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Neil Beats the Boots
Tuesday, March 21 2017 @ 12:38 AM CDT

Anyone get modern boots? I have bought digital downloads, I have no idea if what I bought was the real deal.
Any live show warrant a boot now-a-days? Concerts without a setlist? Freeform programs of new music out there? Just asking... I'm investigating the distribution systems and wondering if an independent record sold outside the stream is a viable business model. I saw an estimate the Eagles lost a billion dollars to illegal downloads. That is an incredible number, billion with a B. No wonder Glen Frey had digestive troubles.
This is NY stopping an illegal sale in a 1972 doc. I think I still have that boot there in my collection.

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Re:Neil Beats the Boots
Saturday, April 01 2017 @ 04:01 PM CDT

Never bought any bootlegs, official or ripoff. Why would you buy one of those which is usually inferior sound, when you can go on YouTube and see the concerts? And how does You Tube get away with that? I would think they are hurting artists more than illegal downloads. I know, personally, for the last four or five years, if I want to hear some old music I don't have or some new music someone mentioned to me, I just do a search on You Tube and it is usually there.