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Music For NodaRadio
Saturday, September 02 2006 @ 01:13 AM CDT

Hey there fellow Macjammers!!

I recently became involved in an exciting venture to create an online radio station based in Charlotte, North Carolina, namely www.nodaradio.com, and I would like to cordially invite any and all artists to submit their music!

A little back story about NodaRadio,

Noda is short for North Davidson, which is the name of the street where Charlotte's historic arts district lies. Our goal is for this district to become a haven for artists not only in Charlotte, but all of North Carolina and through internet exposure we aim to eventually broadcast the talents of artists locally and from around the world.
And by artists, we mean artists of all types including painters, sculptors, musicians, film makers , graphic designers, flash animators, et al. Basically, if you've got talent, we want to show it off on NodaRadio.

Anyone who is interested should e-mail me at basil.murad@gmail.com. I check my e-mail daily, so I'll be sure to get back to ya!

"NodaRadio.....Broadcasting Genius"


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Re:Music For NodaRadio
Saturday, September 02 2006 @ 01:44 AM CDT

Well, once upon a time there was this guy named Blaine something. I actually can say his last name, but would hate to try to spell it. He had a little project where he combed the web to find people who didn't suck. He found an amazing amount of them.

I could never do something like this, because I get sidetracked by porn easily (and in case you haven't noticed the internet has porn!).

Anyway, our hero, Blaine Transue (I cheated and checked my email), had a show called Virtual Garage, where he highlighted artists from around the world, though Blaine lived in wine country. He did a good show, had a great voice, and was passionate about his artists. It was webcast live. I listened when I could.

Even when I disagreed with his selections I usually enjoyed the show, but then I drink a lot, so usually like most what I hear when drunk. Anyway, what I am trying to say is, spend some time, take Blaine as an example, do your own digging.

I'd never heard of Blaine until an email arrived in my inbox asking permission to use one of my cuts. Or, I forget, he might have just been informing me when he was using it.

And you're in luck. There's a void. Blaine Transue has called is mostly quits. His show is done (though he threatens he'll someday do an all spoken word show! I think that's what he said, the email has been deleted, so I might be remembering it the way I want).

Regardless, I bet you'll get much better response if you ask specific people for content, rather than a blanket call. These people will quickly become fans, post about the cool show they are going to be on, make others listen and be jealous, thereby asking, "Why not me?" To which you can reply, "Please submit here."

Just my opinion. What do I know?

A Bloody Dark Pastryman http://www.christopher.jorgensen.name
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Re:Music For NodaRadio
Saturday, September 02 2006 @ 10:17 AM CDT

I would love to participate but I don't live in your area.