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Spread your mcJAMS?
Wednesday, August 16 2006 @ 04:51 PM CDT

After many weeks of disappointment, trying to get our non-green-compliant-vehicle-still-under-warranty-we-can’t-find-any-problem-with-it-you-must-be-hallucinating truck repaired, today I had the notion to record a couple of my songs to a CD so I could listen in the rental car on the way back to the shop to pick up the truck (again). Before I left home I thought, “Maybe I should just leave this in the CD player, someone else might listen…” I wrote the song titles and the link to MacJams on the CD face – Off I went to pick up the truck.

When I got on the freeway, I proceeded to load the CD in the rental car player, only to find that there was a CD in there already. How fortunate could I be, it was Marvin Gaye, “Anthology”, Disc 1. As I do not own a copy, it was quite a treat. Marvin rocked!

The rental agency told me to just keep it – quite a nice trade in my favor. But, I did nevertheless leave my CD with my songs in the player for the next rental customer.

If it was you that left the Marvin Gaye CD in there, I will gladly return it to you , just stop by….
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Re:Spread your mcJAMS?
Wednesday, August 16 2006 @ 05:47 PM CDT

Talk about guerilla marketing! That's a great idea.


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Re:Spread your mcJAMS?
Wednesday, August 16 2006 @ 07:52 PM CDT

I have been lucky to have a work vehicle for a number of years and recently handed it back while I went on leave. The car has gone back to be a fleet car driven by lots of different people. Like Harold, I took the opportunity to leave a copy of a CD of my songs in the CD stacker with the song listing and MJ link in the CD case. Have had a few ex-colleagues email me about it (all positive fortunately).

On the marketing front, I've also been able to get our local community FM station to play quite a lot of my songs - I was asked again last night for my "latest release" by one of the guys who has a programme. I'm planning to take it a step further with a weekly 1 hour show of my own using solely MJ artists' music (I'll ask you first) - why not, with Virtual Garage closing down Smile I might even sneak a song of my own in each week. Oops!

One other idea I've had is to leave copies in shops which have (quality) background music - hairdressers, dentists etc. You never know, they might play it occasionally.

Neil Cool