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Borate Zone: Please EatTobinMuellerexperimental (505)alternative rock (47)Twilight Zone (4)Rod Serling (5)collaboration (131)organ (108)
uncle monkeymullialternative rock (47)experimental (505)industrial (167)
EmilymeekbandEmily (2)Alternative Rock (47)Rock (1959)Alternative (400)Meek (6)Adapt (2)
ClevelandthetruffulaseedsAlt. Country (4)Acoustic (812)Acoustic alternative (1)alternative rock (47)shoegazer (5)
Take this cup from meLivingstonerock (1959)alternative rock (47)new age (165)passon (2)
The Corepenguirock (1959)alternative (400)rush (8)bowie (11)rock (1959)progressive rock (90)heavy metal (62)alternative rock (47)art rock (39)indie rock (41) (0)
What Now?SEAC99Rock (1959)Alternative (400)heartbreak (24)hurt (26)broken heart (7)time (141)questioning (2)? (18)whatever (17)love (1469)stolen (4)what (39)now (20)what now (1)knife (8)stab (1)heart (150)crying (19)stupid (36)hate (62)emotion (25)ambience (18)Alternative Rock (47)acoustic (812)
Ruinmulliunderground (26)experimental (505)alternative rock (47)
It's AlrightArmatronAlternative Rock (47)Space Rock (5)Rock (1959)Weird. (1)
Fortunate OneskipakAlternative Rock (47)Atmospheric (35)
Mississippi Mud(Live)MJGImprov (57)Alternative Rock (47)bluesy strut (1) (0)
Out in the Cold(Live*)MJGRock (1959)Alternative Rock (47)Live (168)Dedication (15) (0)
I'm LonelyHypnotiQ SorcereRyan Adams (11)La Cienega just smiled (1)The Cardinals (3)Wilco (2)Wiats (1)alternative rock (47)alternative country (4)alt rock (16)alt country (7)country rock (13) (0)
Fallen TearsHypnotiQ SorcereThe Police (6)U2 (19)Keane (3)As Tall As Lions (2)Echo And The Bunny (2)Alternative (400)Alternative Rock (47) (0)Alt Rock (16)Atmosphere (15)space (234) (0)
Patient Man (Sketch stage-remastered less muddy)duhdewdAlternative Rock (47)Indie Rock (41)Layered Guitars (2)
Who You're Livin' Forcthayeschristian rock (32)rock (1959)alternative rock (47)progressive rock (90)
November 23rdvictorias_playgroundguitar (1349)victoria's playground (8)alternative rock (47)
First To DieCraizeeMusicRock (1959)Industrial Rock (1)Alternative Rock (47)Techno Rock (3) (0)
You And MeCraizeeMusicCraizeeMusic (5)Instrumental (832)Alternative Rock (47)Open-Collaborations (1)Works-In-Progress (1)
Design demo 1HypnotiQ SorcereAlt country (7)alt rock (16)alternative (400)piano (957)alternative rock (47)alternative country (4)alt pop (2) (0)
Tragically YouMJGTragically Hip (2)Alternative Rock (47)Slower melody (1) (0)
The Rum DiaryHypnotiQ SorcereRyan Adams (11)Country Rock (13)Rockabilly (18)alt country (7)alt rock (16)alternative country (4)alternative rock (47)hick rock (1) (0)
Submarine SerenadeMannequinRacesdark (422)moody (52)indie (192)indie rock (41)alternative rock (47)tuba (16)mellotron (8)cello (82)cajun drums (1)percussion (78)noise (85)quirky (24)
RecedingHypnotiQ SorcereAlt (9)Alternative Rock (47)Alternative (400)
The Suicide HandbookHypnotiQ SorcereBallad (259)Alternative Rock (47)Alt (9)rock (1959)sad (189)suicide (35)
600 TulipsSweetBacteriaukulele (27)acoustic (812)emotional (41)honest (9)alternative rock (47)simple (43)suicide (35)
Solaris(Instrumental)chriskendall1Alternative Rock (47)Instrumental (832)Soundtrack (289)Guitar Riffs (2)
Nubian Electric She IIMute AlbinoNubian (3)Progressive Rock (90)Instrumental (832)Alternative Rock (47)Electric (100)Guitar (1349)Piano (957)Composition (13)
Growing upDrToastyballad (259)alternative rock (47)rock (1959)indie rock (41)folk (545)
Nocturnal Admissionsthe_oddRock (1959)Alternative Rock (47)Indie (192)Pop (694)
MOVEthe_oddAlternative (400)Alternative Rock (47)Indie Rock (41)Rock (1959)Club (174)
Afterglow (Working Title)Mute AlbinoAfterglow (3)instrumental rock (13)alternative rock (47)
UnyieldingUltrabeastAlternative Rock (47)EDM (13)Progressive House (8)Vocals (151)House (194)Electronica (379)Ambient (831)Space Epic Opera (2)
UnyieldingUltrabeastAlternative Rock (47)EDM (13)Progressive House (8)Vocals (151)House (194)Electronica (379)Ambient (831)Space Epic Opera (2)