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Brudmarsch efter Larshöga JonkeCori Anderfingerstyle guitar (37)tradisional (1)swedish (12)folk music (5)folk song (4)acoustic guitar (97)finger style (3)
Final WordsTobinMuellerA Bit Of Light (14)folk rock (45)folk jazz (2)vocal (197)acoustic (812)saxophone (56)soprano sax (13)collaboration (131)adult contemporary (17)fingerstyle guitar (37)death (198)loss (85)father (56)parent (2)tobin (86)James Taylor (3)Woody (21)
If I Could Live Long Enough (w/ IVANJS)TobinMuellerfolk (545)folk rock (45)acoustic (812)vocal (197)fingerstyle guitar (37)ironic (4)collaboration (131)Pilgrim Village (11)tobin (86)ivanjs (4)life (255)story (64)song (277)TobinMueller (61)
House of Cards (...When I Sing)TobinMuellerfolk (545)contemporary folk (2)pop (694)knowing no answers (1)uncertainty (3)unbelief (1)lie (14)lies (32)lying (2)transitory (1)temporary (1)garbage (6)electric piano (18)organ (108)fingerstyle guitar (37)songwriter (24)tobin (86)throw away (2)folk rock (45)A Bit Of Light (14)
Marche Militarie 2005Cori AnderMarch (41)guitar (1349)acoustic guitar (97)fingerstyle (43)fingerstyle guitar (37)Curry (11)Cori (3)Ander (3)
Jazz Me BluesCori Anderoldtime jazz (2)jazz (983)blues (741)swing (64)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustic guitar (97)old music (2)
Jazz Me Blues (second attempt)Cori Anderjazz (983)blues (741)swing (64)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)oldtime jazz (2)jazz (983)curry (11)blues (741)swing (64)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustic guitar (97)old music (2)curry style (2)
Sheep May Safely Graze 2.thetilerbach (40)guitar (1349)solo guitar (27)acoustical guitar (26)fingerpicking guitar (100)fingerstyle guitar (37)new age (165)ambient (831)classical guitar (110)
Going To Peachtree CitythetilerFingerstyle Guitar (37)fingerpicking (50)classical gutiar acoustical guitarist (1)guitar (1349)instrumental (832) (0)
Flowing In PeacethetilerFingerstyle guitar (37)fingerpicking (50)guitarist (92)guitar (1349)classical (816)ambient (831)film scoring (14)new age (165)inspirational (109)
When Johnny Comes Marching HomethetilerJohnny Perez (1)fingerpicking (50)fingerstyle guitar (37)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)fighting for your country (1)giving blood for your country (1)valor (2)honor (4)service (3)mother's pride and joy! (1)
Mozart's 40th Symp/Guitarthetilerguitar (1349)guitar fingerpicking (4)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustical guitar (26)classical (816)acoustic (812)
Call mephilonnieacoustic (812)fingerstyle guitar (37)vocal (197)vocal harmony (2)love (1469)friendship (21)phone (11)
Mozart's Birththetileracoustic (812)fingerstyle guitar (37)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical (816)solo guitar (27)guitar (1349)acosustical guitarist (1)
WindthetilerWind (60)loneliness (22)comfort in music (1)fingerstyle guitar (37)
The Terrace 2thetilerFingerstyle Guitar (37)
Move Your Body/ *JP-Voices !thetilerJam Pack Voices (1)fingerstyle guitar (37)classical guitar. (1)
Planxty IrwinGuitarJansonsolo (125)solo guitar (27)live (168)acoustic (812)fingerstyle (43)fingerstyle guitar (37)
Bluebird Cafe (Macjams Coffee House)thetilerBluebird Cafe (1)folk music (5)fingerstyle guitar (37)some singin. (1)
Black HoleCharlie Dacoustic (812)fingerstyle guitar (37)instrumental (832)
London TownCharlie Dinstrumental (832)acoustic (812)fingerstyle guitar (37)
Autumn RainCharlie Dfingerstyle guitar (37)acoustic (812)instrumental (832)autumn (41)rain (140)
TomorrowSnoManacoustic (812)fingerstyle guitar (37)instrumental (832)
It's Been A Whilethetilerfingerstyle guitar (37)classical guitar (110)Jazz nylon guitar (1)guitar (1349)fingerpicking (50)instrumental (832)ragtime (30)fingerpicking (50)
Ghost Riders (2 cameras) YouTubethetilerJohnny Cash (10)Folk (545)Country (178)acoustic (812)fingerstyle guitar (37)
Ring of Fire (Only Available On YouTube)thetilerJohnny Cash (10)Folk (545)fingerstyle guitar (37)
Porschethetilerfingerstyle guitar (37)solo guitar (27)classical guitar acoustical guitar (1)acoustical guitar (26)new age (165)steel string guitar (3)porche (1)humane society (2)marin county humane society (1)pets dogs (1)love and friendship (1)
Silent NightthetilerJesus (141)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustic guitar (97)fingerpicking (50)
Rooster (Guitar Solo Version)thetilerrooster cogburn (2)mattie ross (2)fingerstyle guitar (37)
Camel Tongue Ragthetilercamel (5)tongue (11)rag (15)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustical guitar (26)solo guitar (27)happy (163)joy (67)
Con Te Partirò Var.thetilerFingerstyle guitar (37)classical guitar (110)
Hula HoopthetilerHola Hoop (1)fingerstyle guitar (37)fingerpicking guitar (100)acoustic (812)
Bourke (Outback Symphony)Charlie DFingerstyle guitar (37)instrumental (832)
Brother Can You Spare A DimethetilerFingerstyle Guitar (37)fingerpicking guitar (100)vocal (197)folk (545)acoustic (812)broadway tune (1)Bing Crosby (1)hit song. (1)
Radio Rag BluesthetilerFingerpicking (50)fingerstyle guitar (37)acoustical guitar (26)Chet Atkins (3)Leo Kotkie (2)