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Thursday, May 20 2004 @ 03:22 PM CDT

I posted a song last night it was verified next morning and is at the bottom of the list by noon. It seems there are lots of songs being submitted making turnover in the new song list very quick. So within half a day your song could easily be old news meaning it is not getting much new exposure. I haven't posted for about a month (life gets in the way) and I am noticing how quickly the songs are moved along now.
I checked to see if this topic had been posted already before I posted. If it is just this one time that new songs are moving along too fast then ok. I am just not sure like I said it seemed slower a month ago possibly because of less people on MacJams. If it is moving too fast maybe increasing the list length would help. If there is a way to increase the list in preferences and I am just not seeing it. If there is then I guess ignore this post Smile
Thanks Brian
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Thursday, May 20 2004 @ 04:03 PM CDT

Good point. Some days there is a mad rush of new songs, some days are stagnant. I will take into consideration lengthening the new song list, but this would only be a temporary solution to a growing trend of more frequent song uploads. Lets toss around some ideas of how we could improve or add to the New Songs block or maybe created another block.

My thoughts are that I would like a way for an artist to help promote their song by participating in MacJams discussions and song critique. What if we put together a listing that had the top contributors at MacJams in the last week. Those that have submitted songs would have their latest song listed with thier name. Those who have not submitted songs would still be listed, but without a song. Do you think this would help motivate MacJammers to participate more in discussion and voting or would it lead to random postings and random votes? Question
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Thursday, May 20 2004 @ 05:39 PM CDT

I agree with the idea of creating new areas to see songs. This is part of a post I made last week about the composite ratings. By the way I received a really nice reply from Tobin Mueller. Thanks Tobin.

OK, so the composite is good and I get how you are trying to think your way around the people that vote either real high or real low. Makes sense...but I also see that you then have a weekly pick based on ratings. I know you can't be all things to all people but here is another thing to think about. Not that it really matters that much but I posted a song last week that has only gotten 3 votes. The votes have ended up being average. However, I have gotten a lot of listens of and lots of downloads. Way more than many of those that have gotten higher ratings. I...Maybe there should also be a category for most listened to in the past week or maybe the most listened to overall. Just a thought.


Thursday, May 20 2004 @ 08:22 PM CDT

I think the problem of a longer new song list is a good idea though. Like I said I posted my song it was accepted in the morning and by noon it was already moved off the list. Maybe put a link to a page of new songs that contains a longer list of new songs. The Top stories list and Older story list I have selected stretch way down on the Home page but I really do not look at that much. If the New song list was longer I think it would get more attention. Just a link to TOP and OLD stories might be better off with a link to a seperate page and make the New song list longer on the side of the page.

Friday, May 21 2004 @ 02:04 AM CDT

Oooh a longer song list Smile Oh Joy

Wednesday, May 26 2004 @ 05:09 PM CDT

I posted this last week and the song list was lengthened which I thought was cool since it made new postings viewable longer. It seems it is back to a short list again and songs do not last the morning. I posted a new song and it appeared in the morning and was gone by noon. I just think the longer list was better.
OK Rant over
Thanks Brian

Wednesday, May 26 2004 @ 05:36 PM CDT

Yeah, I like the "20" New Song list, myself.