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In Before OutsingercharRock (1959)blues (741)Char (88)new (167)demo (43)in (105)before (6)out (47)
charming - a lullaby for the inner childic42lullaby (79)char (88)inner child (3)2468 (2)okurimono (2)ic42 (38)
charming - a lullaby for the inner child (with char singing)ic42lullaby (79)char (88)inner child (3)2468 (2)okurimono (2)ic42 (38)
Her Startled Return (w/ Luna Trick)EZamorlunatrick (11)char (88)
The Flight of Phoebe (w/ Moses)EZamorMoses (2)Char (88)
Still, She Weeps (Ember-CharMix)Charember (34)drakonis (77)char (88)
Mountainside(I.G.M.)CharI.G.M. (3)Char (88)Mountainside (3)
Mountainside (W/Char & IGM)Skean(Mountainside (1)Char (88)I.G.M (2)Skean (69)Love (1469)Music) (85)
Restlessmaxjsl37Cool (98)restless (7)davisamerica (7)char (88)maxjsl37 (4)spoken (18)word (14)poetry (147)
Love's Out of Hand w musicheadCharmusichead (7)Char (88)Rock (1959)love (1469)you (195)
Do Any Thing w SkeanCharSkean (69)Char (88)Dance (780)
(3)Bagpipes & Candle Light (Paula)RadioChuckThe_ChickMunks (4)Moviz (6)Char (88)MarkHolbrook (6)
Having Our WayThe_ChickMunks
Never Say Goodbye (MJ Bond Theme Challenge) w/ Charmr_mordenusJames (15)Bond (8)Mr Mordenus (9)Char (88)Never Say Goodbye (3)
Please Marry MePaulaMunkPaulaMunk (21)Char (88)Celtic (130)
futatsu 0x01ic42open fifth (1)ambivalent (2)two notes (1)char (88)ic42 (38)
Snuffed out the lightdadgarusSnuffed (2)out (47)light (158)rock (1959)love (1469)char (88)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)
Snuffed out the light (Final Version)dadgarusChar (88)Dadgarus (81)Dadgar (92)Rock (1959)Snuffed (2)out (47)light (158)
Intangible ( Char, a capella)PaulaMunkChar (88)Blues (741)Intangible (4)
(A Reading of) Annabel LeeVaisvilpoe (7)char (88)beatnik (3)norm (2)chris (7)cool (98)jazz (983)
Intangible Bud mixCharBud (30)Char (88)Intangible (4)blues (741)
Break Away (Mark Holbrook & Awigze)CharMark Holbrook (2)awigze (25)Char (88)Break Away (6)night out (2)smile (40)
Is This Love A MiraclePaulaMunklove (1469)miracle (4)Char (88)PaulaMunk (21)
Dream CharleneYordbearYordbear (11)Char (88)
AquabloopDemeter7Aqua (5)blues (741)Jazz (983)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
WaterloopDemeter7Experimental (505)Chinese Water Torture (1)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
JungloopDemeter7Jungle (38)wild (18)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
HaventacloopDemeter7Band (136)moves along (1)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
Outerloop, the new FrontierDemeter7Space (234)Ambient (831)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
You'veGotMaleLoop, intoducing RalphDemeter7Demeter7 (20)Char (88)Rosemary playing "Tiger" (1)Ralph (8)
FiddloopDemeter7Celebrational (1)Fiddles (3)Tambourines (1)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
HummingDemeter7Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
All Turns To Mist, with RalphPaulaMunkloops (169)singing (34)Char (88)Ralph (8)Demeter7 (20)
Over, a capellaPaulaMunkChar (88)Demeter7 (20)dreams (118)flights of fancy (1)
I Can't Sleep w/Charrichard13richard13 (90)Char (88)collab (90)sad (189)
All Turns To Mist II (Featuring Reggie_Pole)CharReggie_Pole (2)Char (88)Ralph (8)mist (7)
Ralph's LamentPaulaMunkRalph (8)Louie (1)PaulaMunk (21)Char (88)Demeter7 (20)Reggae (85)
The Pianist w/ CharSymphony101The Pianist (1)Char (88)Symphony 101 (5)Tribute (39)Richard Wright (1)Eric Woolfon (1)Symphonic Rock (4)
Nigel Song (In Love Up To My *ss) alackbass collabCharalackbass (4)Nigel Song (1)In Love (2)Char (88)Spinal Tap (1)
The Girlfriend version 2PaulaMunkGirlfriend (11)love (1469)Char (88)PaulaMunk (21)
Mary's LambPaulaMunkPaulaMunk (21)Char (88)Ralph (8)nursery rhyme (3)
You Can'tCharChar (88)Acoustic Sunrise loop (1)
Chickmunk in SpacePaulaMunkPaulaMunk (21)Char (88)Space (234)
Dust w Symphony 101CharSymphony101 (5)Yves Baar (1)Char (88)Charlene (7)Blues (741)Dust (11)Spiders (1)
Pain (Feat. Char)chinaman2Char (88)Paulamunk (21)chinaman (1)pain (93)
BapBapLoopDemeter7Demeter7 (20)Char (88)FookedUp (1)
Holding OutCharChar (88)Ralph (8)Downtempo (96)Holding Out (1)
Paula Scat IllogicalPaulaMunkPaulaMunk (21)Ralph (8)Char (88)A capella (11)Scat (3)
Riders in the sky(alackbass, char, dadgarus)dadgarusalackbass (4)char (88)dadgarus (81)dadgar (92)riders (3)sky (65)
Gun Shy Song w SlopartsCharRock (1959)Gun Shy (1)Sloparts (6)Char (88)
Summer EmoPaulaMunkSummer (122)Emo (98)PaulaMunk (21)Char (88)
Bound, a capellaCharBound (2)Char (88)
You Can Have MeCharJazz (983)Char (88)
He Moves Through The Fair w Doug Somers & Caitlin SomersCharDoug Somers (1)Caitlin Somers (1)Char (88)Celtic (130)
He Moves Through The Fair (a capella)PaulaMunkCeltic (130)Char (88)
Rejected (Angry Version) with loopageCharChar (88)Charlene (7)44th street short medium and long loops (1)jerk (5)
Heartbreaker, a capellaPaulaMunkChar actually. Poor Paula gets all of Char's crap. TaylorMorgan's tune it is in there trust me. ;) (1)
History Repeats Itself to roz' Benny CollabPaulaMunkroz (1)Benny (3)Char (88)Charlene (7)PaulaMunk (21)
Pussycat Trio (1 min trailer challenge)Demeter7Char (88)PaulaMunk (21)Demeter7 (20)
Pussycat Trio (I min trailer challenge) noFXDemeter7Char (88)PaulaMunk (21)Demeter (2)1 min trailer (1)
Lulajze Jezuniu with Richard 13CharRichard 13 (2)Char (88)Christmas (284)Holiday (146)Polish (2)
Ave Maria w flute v2CharAve Maria (2)Flute (193)Char (88)
Intangible w Reggie Pole, improved version 2CharReggie Pole (2)Char (88)
Time Clicks AwayPaulaMunkChar (88)Paula Munk (2)Rock (1959)Open Collaboration (12)
When Loving is One-sided, a capellaPaulaMunkacapella (12)love (1469)PaulaMunk (21)Char (88)
Boogieman Boogie Halloween 2012Demeter7Char (88)Demeter7 (20)Halloween (69)Boogieman (1)bowel (1)hah hah (1)
Can't Rise UpCharPaulaMunk (21)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)Summer Emo (1)Folk (545)Lots of whining (1)
Be a Window, a capellaPaulaMunkChar (88)devotional (1)a little scared to post (1)
Where Can You Be Hiding, Ralph a capellaPaulaMunkRalph (8)Char (88)PaulaMunk (21)Pining (2)
Leaving MeCharLeaving (25)Char (88)You meant everything (1)
The SeaCharChar (88)Sea (74)Folk (545)suicide (35)abandonment (7)frustration with ghostly sliders (1)
When Loving Is One-sided, Music by Bob RodgersCharRomantic (64)Sad (189)Ballad (259)Bob Rodgers (3)Char (88)PaulaMunk (21)