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Apple Crash Reports
Thursday, December 04 2008 @ 08:31 PM CST

What do you do when your applications crash (on rare occasion I pray)?

Tonight I was working on a GB file and I was using some Crystal synth magic when after 1 hour of playing and tweaking the program froze and crashed.

When I got the "Report" window, I did what I always do - I send a personal message to the Apple people who monitor these problems and try to prevent them from ever happening again. I never get a response, but I always send a letter and I always post my macjams profile url and tell them how much I love GarageBand. I hope that these fantastic Apple Geeks also play with GB. Why wouldn't they? I also hope that they come to our site, hear what is happening with their software and read or comments about how they could improve the program. Who thinks GB5 will kick Logic's bootaki? I do.

Let's remember to take 30 seconds to encourage and thank the people interested in fixing our very rare (hopefully) system crashes.

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Re:Apple Crash Reports
Thursday, December 04 2008 @ 09:24 PM CST

absolutely I do... I also try to take the time to describe what happened, a short history of how I got there etc... I have actually had one email from Apple after sending a report.

It was very short and said basically problem rectified. Next release!

So it does work!

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