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"Net Neutrality?" Think Outside the ComCast!
Tuesday, December 12 2017 @ 01:01 PM CST

“Say, what’s been happening lately with your local telephone (and/or local electric-power) company?

Well, maybe you should just make it your business to (right away!) find out!

“Fact of the matter is™ ...” a lot has been happening in the “last mile™” world, since “Comcast® nee Xfinity®” first put up their (“ooh, so twentieth-century”) coaxial cables.

“It’s an optical fiber world,” now, and this form of physical infrastructure is not-only much easier to maintain, but also very-noticeably faster.

“Telephone” companies, in particular, have simply abandoned (most of ...) their former copper networks in the ground, paying attention only to “the last mile™” which actually leads to the subscriber’s house.   They have replaced the rest of it with optical fiber, which now terminates in all of those metal boxes that you now see scattered virtually-everywhere.

Thus, both of these “apparently, non-video” companies might very well have the infrastructure that you need ... right at your very doorstep ... to completely blow their former-competitors entirely out of the game.

Most importantly, these competitors never drank of the “Ma Bell,™ Black Phone™” juice.   They never presumed that “you did not have any other choice.”   Instead, they very-practically leveraged the other(!) wires that were already in place on that pole outside your house, and (now stand ready to ...) beat “those other companies,” hands down(!), at what was once “their own game.”

- - -
My Internet service briefly went off-line this afternoon.   So, I called a local company, who within twenty minutes(!) had dispatched a local crew ... although by that time my service had already been centrally restored.

“Don’t (yet) have that level of service,” from a company that supposes that it can “turn the Internet back into ‘cable television,’ and do so under its own (of course ...) terms?”   Go ahead.   Vote with your wallet.   There is more than one(!) company’s wires on that pole outside your house!
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Tuesday, December 12 2017 @ 03:13 PM CST

Actually, about one-third of all Americans have only one choice of provider.

A new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance reveals the full scale of the problem: of the 129,000,000 Americans served by a single ISP, 50,000,000 have to rely on monopolist providers that have been convicted of breaching Net Neutrality. Another 50,000,000 Americans are served by only two ISPs, and all of those duopolists have also been convicted of breaching net neutrality.


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