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Americana Defined
Friday, February 01 2019 @ 09:37 AM CST

Imagine the musician can count to four, how can they make track after track that does not groove?
Listen to Stan and the Groovehounds here at MJ and hear a groove anytime for inspiration. The GDogs can't not groove!

The books or Youtube vids just don't seem to help you groove do they friends? Why?

Musicians learn to groove on the gig about 8,000 hours into the the process. If you don't really play you won't really groove?
If you listen and study this recording you can hear a clear example of the illusive groove. You too can groove!

Two and four sound just about textbook but something is happening on 1 and 3... The bass player and the drummer
have a "pocket." It's huge! (I crack myself up). As the recording progresses along the pocket gets bigger and bigger, it ends up being "sloopy", (a working musician term). Or "prolapsed" for you clinical types. Listen and figure out what the pocket is so you can steal the thing.

American music grooves. What are you making? Groove challenged tracks suck. The Keilburg municipal Ompa Band grooves more than most of the tracks at MJ and they are playing in 3/4 and 2/2 time signatures, because they play together and create a pocket! Ok, I am done, I got carried away lol...

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Re:Americana Defined
Saturday, February 02 2019 @ 11:46 AM CST

You make a very good point Daug.

I too must try harder to groove.

Also I agree while heartedly re the Groove Hounds. Best band currently posting on MJ. Hands down.

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