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Congrats, Winners!
Sunday, August 29 2004 @ 09:46 PM CDT

Here is the list of MacJamboree Contest winners in the "SONGS" category:

1st Place: Drums on Demand. WINNER: Tobin Mueller for "Cliff's Edge."

2nd and 3rd Place: AMG WINNERS: juedm for "Forest Play (Alimar/JuedM Collaboration)", and mars for "Monsoon"

4th Place: Jewelboxing.com WINNER: Alimar for "The Last Day (edit)"

5th Place: Jewelboxing.com WINNER: Ringo for "One Two Blues"

6th Place: Roots and Raw Reggae Apple Loop from PowerFX WINNER: penguinsocks for "bittersweet"

7th & 8th Place: Peachpit Press WINNERS: brb for "if not now, why?" and packosmokes for "We Will Miss You."

9th & 10th Place: Thomson Course Technology WINNERS: heavymellow for "Simple Bossa" and fosod for "Apart of Me"

11th Place: Thomson Course Technology WINNER: Suzanne for "Dressing for Death."

12th Place: Peachpit Press WINNER: Bonka for "Dominique."

13th Place: Peachpit Press WINNER: Daphna for "Jazzy Beethoven."

Congrats, everyone!!!!

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Re:Congrats, Winners!
Sunday, August 29 2004 @ 10:19 PM CDT

Hey I won some DVDs for having the second loudest mouth er... most activity too!
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Re:Congrats, Winners!
Monday, August 30 2004 @ 12:28 AM CDT

congrats folks-all VERY well deserved.. now, we expect all of you to really get jammin with your free stuff! maybe give the jewelbox peeps some slack tho Laughing Out Loud