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The Re-IncarnationAncient RhymerKurbstomp Records (16)Kurbstomp (55)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)Hip Hop (417)Trip Hop (62)Dark (422)Bass (374)Breakbeat (69)Break (40)Breaks (25)Holistik (44)Carson (13)Beat Box (5)Soul (144)Spirit (25)Darkness (38)Reincarnation (5)Return (12)Expletive (1)Hard (103)Space (234)Echo (29)BC (2)British Columbia (2)Canada (26)West (10)Coast (2)
Skies of Red [JDK's Addition Mix]Ancient RhymerCarson (13)Holistik (44)G1 (14)Josh (11)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Kurbstomp (55)Kurbstomp Records (16)Ancient Rhymer (38)Drums (314)Bass (374)Symbol (2)Melodic (94) acoustic (1) guitar (1) maroon (1)shadow (17) green (1) head (1) garden (1) love (1)
[Preview of a Coming Attraction] - Holistik (produced by JDKhaos)Ancient RhymerHolistik (44)G1 (14)The Well (1)JDKhaos (29)Proph3cy (1)Ancient Rhymer (38)JDK (38)Kurbstomp Records (16)Kurbstomp (55)Call Me Holistik (1)Train Robbery (2)Pool Shark (1)party (45)chill (162)vibe (9)drums (314)piano (957)synths (68)bass (374)rap (311)Hip Hop (417)vivid (1)MC (7)DnB (38)Beat Box (5)double time (1)tired (19)sample (26)aggression (3)strong (12)battle (41)attack (10)
Final Battle (Act III)Ancient RhymerKurbstomp (55)JDK (38)Ancient Rhymer (38)Adanacmorf (5)Obsinea (3)Wizard (3)Dark (422)Warrior (9)Battle (41)Rumble (7)Conflict (5)Confrontation (3)Doom (15)Destruction (20)Triumph (3)Kurbstomp Records (16)Holistik (44)
Snowpeak Temple (Act II)Ancient RhymerKurbstomp (55)Kurbstomp Records (16)Holistik (44)JDK (38)Ancient Rhymer (38)Snowpeak (1)Temple (6)Obsinea (3)Fantasy (37)Adanacmorf (5)Tyrant (1)Warrior (9)Fighter (3)Music Box (7)Sword (2)Rising (8)
Obsinea Village (Act I)Ancient RhymerKurbstomp (55)Adanacmorf (5)Kurbstomp Records (16)JDK (38)Ancient Rhymer (38)Obsinea (3)Dark (422)Wizard (3)Warrior (9)Fighter (3)Overrule (1)Village (3) (0)
Press PlayAncient RhymerAdanacmorf (5)Ceald Fate (2)JDK Nonstop (1)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)K.R.A.E. (1)Kurbstomp Records (16)Kurbstomp (55)Adanac (1)Canada (26)Hip Hop (417)Press (1)Play (20)JDK (38)flute (193)strings (402)kick (10)snare (12)synth (386) (0)