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How to convert a musical track on Logic X to notation
Tuesday, May 02 2017 @ 11:10 AM CDT

With some embarrassment cause I'm just not snapping on this from youtube and Logic help.... but fortunately more desire to find out how... I want to convert a musical track from Logic X to notation. If someone would explain the steps to me, (very simply) I'd be a very grateful and happy camper.
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Re:How to convert a musical track on Logic X to notation
Wednesday, May 03 2017 @ 05:34 PM CDT

Superficially, Logic has a “score view.”

However, this “score view” will simply be a view of the only thing that Logic (or, any DAW) actually knows:   a particular, exact, musical performance that has been captured, or built, or both.   Furthermore, it will only be able to provide a score-view of MIDI (or “software instrument” ) tracks.

But this may or may not be suitable for a performing musician.   To prepare something that (s)he can use, you may need to export the information and import it into a true music-scoring program.   I happen to use MuseScore, which, although it is “open source software,” is a true powerhouse-program that still satisfies all of my needs.   (I was prepared to buy the top-of-the-line version of either Finale or Sibelius, but have never yet seen the need to do so.   It’s that good.)

Whereas a DAW is focused on an actual musical performance (and the “mix-down” related thereunto), the focus of a music-scoring program is “the printed page.”   Yes, it has playback capabilities – and my very first song here was made that way.   But a music-scoring program is specifically geared toward the production of a thing that a human player (or, players) will interpret.   So, the process of getting from what you have to what you need may not be something that can be entirely automated.