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the four hundred

Member Since: Sunday, April 02 2006 @ 07:21 PM CDT
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Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin USA
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The members of the Four Hundred include Cody James Olson, Ian Scott Nelson, Brendan Ronald Benham, Edward Arthur Zuehlke, Shae Frank Lappen and Dan Mena. They find that their chemistry lies in their similar freckle patterns. Though they formed in early 2006, Ed and Shae met 2 years earlier on a dark and rainy night. Booms of thunder echoed throughout the vicinity as Ed careened down North 16th Street in his 1992 Chevy S-10. Shae had just deposited Cody’s amplification unit at his residence and was returning home. Working as an auto mechanic, Dan Mena improperly replaced Ed’s brake pads the previous week. Disaster was imminent. Shae’s 1989 Pontiac Le Mans cruised down Orchard Street when he spun out of control through one of the many uncontrolled intersections in this northeastern Wisconsin hamlet. Tires squealed. Screams cut through the night air. Ed landed upside down in a cherry tree, while Shae was knocked unconscious, later revived by Brendan via Slurpee. Suddenly, it dawned on them that their destiny lied within a young oracle playing with turtle shells in a nearby sandbox. This man was Ian Nelson. He told them that their true calling was to start a band that would help people avoid accidents like this.
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05.07.06 Domino (updated) 8.08 (3) 2646 (2) Indie Rock 05.08.06 Active
04.02.06 Fiji 7.79 (6) 3110 (11) Indie Rock 05.05.06 Active
04.02.06 Domino 7.00 (1) 2358 (9) Indie Rock 04.19.06 Active
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Music Background We have all played music in the same scene for years, but we all conglomerated into one indie powerhouse in early 2006.
Music Skills We're just a bunch of kids from Manitowoc, Wisconsin that like to play music. But yeah, we got skillz.
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