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George Clinton Media Matter
Monday, February 26 2018 @ 09:16 PM CST


Pimping artists on the corporate dime is classic Rolling Stone. Follow the link to catch efforts to keep George Clinton relative to the H8 culture. He's Uncle George now, like 50 years ago, he was the funkiest man alive, as long as James Brown said it was okay lol... and now he's no longer a crazy person? His mainstream assimilation might yet prove difficult, I don't think it is possible to hate dancing "Flashlight", notice how here GC is portrayed as inclusive and non-threatening?


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Re:George Clinton Media Matter
Tuesday, February 27 2018 @ 02:18 PM CST

Legendary funk music pioneer George Clinton rejected the idea of so-called culture appropriation in music and pop culture.

When asked during a recent interview with Rolling Stone what he thought about “white artists doing black music?” Clinton said he’s borrowed creative ideas from iconic bands like the Beatles and insists that artists attempt to replicate what they admire about their peers.

“I’d bite off the Beatles, or anybody else. It’s all one world, one planet and one groove. You’re supposed to learn from each other, blend from each other, and it moves around like that,” the Grammy-winner said.