock
sweet potatoes ste 11.08.09 Pop (Alternative)
ADRIFT AbstractVision 11.07.09 Pop (mainstream)
Shadow Pixiemixer 11.07.09 Blues (contemporary)
SUNDAY MORNING SISTERS 11.07.09 Pop (mainstream)
Yours and Mine Bob6stringer 11.07.09 Acoustic Rock
Where Are You Tonight UberCoolKungfu 11.06.09 Rock
Every Now And Then syddavis 11.05.09 Pop (Alternative)
Never Enough. HollywoodJetset 11.04.09 Rock
The System Finds a Way to Stay the Same michaelkoppenheffer 11.02.09 Folk (contemporary)
The 98 UberCoolKungfu 11.02.09 Punk-Grunge
LAUGH OUT LOUD BossHook 11.01.09 Pop (mainstream)
isane mybravedesign 11.01.09 Acoustic
Electricity stevel 11.01.09 Alternative Rock
Novis Libris Relic67 10.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
Anarchy, Inc. Lennon714 10.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
Outside the Corral guitapick 10.30.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Wake Up! mikkinylund 10.29.09 Pop (Alternative)
Paper Sack five_extra_arms 10.27.09 Alternative Rock
My Blue Genie sloparts 10.27.09 Blues (contemporary)
One Step Over The Line Vic Holman 10.27.09 Indie Rock
bye-bye goodnight Gaylen75 10.27.09 Alternative Rock
You Are My Whole Life rsorensen 10.27.09 Indie Rock
FATHER, SON doc_elvis 10.25.09 Acoustic Rock
If I Could Hold Her In My Arms TomFairnie 10.24.09 Acoustic
The Last Goodbye PaddyNavinCaryatid 10.23.09 Alternative Rock
She Wonders rsorensen 10.22.09 Acoustic
WEIGHTLESSNESS five_extra_arms 10.19.09 Electropop
Stars On Her Eyes Vic Holman 10.18.09 Rock
On the Way Acherus 10.17.09 Acoustic
Oh, see. mikkinylund 10.17.09 Pop (Alternative)
The Dealer Gaylen75 10.17.09 Alternative Rock
WHEN egobandit 10.16.09 Alternative Rock
No Son(egobandit band) davisamerica 10.16.09 Art Rock
Googolplex Times Zero lavalamp 10.16.09 Alternative Rock
earthquake ste 10.16.09 Pop (Alternative)
Rock Creek Park michaelkoppenheffer 10.14.09 Folk (contemporary)
Lets Take a Holiday musichead 10.13.09 Pop (mainstream)
Terrible Hands Gaylen75 10.13.09 Art Rock
You're Gay thepilot 10.13.09 Acoustic Rock
My Creation (Demo) Son-of-lavalamp 10.13.09 Alternative Rock
We rsorensen 10.12.09 Alternative Rock
Clumsy Kisses (Alt) dantimmermans 10.10.09 Indie Rock
Flying RoughRooster 10.10.09 Rock
five days a week woofer3 10.09.09 Rock & Roll
Melody of Your Love rsorensen 10.09.09 Downtempo
Siriusly Speaking (space race) bud 10.06.09 Informational
OFF YERSELF five_extra_arms 10.05.09 Alternative Rock
Dodgy Doughnut lengold 10.05.09 Alternative Rock
The Jes on Sea Road Willywagga 10.05.09 Alternative Rock
Genuine Fake stevel 10.04.09 Lo-fi
Not That Easy MarcusPerry 10.04.09 Rock & Roll
Paperclip (Space Race Challenge) Lennon714 10.04.09 Rock & Roll
MAYDAY (space race) Vic Holman 10.03.09 Art Rock
Fools Forever in the Dark rsorensen 10.03.09 Indie Rock
3,2,8,3,2,8 never say goodbye 4,6,0,0 (bond challenge) bud 10.03.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Preacher Man MarcusPerry 10.03.09 Rockabilly
Dandelion Gaylen75 10.03.09 Alternative Rock
Stars and Dust (space challenge) michael2 10.03.09 Indie Rock
Well Then, Goodbye (Oh James) SmokeyVW 10.03.09 Film Scoring
Stonehearted PaddyNavinCaryatid 10.03.09 Electropop
Suzette woofer3 09.30.09 Rock & Roll
New Thrill DaveA 09.30.09 Blues (contemporary)
Sweeter No Doubt(French Toast Sweet79) SweetMutantFrenchToast 09.27.09 Hip Hop-Rap
How Long? airportseven 09.27.09 Alternative Rock
Clumsy Kisses dantimmermans 09.26.09 Indie Rock
Renfield(Char)Halloween 2009 rabittwhole 09.23.09 Art Rock
You Got It Going Gaylen75 09.23.09 Ska
Mad Man MannequinRaces 09.22.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Now I Know grizzle 09.21.09 Pop (Alternative)
Rusted Gaylen75 09.21.09 Alternative Rock
Slightly Bruised Jim Bouchard 09.20.09 Rock
Down to the Core The Fritters 09.20.09 Rock & Roll
Ramstein Lennon714 09.20.09 Other
a bell in the valley mybravedesign 09.19.09 Other
I Think You Rule michael2 09.19.09 Indie Rock
A Life In Progress jgurner 09.18.09 Pop (Alternative)
Criminal 50's thinkfish 09.18.09 Rock & Roll
Undone Son-of-lavalamp 09.18.09 Alternative Rock
Childhood Doesn't Wait Mike_Lynn 09.18.09 Ballad
off the deck (w/Z293) ktb 09.17.09 Rock
Gypsy Heart The Fritters 09.17.09 Acoustic Rock
Without The Sun Vic Holman 09.17.09 Rock
Under My Skin jiguma 09.16.09 Rock
1970's kingbee 09.14.09 Alternative Rock
Crawlspace PaddyNavinCaryatid 09.13.09 Alternative Rock
Cakeless VillageIdiot 09.10.09 Folk (contemporary)
let the monkey run egobandit 09.06.09 Psychedelic
Hung Up thenettles 09.05.09 Pop (mainstream)
Aubergine Relic67 09.05.09 Pop (Alternative)
White boy pablatone 09.04.09 Rock
Alaska Son-of-lavalamp 09.04.09 Acoustic
Tennis! mikkinylund 09.02.09 Pop (Alternative)
Deep Cold omnibus11 09.02.09 Pop (Alternative)
Weight of the World Lennon714 08.31.09 Pop (Alternative)
Politicians, Priests and Pimps PaddyNavinCaryatid 08.29.09 Acoustic Rock
All the Way to China lavalamp 08.27.09 Acoustic Rock
Yr Wake brentmiles 08.27.09 Shoegazer
fat ninjas ste 08.26.09 Pop (Alternative)
An Echo Never Lies (LIOLI 9 Entry) Slashh! 08.23.09 Acoustic
Bad Robot Heroin_Marys 08.23.09 MuzaK
What Did You Do This Summer? - LioLi 9 five_extra_arms 08.22.09 Electropop
That Way w/blamm FEEL 08.22.09 Rock
as serious as egobandit 08.22.09 Psychedelic
Hard Rock Woman - Woodstock II sloparts 08.22.09 Rock
WHAT R U WAITING 4 (LIOLI 9) SISTERS 08.21.09 Electropop
Just You Wait 'till I Am Sober (LIOLI#09) PentaRay 08.21.09 Progressive Rock
Get Out Of My Brain You Damn Dirty Crickets (LIOLI 9) mr_mordenus 08.21.09 Experimental
Bernard satellitepictures 08.21.09 Soul
Tokyo Rose (LIOLI 9) Lennon714 08.21.09 Alternative Rock
Silent Tango (LIOLI9) michael2 08.21.09 Alternative Rock
LIOLI 9 - A Relaxing Headf**k Diviner 08.21.09 Downtempo
Tiny men drive huge trucks and huge men drive tiny cars. FleshFest 08.18.09 Acoustic Rock
Don't Mean that Much to Me Slashh! 08.18.09 Pop (mainstream)
Bordertown (LIVE) Re-al 08.16.09 Rock
never saved egobandit 08.14.09 Punk-Grunge
Sonoma and Sistine (demo) TomFairnie 08.14.09 Bluegrass
Always Been an Outlaw rsorensen 08.13.09 Lo-fi
The Coward By The Lake (full version) rsorensen 08.12.09 Lo-fi
a subtle way (to say i'm sorry) michael2 08.12.09 Indie Rock
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