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Coding the Player???
Monday, December 08 2008 @ 11:34 AM CST

Does anyone (meaning our more scripting-savvy members) know the options for coding the music player used at MacJams?

For instance, in the example below I have the player set up to include "artist=chikoppi":

Is it possible to code the player to display individual playlists defined by members?

I ask because I think this would be a neat way to offer member-created virtual albums like those called for in the MJ08 Album Challenge thread or Feter's List for 08 MJ Album

Please chime in if you know the solution!


Also, is it possible to change the number of songs displayed or to override the random listing?

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Re:Coding the Player???
Monday, December 08 2008 @ 04:33 PM CST

Unless things have changed the answer is probably not.

I once looked into it in detail for one of the LIOLIs, and the trouble was that there was no directive on the player to point at a playlist.

It may have since changed, but I doubt it.

Try pinging Simon about it.