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Sunday, July 13 2014 @ 02:06 PM CDT

Greetings, everyone.

At one point I was planning to put together a DVD of the MJ City episodes for anyone who wanted a better-quality version of them, since YouTube's compression does render the final product as somewhat messy. Unfortunately, I ran into some serious computer issues after starting Episode 4, leading to a long delay in completion. Worse, the original ANME files for Episode 1,2 and 3 went AWOL, and the idea of doing them again from scratch simply wasn't going to happen.

Mind you, I still had the original MOV files, but they'd been rendered in a lowest quality format in hundreds of segments (some only a few seconds long) because of issues with Anime Studio repeatedly crashing during rendering. It got so bad that work on Episode 4 simply stopped, but as it turned out, there was a bug in the program itself that only occurred when rendering from a Mac. Once I downloaded the patch from Moho, the issue went away and Episode 4 swung back into high gear. Even better, I was able to render it in a 'high' setting, something that I hadn't dared attempt with the earlier vids. And 4 looks great - if you're watching the high-quality final I have, NOT the YouTube compressed version. Episode 3, unfortunately, was rendered in the low format, while 1 and 2 weren't even in the same screen format. Fixing all these issues was only possible if I had the original ANME files. And I didn't.

Well... I found 'em. Smile

I'm going to start work on stitching the sequences into a single video, clean up the inconsistencies and put everything together into a final, polished production. Well.... um, as polished as a yob like me is going to get it. When that's done, I'll be doing two things: 1) putting it onto a DVD disk which will be freely available to any MacJammer who would like one, and 2) taking down the current Episodes on YouTube and replacing them with the revised version, "MacJams City 1: Attack Of The 1-Bomber (Director's Cutlet)"

And........ I'm not making any predictions as to when I'll be finished. Real life is leaving me little time for anything, so this will be done when it's done. Smile

So, if you want to go on the list for a DVD, just PM me with your snail mail address, and when I finally wrap this up, you'll get a surprise in your mailbox not too long after. And know that your mail address is absolutely confidential to me.

Allright! Brew the coffee and let's rock and roll!


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Re:MJ City DVD
Sunday, July 13 2014 @ 03:14 PM CDT

That sounds great, Rik! You put so much time in to these videos… And they really came out great. Thanks again for all the time that you have spent on these, and for including me in the mix. I will be sending you my snail mail information soon.
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Re:MJ City DVD
Sunday, July 13 2014 @ 03:23 PM CDT

this is so generous of you!

i mean, wow, thank you so very much
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Re:MJ City DVD
Sunday, July 13 2014 @ 04:37 PM CDT

you are THE BEST!!!

my most recent song: "First Light (solo piano)"
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Re:MJ City DVD
Sunday, July 13 2014 @ 04:53 PM CDT

If this doesn't stress test MJ's mail delivery system nothing will ... Rik .... You rock!

I have finally figured this out but now I have forgotten what to use it for.
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Re:MJ City DVD
Sunday, July 13 2014 @ 06:53 PM CDT

for me, it started here

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Re:MJ City DVD
Tuesday, July 15 2014 @ 10:50 PM CDT

You've created quite a herculean labor of love… years and YEARS of it, with tons of great music, hilariously addictive animation, awesome story arc and deliciously witty dialog… it is a community-collaborative effort on probably the grandest scale ever mounted here at Macjams, headed by none other than our always-welcome man-without-pants himself! Yay Rik! Thank you for this incredible gift to the community of friends here. And to get a DVD of it all, well, that's enough to m-peg my meter!

3 cheers to Mr. Mordenus!

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Re:MJ City DVD
Wednesday, July 16 2014 @ 10:08 AM CDT

This animated mock-rockumentary really has been an extremely generous gift to this community, Rik... a unique one that separates MacJams from the rest of the pack.

This is definitely time capsule material, an audio-visual message in a bottle to future generations about a race of songwriters, singers and musicians who inhabited this quadrant of cyberspace in peace... and (three-part) harmony.

Thanks for all your efforts, Rik. Wink

MY LATEST: A demo version of my Work-In-Progress DAILY GRIND
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Re:MJ City DVD
Thursday, July 17 2014 @ 11:58 AM CDT

PM sent. Thank you. Thank you. Big Grin