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oxygenfremsleyoxygen (3)cows (3)beef (1)vocoder (21)dumfries (13)emac (1)
bored of this?fremsleyAmbient (831)Drone (26)Electronic (563)IDM (37)fremsley (8)Glasgow (15)Dumfries (13)Scotland (10)experimental (505)Background Music (3)
at least its a startfremsleylofi (3)the false and the cinematic (2)shouting (6)background noise (3)mess (4)group (1)bathroom mic (1)dumfries (13)carlisle (1)glasgow (15)
You Are (Welcome Fremsley)fremsleyRemix (126)Dark (422)Dumfries (13)Synth (386)
Cramp (The Jitters)fremsleyelectro (185)dumfries (13)glasgow (15)fremsley (8)synth (386)
Makaylafremsleyelectro (185)glitch (35)dumfries (13)glasgow (15)fremsley (8)christmas (284)youtube (8)
pearlfremsleyelectro (185)dumfries (13)glasgow (15)fremsley (8)sidechaining (2)
moirafremsleyelectro (185)dumfries (13)glasgow (15)80s (45)
bad weather gets better, but a bad man never doesfremsleypiano (957)dumfries (13)fremsley (8)obbster (6)glitch (35)sidechain (1)
from speaker stack to broken backfremsleyelectro (185)jump (12)synth (386)dumfries (13)glitch (35)beat (137)
Shitting FingernailsfremsleyDumfries (13)Glasgow (15)Tension (21)Fremsley (8)Piano (957)Bitcrusher (2)
Boring Catalogue DungeonfremsleyRock (1959)Instrumental (832)Drop D (3)Riff (20)Dumfries (13)Glasgow (15)low (14)tom (7)
Don't I Get A Digga?fremsleyElectronic (563)Fremsley (8)Dumfries (13)Glasgow (15)Sidechaining (2)Glitch (35)Synth (386)