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Simig Media Status?
Saturday, September 03 2016 @ 04:11 PM CDT

Just for curiosity's sake I Googled 'Simig Media'... and among other curiosities (the homepage for Simig, dated 2005, is still active!)

But the really noteworthy find was the Trademark Information page on Simig. It notes, and I'll copy and paste the exact wording here... CONTINUED USE NOT FILED WITHIN GRACE PERIOD, UN-REVIVABLE 5/17/2013

I'm no lawyer, but there's a few souls around here who might be able to parse that phrase. Does it mean that Simon and Miguel have legally abandoned the Simig Media name and logo? Is that what it means?
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Re:Simig Media Status?
Sunday, September 04 2016 @ 11:33 AM CDT

no idea if this is accurate, but a quick google found this

Status/Status date:12/19/2014: Continued use not filed within grace period, UN-REVIVABLE
In US does that mean registrant can never register this trademark?
Can another entity register this mark for the same purpose?

You would have to proceed through the registration process de novo. The previous registration expired and can't be revived. It doesn't preclude re-registering the same mark. Another entity likely wouldn't be able to register the mark for the same purpose if the expired mark continued to be in use. Prior use of a mark is a bar to registration of the mark by another user for the same product in the same territory.