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Wednesday, February 21 2018 @ 04:34 PM CST

Here's a really impressive little interactive tutorial on waveforms:


Learn how different sounds are produced, how to combine them to get different tonalities, and why phase cancellation is bad.

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Wednesday, February 21 2018 @ 08:21 PM CST


Back in the day, I noticed that if I was rockin' out with my headphones on and the cord came partially out of my Kenwood amp, something very interesting happened - the sound went to mono in both ears but mixed very strangely. Bass vanished, some instrumentation vanished and others became much more obvious. Listening to Alan Parsons became a whole new exploration - vocal harmonies sounded starkly different.

Phase cancellation in action. Did you know there was a bass cello that follows the vocal in Looking Glass' Brandy (You're A Fine Girl ? It's virtually inaudible normally, but put the song out of phase and it's right there in your living room. You can even see the musician's tuxedo.

You know, I've often wondered... did the end of the song simply mean that Brandy's sailor man simply was off on another sea voyage until he came back, or was it actually implying that he'd been lost for good, like those guys in The Perfect Storm ? "She loves a man who's not around..."

The bass cello player sighs, and plays on.

Maybe I should go to bed and get some sleep.