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Angry...Site...Keeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 12:42 PM CDT

Im reaaaallly startin to get pissed cuz alotta people on this site dont really have talent.All they do is sit around, put some stupid loops together and then they think they have some kinda masterpiece.Not to mention its always the same people who vote for each other and have songs in the genre of "Open Collaboration" or something stupid like that.Hey, look, im making a song by pencil tooling stuff in.There is a very small minority left that actually RECORDS THEMSELVES.Its just so angering that all these people think they have talent but really they just dont have a life.So, to wrap it up, THIS SITE AND ITS LOOP SONGS SUCKS.However, if it wasnt for garageband, we would not have a drum track or be able to record it so thank you people of GarageBand and the people who actually WORKED to come up with and PLAY them.THEY are the ones with talent, not you.

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AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 02:07 PM CDT

Take it easy,
You could always amaze the rest of us with YOUR talent, by posting up one of your own tracks!
That would give us a chance to see how good you are... really I'd love to hear it


"Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible adult."
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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 07:40 PM CDT

NOTE: This thread has been moved from a song profile to the forums. Please understand that you are free to voice your opinion, but please use the forums for generalized comments such as what has been posted above so that everyone may have a chance to chime in without interferring with specific song related discussion. Thanks!
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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 08:12 PM CDT

First, I respect your honesty even though I disagree. Second, I'm totally
psyched that a 14 year old is here among us. But really, what do you hope to
gain with a message like this?

What you seem to be saying is:
1. you have talent
2. some of us use loops and therefore we don't have talent
3. those of us who don't have talent, vote for each other

If you have talent, none of us would know, because you haven't posted any
songs. Moby uses loops, does he not have talent? To my mind, this site is
about sharing music with friends.

I love your fire bro, but you've got to work on both the music part, and the
friends part.


~~Follow your bliss. Dance like no one is watching.~~
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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 08:27 PM CDT

1st of all i did NOT make this into a post.Second of all, i NEVER said or at least intended to say that i have talent.3rd of all, all i wanted to say is that i just dislike people who make loop songs instead of playing what they want.So whoever made this into a post is probly seriously not cool with what i said.I just made this into a comment, NOT a post.

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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 08:39 PM CDT

Opinions are like....well everyone has one. But seriously "disliking people" isn't the same thing as "disliking loop songs". Harsh way to express that you hate loop-based songs.

To paraphrase Emo Phillips "why hate people for race, beliefs or looping..when there are so many good reasons to hate them".

Check out the loops vs. creativity thread if you want exhaustive debate on the topic!
TrashCan Alley
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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 08:41 PM CDT

This is most likely the last thing im gonna do.You dont see any of my songs because its under TrashCan Alley.But that doesnt matter I deleted its songs because i want nothing more to do with site.I just lost interest as well as Mich and my uncle who recorded us.So it doesnt matter if you think im just a hotheaded teen who's "outta control" because i have too much to be doing in HS.And no, i dont think i have talent because ive only been playing for 7 months unlike ppl who played for like 20.So we say our goodbyes to all the oldsters here.Have fun to your Ambient Electronica and stuff.And i guess we'll only miss pauly g.Oh and just a side note, what does ISP stand for?Some computer thing probly.Well, buh bye.
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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 09:00 PM CDT

Yeah. Ive given up on macjams. When I first came to the site I figured that I could just weed out the loop songs but due to the fact that there are sooooooo many of them its pretty much impossible. The only way I would ever come back to macjams is if they made two separate sections. One for loop (fake) songs and one for original songs. I think the only awesome thing I ever got from macjams was pauly-g. That guy kicks some serious ass. Feel free to disagree with me because chances are I either wont care or wont even read your comment. Goodbye forever.
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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Sunday, September 19 2004 @ 11:54 PM CDT

Wow, was i disgusted by those posts. Nothing like wearing your age on your sleeve. As someone who has talent (was that arrogant??), can play an instrument, can sing AND USES LOOPS... you won't be missed.

Hasta la vista!

Check out my Latest Instrumental: Waiting for the Other
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Re:AngrySiteKeeps Getting Worse
Monday, September 20 2004 @ 01:27 AM CDT

BYE!! ISP=Internet Service Provider. Come back when you have talent or when your brain is fully functional...which ever comes first.... Smile