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How do I copy over my GB files onto a NEW computer so that i
Wednesday, March 31 2004 @ 05:13 PM CST

Hello gang:

I'm a bit frustrated.

Because I was borrowing a friend's G5 computer during my stay in California, I decided to try out GarageBand for the first time. Wow! What an amazing program. I had my own copy of Final Cut Pro 4.0 and Soundtrack 1.2 installed on the same machine, and because it was my understanding that nearly all the samples that came included with Soundtrack 1.2 were identical to the GarageBand Jam Pack, and because I read online that if I copied over the Soundtrack Loops folder to /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Apple Loops, it would work fine. I don't remember whether I did drop the folder of Soundtrack
Loops onto the Loops Editor BEFORE or AFTER doing this, but I know I did this. As a result, my GB files have used a combination of GB loops and Soundtrack Loops.

Anyway, a month later, I'm now back in New York. I've installed both GarageBand and Soundtrack 1.2 on my New York computer, and I've tried opening my GarageBand files. I got a lot of messages saying that this or that sound file is nowhere to be found. All of my GB files were created using *only* loops created for either GB or Soundtrack, so this shouldn't have to be an issue.

I had hoped that given my previous experience with Final Cut Pro, GarageBand would search for the missing media and RECONNECT automatically to the correct sound files. It searched but it couldn't find the files.

This situation has pointed out TWO serious deficiencies in this program:

- It's apparently looking for the files that were in my friend's computer (same sound files but apparently the different user names between my friend's computer and my computer), which means it's LOCKED to the original LOCATION of the sound sample files. What a real shame if this is indeed the case.

- The sound files on the screen do NOT provide any way (I've tried "Get Info" and it does not tell you the FULL name of the actual sound file, which I could then search and reinsert as needed), nor does it tell you the NAME of the missing sound file. Isn't there a way around this particular quirk? Even iMovie does allow you to see the name of the original footage file.

If there's a better way that I can access and use loops created for BOTH GB *and* Soundtrack (it's a lot more flexible, admittedly, but it's not as user-intuitive as GCool in BOTH GB *and* Soundtrack, please do let me know! I would truly appreciate it more than anyone would know.

Thanks ever so much.