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(Chris Phillips)

Member Since: Saturday, January 05 2008 @ 07:31 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/fourfortyeightband
Location: Newport, United Kingdom
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Hey I'm Chris. After spending over a year watching a college tutor play around on his mac, making songs and just general noise, i decided to pick one up myself. Was in a band for a bit but it didn't go to well so decided to give solo song writing ago. I'm not the best singer in the world, hence why most of the material I'll put up will (probably) have no vocals (with a few exceptions). Anywho Cheers for checking me out :)
thehansbarstucksband's Songs (4)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.02.08 120 Days 8.50 (2) 2176 (3) Classical 10.27.08 Active
03.23.08 ...And Now For Something Completely Different  (---) 2916 (14) Alternative Rock 06.16.08 Active
01.14.08 Breaking The Eye 9.17 (3) 3392 (8) Heavy Metal 02.27.08 Active
01.07.08 Hell 9.00 (1) 2761 (3) Ambient 01.21.08 Active
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Music Background Not a huge amount. Played in a band for around 2 years. Now I'm alone. As far as influences are concerned, I'll listen to anything and try writing anything, but it all eventually ends up with a guitar in it somewhere :)
Music Skills Bass = Been playing for around 3 years, favourite instrument Guitar = Have lent a guitar off a friend to record my tracks so I aint been playing for long really. About 3 months Drums = Used to play drums on some of my old bands tracks
Music Hardware iMac, Line 6 Toneport GX, M-Box 2 Mini, ESP F-Standard 7-String
Music Software Pro-Tools 8, Logic Studio, Garageband, Audacity, EZDrummer, Superior Drummer 2