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WingWalkerSista Macwingwalker (1)sista mac (5)walk (20)wings (8)fly (33)high (22)
Rage of the MaestroDarkstalker Xsharp (2)synth (386)electronica (379)hard (103)pace (5)speed (36)hardcore (53)drum (76)high (22)rage (12)maestro (3)beat (137)power (66)action (28)
The Birds Have The DancefloorReinholt56Noise (85)beat (137)bass (374)definitely (1)bass (374)woofers (2)annoyance (1)short (118)not (34)so (18)sweet (50)short (118)thank (8)the (254)person (2)in (105)the (254)way (26)HIGH (22)room (16)
Always Low (With You I Am High)Sumo Sistersdisco (44)elepop (1)girl pop (2)girl (144)club (174)japan (62)tokyo (16)asia (28)high (22)low (14)
Flying HighDay For NightFlying (29)High (22)DFN (6)Mystified (167)Stevel (39)ambient (831)pop (694)dreamy (42)Twilight (10)Stories (7)
ProzacDeputyDoofydeputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)prozac (3)paxil (1)zoloft (2)crazy (86)high (22)psycho (16)bitch (12)factor (1)traitor (1)fake (9)neutral (1)f (5)off (10)
JAMIE WAS A GOOD GIRLBarretokGirl (144)skirts (2)shirts (1)heart (150)lonely (64)ride (19)school (29)good (182)high (22)unfair (1)soul (144)short (118)teenage (3)jerk (5)family (55)
Dream TrainMovizTrain (45)Dream (157)People (41)low (14)high (22)steer (1)path (7)laughter (12)forward (9)
Angels We Have Heard On High feat. Solomon KeallisashayeAngles (2)we (33)have (15)heard (1)on (52)high (22)Christmas (284)Jesus (141)God (270)Child (32)Elohim (1)Hymn (31)Heavenly (5)Father (56)Holy (14)Spirit (25)
FreddyFleshFesthigh (22)rock (1959)danny carlson (1)
Ding dong (merrily we're high)BrunchandChewyding dong (2)merrily (1)high (22)holidays (10)christmas (284)juletide (1)spliff (2)xmas (17)fun (253)santa is russian (1)
High & Drygrahame1956high (22)dry (4)want (12)need (19)leave (12)believe (32)
Just mere Breathli3detect0rHigh (22)weed (6)kush (1)life (255)Jesus (141)
The Living and the Deadeleveneyesentertainment (9)rain (140)light (158)high (22)night (129)smile (40)dance (780)love (1469)mend (1)dead (41)living (11)ray (22)kainz (14) (0)
FLYING HIGH (Music by Egbert Kappert with Lyrics by Michael J. Martin)Michael_J_Martinguitars (83)flying (29)high (22)Michael (39)Martin (43)Egbert (3)Kappert (3)Deventer (3)Netherlands (3)
FLYING HIGH (New Sound and Remake)Michael_J_Martinguitars (83)flying (29)high (22)Michael (39)Martin (43)Egbert (3)Kappert (3)Deventer (3)Netherlands (3)
FLYING HIGH (New Sound and Remake) WITH NOISE REDUCTIONMichael_J_Martinguitars (83)flying (29)high (22)Michael (39)Martin (43)Egbert (3)Kappert (3)Deventer (3)Netherlands (3)
It's True (remix)MovizTrue (19)Power (66)Universe (24)truth (46)sea (74)books (6)high (22) (0)