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Jim Marrs Passes
Sunday, August 06 2017 @ 08:54 PM CDT

If you know about Jim Marrs already, allow me to inform you of his passing.
Marrs is the last of the independent investigative reporters. His like will not be known again.
Capable of providing (dis)information with the best of intentions and also questioning the basic assumptions of American life, any intersection with the work of this gentlemen is bound to raise questions. He was just folks and had a broad Texas accent as well.
Marrs wrote many books. He was popular on the lecture circut and played conferences like the UFOlogy meets. He was one of first people in America to publicly question the Warren Report on the assassination of JFK. For you see at one time this was simply not done in American society.
Find his lectures online at youtube, and marvel. He stood in the schoolbook depository window when many were too afraid. Jim Marrs boldly told the world no lone gunman with a bolt action rifle fired the shots that killed the President. Marrs' courage in the face of the obvious peril invovled in telling a version of the truth in America, especially about the death of JFK, led the way for many others.

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Re:Jim Marrs Passes
Tuesday, August 08 2017 @ 11:08 PM CDT

I loved Jim and it was a shock to hear he had passed. He was such a life force wrapped in that hat and bushy beard that I guess I expected him to last forever. I bought one of his books back in the 90's and it seemed we went on many of the same trips in our fevered desire to know the truth about everything. Rest in peace old friend. Rest in peace.