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YamPak WhirledBubowskiWorld Music (18)Jam Pack 5 (14)Loops (169)Middle Eastern (26)Africa (18)Kalimba (4)International (33)Ethnic (67)Saz (4)Darbouka (4)Rabab (1)Oud (6)
Casualties of Faith (Remix)dreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)Casualties (2)Faith (62)nuns (2)killing (13)murder (44)Muslims (2)Christians (3)religion (46)Pope Benedict (2)true story (2)Africa (18)Indonesia (2)bullets (3)madness (22)rock (1959)dulcimer (56)electric (100)alternative (400)war (168)racism (10)crusades (2)folly (6)insanity (28)real life (3)
StayDWLpalm wine (2)africa (18)mali (1)relaxed. hal david (1)
MAWULI HABIMANA LIOLI1Krenafrica (18)Mawuli (1)habimana (1)Zulu (1)
The Jungle in our Veinsjemtan990marimba (14)orchestral (141)strings (402)african (16)africa (18)djembe (3)hand drums (2)
The Great SouthtrebbiaAfrica (18)South (13)Epic (62)drums (314)piano (957)Cape Town (2)
AfricackrohmONE (58)Africa (18)Make poverty history (1)Get involved (1)
Flying Over Africacrazykeymanflight (17)flute (193)bird (10)film (111)Africa (18)Nature (72)piano (957)score (38)
Life and Death on the SerengetiarundquiSurf (45)Africa (18)Savannah (2)Dawn (18)Reverb (64)
Song of Mbira (MJRF2010)BubowskiMbira (2)Kalimba (4)Djemb (1)Africa (18)Korg M3 (1)
Song of Mbira (Updated)BubowskiMbira (2)Kalimba (4)Ethnic (67)Percussion (78)Marimba (14)Africa (18)
Positive Chill-Outpetermsambient (831)chill (162)downtempo (96)drums (314)bass (374)guitar (1349)filters (4)vocals (151)africa (18)percussion (78)
MigrationBowmanMazarakes (89)Bowman (91)Cinema (99)Africa (18)migration (1)Classical (816)New age. (1)
Mumbo JumborenecalvoMumbo Jumbo (1)Africa (18)Pax (1)Africana (1)Rene (3)Calvo (3)Kosi (1)Gyebi (1)Amos (2)Fisher (2)Rock (1959)Blues (741)Harlem (5)Story (64)Song (277)Paris (19)Blues (741)New (167)York (3)City (43)Indy (2)Rock (1959)Alternative (400)Art (81)