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timothy devine
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Half Baked Ideas?
Thursday, August 24 2006 @ 12:45 AM CDT

I'm always thinking that if I could add one more twist to a song that would make it come alive. One more turn or stop or interesting chords that go of in a new direction in the tune.
I think in a lot of cases music is better if there are more than one person. Sometimes another person will here the necessary bridge and incert it. The energy alone gets juices going. I'm thinking we need more people to put there half baked idea out there and let people mess with them. I'm not seeing alot of collaberating. I think it could drive the intrest up and maybe someday... form the first macjams supergroup.
Whats the good word. Anybody want to share a progression, or a drum beat or an airy fog with wind and night time sounds wispering and asking for the right artist to put the perfect solo in from afar. I just think this is so cool. Any takers?
Anyway... Question

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Thursday, August 24 2006 @ 01:57 AM CDT

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Scott Carmichael
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Re:Half Baked Ideas?
Thursday, August 24 2006 @ 06:42 AM CDT

hey Tim... colabs are fun... they take you to a place you wouldn't have been.. as you kind of pointed out in your post... I've been involved in 2 and both were not pre planned... I just heard material on MJ that spoke to me... and I contacted the people that posted and asked them if I could add what I was hearing... when you post just add a comment or 2 about seeking out colaborators... that gives people a jumping off point... It would be hard for me to say "I think I'll do a colab with Tim" ya know because I'm not hearing anything... make your next post colab bate..

If you build it they will come
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Re:Half Baked Ideas?
Thursday, August 24 2006 @ 11:25 AM CDT

This topic does come up from time to time... if you look back through the forums, several of us suggested a "Workbench" area of MacJams, where we could post in-progress ideas that had stalled, and we needed fresh ideas to help them along... little song snippets, lyrics, riffs, rhythms, etc. for people to listen to and get inspired to add to. This would be a SEPARATE, behind-the-scenes, non-voting area of Macjams that was more geared toward collaborating on multiple versions of little snippets, as opposed to the current Macjams, which is designed to present FINAL material for voting/commenting. Anyway, this idea would require a LOT of web coding to bring up (almost a whole new web site)... and since the Admins here are so busy they can barely keep up with bug fixes (like the infamous forum-quoting bug), it is unlikely to happen here. But it is a cool half-baked idea! :-)

However, while you're waiting for that to happen, you can do what the rest of us do, which is to use the Macjams technology that is already in place (post "WANTED" messages in the forums, get involved in chat and listening to songs to find out who does what here) and let people know your strengths, and soon you will connect up with collab-mates. Get yourself a free AIM account and learn to use iChat (or AIM if you're on a PC), and you'll be able to easily send big AIFF/WAV/GB files back and forth for collabs. Look in the "Open Collabs" genre here, and see if there's something you want to add to... send a note to the author and ask if they like what you did to their music (before you post it). Etc.

(Even *I* have an open-collab piece, "Ember-Rekindled" which a number of Macjammers here have done amazing things with, feel free to check it out!)

Those are my suggestions! Go for it!