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Expansion Pack
Saturday, June 26 2004 @ 09:12 PM CDT

Anyone Have this or getting this?

It looks great but I wondering how good it is if there are any users out there with an opinions...thanx

Re:Expansion Pack
Saturday, June 26 2004 @ 11:36 PM CDT

If you are referring to the AMG Expansion pack, I have it and it is GREAT. Very real sounding instruments!

Re:Expansion Pack
Monday, June 28 2004 @ 03:30 PM CDT

are located in the U.S? i noticed the website that sells it only deals with pounds....

if you had a choice which would u get? based on instruments and not loops, Amg or Jam Pack?

Re:Expansion Pack
Monday, June 28 2004 @ 03:45 PM CDT

I ordered the Expansion pack from the UK (I'm in the US). They calculated the exchange rate ($54.00). BTW, I also have JamPack. They BOTH are great! But the choice is a difficult one if you only want one of them! I think I prefer AMGs.

Re:Expansion Pack
Monday, June 28 2004 @ 10:06 PM CDT

Thanks for the help Smile
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Re:Expansion Pack
Wednesday, June 30 2004 @ 12:21 AM CDT

Yes the AMG Expansion Pack is quite good. I got it primarily for the Celtic instruments. My only qualm would be that some instruments have a very limited range (like an octave or two). Other than that, it's great! Oh yeah, Jam Pack rocks as well.


Re:Expansion Pack
Wednesday, June 30 2004 @ 09:52 AM CDT

The "limited notes" restriction is to keep the available notes within the true range of the selected instrument. Bagpipes have avery limited range, and so does a mandolin. The higher or lower notes, if included, would sound TOO unnatural.
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Re:Expansion Pack
Wednesday, July 28 2004 @ 01:39 PM CDT

How are the drums in the AMG pack? I'm not nuts about the range in the Jam Pack.