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Here and NowDanBrownJrAcoustic (812)Christian (137)Soft Rock (20)Jesus (141)Smooth (120)easy (36)Drums (314)Nice Voice (1)Jesus (141)Praise and Worship (3)worship (56)dan brown jr (10)dbj (8) (0)
My HeroDanBrownJrHero (14)Dan Brown Jr (10)dbj (8)Jesus (141)christian rock (32)Lord (34)saved (1)worship (56)
The AwakeningDanBrownJrJoe Satriani (3)Steve Vai (2)dan brown jr (10)dbj (8)jesus (141)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)shredd (1)solo (125)worship (56)
Even WhenDanBrownJrDan Brown Jr (10)Jesus (141)Praise and worship (3)praise (48)worship (56)Chrsit (1)Christian (137)Metal (274)guitar solo (124)leads (1)guitar (1349)
Gonna RainDanBrownJrJesus (141)christian music (3)worship (56)dan brown jr (10)dbj (8)danbrown jr (1)
Joy of SalvationDanBrownJrJoe Satriani (3)dan brown jr (10)danbrownjr (3)dbj (8)guitar solo (124)Jesus (141)christian music (3)instrumental! (1)
ClearerDanBrownJrDan Brown Jr (10)Chris Romero (1)DBJ (8)Joe Satriani Solo (1)Amazing Guitar (3)Rock Romero (1) (0)
Now and ForeverDanBrownJrDan Brown Jr (10)SESAC (1)LOVE (1469)ROCK (1959)BALLAD (259)GUITAR SOLO (124)
For Once In Our LivesDanBrownJrDan Brown Jr (10)New music (1)country (178)rock (1959)acoustic (812)metal (274)
FreedomDanBrownJrSatriani (2)Vai (5)Dan Brown Jr (10)Instrument (3)Rock (1959)Gutar (1)Solo (125)Amazing Guitar (3)Riffs (8)Melody (34)