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Line6 Toneport KB37
Friday, September 28 2007 @ 11:51 PM CDT

Just thought I'd journal my experiences with my new Line6 Toneport KB37, an audio interface that incorporates a 3-octave keyboard. It also comes with GearBox, that's like having a Line6 Pod on your computer.

So, yes, it puts together a lot of things: audio interface, keyboard, and amp-modeling, but with that there are a couple of hitches, which I'll mention in a sec. Getting the software loaded and up-to-date was easy to do with the included Line6 Monkey software, but took a lonnnnnnnggggg time. Plugging my guitar in and checking out Gearbox was also easy. Worked right away.

The first hitch was when I thought I would try the Gearbox amp modeling with GB ('08). It wasn't working. Why? To use Gearbox as a plug-in, you have to spend another $200. Okay, fine, i didn't really buy it for that purpose.

The second hitch was just getting the thing to work as an audio interface and nothing else. Because there are 5 different line-ins (instrument, 2 mics and 2 line inputs), you have to tell your computer which two you'll be using. To do that, you have to go into the System Pref's (yes, the lightswitch thingee) and actually select the correct combination of in's. So, if I wan't to record two mics, then a mic and instrument, then two line inputs, I have to go to System Prefs and change it each time. At least the keyboard always works as the MIDI-in. That I had no trouble with.

Oh, and another hitch is that there is no manual, and the help-pdf is mostly about Gearbox. It took me about an hour to figure out the System Pref's thing.

I'll do a bit of recording with it and let you all know how it goes.

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