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Crazy StoryTobinMuellerjazz (983)jazz fusion (77)vocal (197)saxophone (56)tenor sax (16)alternative (400)obsession (20)McCaslin (3)Pilgrim Village (11)tobin (86)sax (98)crazy (86)
Let Me Play (w/ McBoy and BBarner)TobinMuellerA Bit Of Light (14)jazz (983)jazz fusion (77)jazz vocal (7)vocal (197)clarinet (46)electric guitar (40)saxophone (56)tenor sax (16)piano (957)keyboards (40)collaboration (131)McBoy (19)bbarner (5)jazz guitar (10)electropop (48)tobin (86)NuJazz (51)
WindowshadeTobinMuellerfunk (357)jazz (983)jazz fusion (77)jazz ensemble (6)saxophone (56)soprano sax (13)tenor sax (16)keyboards (40)instrumental (832)organ (108)collaboration (131)tobin (86)Woody (21)sax (98)funky (92)nightclub (8)jazz violin (2)electric violin (6)TobinMueller (61)electrojazz (1)NuJazz (51)
I Sail On (arr: Troy)TobinMuellerjazz fusion (77)art rock (39)progressive rock (90)keyboards (40)instrumental (832)collaboration (131)synthesizer (74)neoclassical (13)Yes (27)ELP (8)Asia (28)Genesis (10)Troy (11)tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)synthesizers (14)synthetic (9)
Escaping The Fray ZoneTobinMuellerjazz fusion (77)art rock (39)experimental rock (4)keyboards (40)instrumental (832)synthesizer (74)contemporary classical (7)ambient (831)epic (62)keyboard (80)ELP (8)contemporary (37)scifi (4)bug music (1)bug (7)bugs (5)Prog (53)progressive rock (90)tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)synthesizer (74)synthetic (9)
Space Trippin'glennkavrock (1959)intrumental (5)rock instrumental (15)guitar (1349)electric guitar (40)jazz fusion (77)jazz (983)jazz intrumental (1)
Crazy Story (vers. 2 w/ Thoddi)TobinMuellerA Bit Of Light (14)jazz (983)jazz fusion (77)funk (357)latin (117)saxophone (56)tenor (15)alternative (400)obsession (20)McCaslin (3)tobin (86)sax (98)crazy (86)thoddi (7)TobinMueller (61)tobin (86)
Celestial SpiralsFrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)rock guitar (36)jazz (983)funk (357)
Studder Steppin'sherrill56jazz fusion (77)progressive (220)key change (2)odd meter (3)
Locked In (remake 2006)artTechno (472)Jungle (38)Ambient (831)House (194)Jazz Fusion (77)
Lost in SpaceartHouse (194)Jazz Fusion (77)Dance club (18)
Wide OpenartHouse (194)ambient (831)Jungle (38)Breakbeat (69)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)Dance-club (13)
Old Man RiverartJungle (38)Breakbeat (69)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)
The Seductionartambient (831)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)Pop alternative (3)
J- WalkingartJazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)bebop (17)Jazz (instumental) (7)
The Strings 2000artambient (831)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)Jazz (instumental) (7)Cinematic soundtrack (15)
Joy Rideartambient (831)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)Jazz (instumental) (7)
Addictartambient (831)Breakbeat (69)Jazz Fusion (77)Dance-club (13)Electropop (48)
I Don't Know Why 1999artHouse (194)ambient (831)Jungle (38)Jazz Fusion (77)Nujazz (51)
The SerengetiFrankAxtellblues (741)rock (1959)guitar (1349)jazz fusion (77)progressive (220)
Ignition Sequence (remix)FrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)blues (741)rock (1959)guitar (1349)progressive rock (90)
Blue Grass FusionReinholt56Deliverance (2)Blue grass (2)Jazz Fusion (77)Experimental (505)Electronica (379)
Aquatic SafariFrankAxtellguitar (1349)blues (741)jazz (983)jazz rock (21)jazz fusion (77)progressive rock (90)rock guitar (36)
The Mind's EyeFrankAxtellguitar (1349)rock (1959)blues (741)jazz fusion (77)instrumental (832)keyboard (80)alternative (400)
ConsciousnessFrankAxtelljazz (983)guitar (1349)rock (1959)jazz fusion (77)progressive (220)blues (741)
EpiphanyFrankAxtelljazz (983)jazz fusion (77)fusion (213)rock (1959)blues (741)guitar (1349)progressive rock (90)jam band (9)acid jazz (29)
Intelligent MachinesFrankAxtellrock (1959)jazz (983)fusion (213)jazz fusion (77)rock fusion (2)progressive rock (90)blues (741)acid jazz (29)jam band (9)
Trouble In ParadiseFrankAxtellblues (741)rock (1959)jazz (983)guitar (1349)jazz fusion (77)
Ocean GrooveFrankAxtelljazz (983)guitar (1349)blues (741)jazz fusion (77)trumpet (105)
Red Sea Butterfly by Outlandish Kinradiocurlyacid jazz (29)jazz fusion (77)soul (144)dance (780)trance (387)hip hop (417)gypsy hip hop (8)hippity hoppity (8)dancy (12)trancy (10) (0)
Awash with Wonder by the Kilburn Jazz MastersradiocurlyAwash with Wonder (1)Kilburn Jazz Masters (2)Chris Loft (7)Radio Curly (3)Jazz Fusion (77)
Steveie's Acid Jazznitekatt2009Jazz Fusion (77)acid jazz (29)
SandboxawigzeIraq War (1)jazz fusion (77)Militairy (1)
Smiling FacesFrankAxtellguitar (1349)jazz rock (21)rock (1959)jazz fusion (77)
ExplorationsFrankAxtelljazz rock (21)jazz fusion (77)guitar (1349)rock (1959)rock guitar (36)improvisation (103)modal jazz (4)blues (741)
The Winds And The Seasons / remixFrankAxtelljazz (983)guitar (1349)jazz guitar (10)jazz fusion (77)
Up 211 remixFrankAxtellguitar (1349)rock (1959)jazz fusion (77)jazz rock (21)improvisation (103)blues (741)
ZevatronFrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)guitar (1349)rock (1959)blues (741)improvisation (103)
Trains and Plainsscofugatefusion (213)jazz fusion (77)
The Ocean ManFrankAxtellrock guitar (36)jazz fusion (77)improvisation (103)jazz rock (21)guitar (1349)blues (741)rock (1959)guitar (1349)
The Minds Eye / remixFrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)jazz funk (2)jazz rock (21)improvisation (103)rock guitar (36)guitar (1349)
DaugerelDaugrinDaug (4)xallarap (2)news (15)jazz fusion (77)
The Venusian Travels of MagellanFrankAxtellguitar (1349)jazzrock (1)jazz fusion (77)blues (741)
Rush HourFrankAxtelljazz rock (21)jazz fusion (77)rock (1959)rock guitar (36)progressive (220)
FingersscofugateJazz (983)Jazz Fusion (77) (0)
Soul JazzscofugateSoul Jazz (1)Jazz (983)Jazz Fusion (77)scofugate (14)
Luna NuevaFrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)blues (741)guitar (1349)jazz rock (21)rock (1959)improvisation (103)
War In The HeavenliesFrankAxtelljazz rock (21)jazz fusion (77)guitar (1349)rock (1959)guitar (1349)blues (741)
Two BitchesDaugrinJazz fusion (77)news (15)
Take 5867-5309Brubeck (1)Scott Horwath (37)Jazz (983)Jazz Fusion (77)Scherzo (6)
Round MidnightAcetyleneJukeboxJazz(instrumental} (1)NUjazz (51)Jazz fusion (77)Experimental (505)Downtempo.Psychedelic (1)Thelonious Monk (3)What was in that cocktail anyway? (1)
My LifedatgirlAcid Jazz (29)Jazz Fusion (77)Funk (357)
_'Transistion'_ A 'Looper and Musician Meet' Featuring 'Abzwork'TvRickyJazz Fusion (77)
_'The Selection of The Time'_ Featuring 'Abzwork'TvRickyJazz Fusion (77)World (236)International (33)Ambient (831)Inspirational (109)
VILLAGE DANCE feat. AWZIGE and DanAnthonybigdaddyceejazz (983)jazz fusion (77)
_'SincerelyZipped'_TvRickyJazz Fusion (77)Jazz (983)Nujazz (51)World (236)International (33)
_'seliM evoorG'_TvRickyJazz Fusion (77)Jazz (983)World (236)Ambient (831)International (33)
_'Dip Layed Groove Experiment'_ 'seliM evoorG'TvRickyJazz Fusion (77)
Jellyfascist (tweaking the cell machine)grid stalkerGrid Stalker (86)Kontakt (2)Ibanez JEM (2)Progressive Rock (90)Jazz Fusion (77)Other (58)
Kool Daddy Free/Mr. FabDaugrinJazz fusion (77)National Socialism (32)Vacant (1)
'Galleries of Feel'JazzIsTvRickyJazz (983)Jazz Fusion (77)On Itunes (8)