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HotJoannajazz (983)trumpet (105)trombone (7)fake (9)Joanna (44)hot (64)heat (7)sun (110)slinky (5)swanky (1)short (118)
Poe: The RavenJoannaPoe (7)poetry (147)raven (12)halloween (69)Joanna (44)
Never Feel Alone (Revised)Joannaisolation) (1)loneliness (22)vocals (151)Joanna (44)piano (957)harmony (88)Xena (2)life (255)infomercials (1)
I Got a Water Pistol Named BetsyJoannaBlues (741)vocals (151)water pistol (1)acoustic guitar (97)guitar (1349)acoustic (812)lyricss (1)Joanna (44)
A Penny For Your ThoughtsJoannaJoanna (44)vocals (151)singer (32)orchestral (141)penny (1)love (1469)clarinet (46)harp (82)strings (402)
Whiskey Neat, Water Back (pt. 2 Woman in a Bar)Joannawhiskey (18)gin (3)tonic (2)lonely (64)woman (37)Joanna (44)vocals (151)
I Can't Play the UkuleleJoannaukulele (27)Joanna (44)vocals (151)improvisation (103)
joanna!! s'for you!!!carolinejoanna (44)caroline (60)kazoo (16)
Concerto for Kazoo in A FlatJoannaKazoo (16)Joanna (44)Caroline (60)bad (33)really bad (1)absolutely horrible (1)medic! (1)
These Tears (remix)Joannatears (44)Joanna (44)world (236)asian (20)oriental (17)middle-eastern (5)political (50)
Stand UpJoannaJoanna (44)jazz (983)believe (32)fusion (213)vocal (197)singing (34)singer (32)jazzy (37)improvisation (103)improv (57)
Hardest StoneJoannadiamonds (7)Joanna (44)dissonance (6)vocals (151)singer (32)weird (61)
Wine Into Water (3rd in Woman In Bar trilogy)JoannaWoman (37)Bar (21)wine (19)melancholy (80)haunting (37)vocals (151)Joanna (44)enicholsIC (2)UncletupeloFan (1)
Bees and Birds (w/Daphna, McBoy)JoannaJoanna (44)Daphna (2)McBoy (19)jazz (983)guitar (1349)piano (957)vocals (151)
When Monsters Want to DanceJoannamonsters (9)Joanna (44)kids (46)children (83)dance (780)monster (9)chaos (36)
Damsel In DistressJoannaguitar (1349)acoustic (812)knight (3)chivalry (2)Joanna (44)vocals (151)singing (34)damsel (1)
Seven MenJoannaacoustic guitar (97)anti-war (16)Joanna (44)singing (34)vocals (151)protest (30)political (50)
Love In CyberspaceJoannaJoanna (44)Love (1469)cyberspace (1)duet (32)vocals (151)lyrics (43)artist08 (1)pop (694)
Rainy Day (w/mbehar, iGSTudio)Joannajazz (983)mbehar (5)iGStudio (2)Joanna (44)rain (140)swing (64)ballad (259)love (1469)
The Silly Things I Didn't Do TodayJoannaJoanna (44)children (83)kids (46)silly (43)fun (253)happy (163)
Beat the DevilJoannablues (741)rock (1959)bush (58)politics (49)devil (34)Joanna (44)
KumbayanaJoannaAfrican chants (1)Joanna (44)world music (18)a capella (11)
Condemning Me Just to SeeJoannaJoanna (44)folk (545)guitar (1349)
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?Joannaukulele (27)Joanna (44)vocals (151)folk (545)bill bailey (1)
I've Been Working on the RailroadJoannaukulele (27)Joanna (44)vocals (151)working (6)railroad (5)folksong (4)
With Dadai: I've Been Working on the RailroadJoannaJoanna (44)Dadai (41)folksong (4)railroad (5)ukulele (27) (0)
Free of PainJoannaukulele (27)vocals (151)Joanna (44)
24/7JoannaJoanna (44)a capella (11)vocals (151)
Home on the RangeJoannaukulele (27)Joanna (44)Dadai (41)classic (53)home on the range (1)
Join the ClubJoannaJoanna (44)children (83)kids (46)club (174)treehouse (2)fun (253)
Eviction (MJRF)Joannaukulele (27)Joanna (44)vocals (151)singing (34)silly (43)fun (253)eviction (1)
I Love My UkuleleJoannaukulele (27)joanna (44)happy (163)love (1469)
Nellie G.Joannabig band (24)drum (76)drum solo (8)vocals (151)Joanna (44)
Sailor BoyJoannafolk (545)Joanna (44)guitar (1349)sailor (10) (0)
The Tin BoxJoannaunknown soldier (1)soldier (12)war (168)memorial day (1)Joanna (44)
TroubleJoannajazz (983)Joanna (44)Joanna Sandsmark (3)trouble (13)vocals (151) (0)
20 YearsJoannalonely (64)park bench (1)ballad (259)joanna (44) (0)
Side By Side with Dadai.2JoannaDadai.2 (6)Joanna (44)ukulele (27)duet (32)acoustic (812)fun (253)