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CheckPowerTriopowertrio (1)power (66)trio (26)chakeres (12)perceptualvortex (48)katchoolik (27)john (15)johnny (15)dave (5)david (8)thomas (3)fun (253)virtual (4)band (136)rock (1959)blues (741)jazz (983)metal (274)cool (98)bad (33) (0)
The Distorted Truth(DOS vocals)DOSScreaming (17)metal (274)crazy (86)satan (15)
My Dedication (Instrumental)DOSMetal (274)dark (422)crazy (86)
A song to get your noodle going- Ashes Arise Feat. DOSDOSMetal (274)Screaming (17)Screamo (6)hardcore (53)Collab (90)Ashes (4)Arise (3)Ashes Arise (2)DOS (12) (0)
Traffic Light Destruction- Ashes Arise Feat. DOSDOSHardcore (53)screaming (17)metal (274)death (198)screamo (6)DOS (12)Ashses (1)Arise (3)Ashes Arise (2) (0)
MonsterCIPHERhuge (4)metal (274)riff (20)crunch (2)jewish (12)mournful (10)cool (98)crap (46)cipher (23)meatloaf (1)danger (10)monster (9)nougat (2)festive log (1)
A March To HellDOSElectric (100)Dark (422)Metal (274)Guitar (1349)marching (8)march (41)
Traffic Light Destruction(Fake Live With Deadication Of Sufacation)DOSmetal (274)hardcore (53)death (198)screamo (6)angry (27)anger (34)
Come A Little CloserCIPHERloud (79)fast (162)metal (274)double bass (9)middle eastern (26)hack (6)cipher (23)midi (73)smack (4)pound (4)crap (46)waffles (35)kittens (7)Canadian (5)
Metal Boundgrid stalkermetal (274)bound (2)grid (1)stalker (6)merge (6)ignite (6)reaktor (16)trash (8)guitarrig (1)
Monday Morning CoffinCIPHERthrash (9)techno (472)industrial (167)hard (103)heavy (204)cool (98)cipher (23)crap (46)asshole (2)chaos (36)stress (10)smack (4)waffles (35)big butts (1)Kevin Federline (2)loops (169)metal (274)good (182)instrumental (832)
bloodymanfaloBloody (5)man (46)heavy (204)metal (274)brutal (7)
halloween 365falodeath (198)metal (274)brutal (7)gimp (1)
goats and marblesfalogoats (1)and (116)marbles (1)falo (18)filth (3)death (198)metal (274)black (120)bah (2)
Buried Alive(Stick Feat. DOS)DOSDeath (198)metal (274)guitar (1349) (0)
metalmonstersmokey bacon jnrheavy (204)industrial (167)riff (20)metal (274)
The Sight Of My EyesDOSDeath (198)cool (98)hardcore (53)metal (274)kevin (23)bmth (2)DOS (12)deadication (6)of (103)sufacatio (2)deadicationofsufacation (2)scream (21)guitar (1349)drums (314)bass (374)screaming (17) (0)
Jam of the NightThe Bad Applejam.night (1)mad (16)bad (33)metal (274)heavy (204)
SurrenderCIPHERCipher (23)cock rock (2)instrumental (832)drown (4)cold (64)loops (169)waffles (35)crap (46)metal (274)heavy (204)guitar (1349)layers (13)Britney Spears (2)WW3 (2)whatever (17)
Hidingmarkdhdark (422)instamental (1)death (198)metal (274)
Everyone In LA...crucial_dmetal (274)noisecore (1)grindcore (2)mathcore (1)hardcore (53)loud (79)noise (85)
Desperation/EviscerationobbsterProgressive (220)Metal (274)Dark (422)Weird (61)
AntiverseEftosMetal (274)Nu-Metal (1)Speed Metal (1)Grindcore (2)Industrial (167)Hardcore (53)Digital Hardcore (1)
Full Metal MobileThe ComposerMetal (274)Death Metal (13)Hardcore (53)Cell Phone (1)Mobile (3)Ringtone. (1)
Space ChaseParanoid AndroidMetal (274)shred (14)musk rat (1)giraffes (1)hard core (1)methamphetamine (1)jiggle (2)breasts (1)mammaries (1)knockers (1)corn cob (1)freschetta (1)
Upshotgrid stalkerMerge & Ignite (3)Fun in the States (46)Grid Stalker (86)metal (274)drum and bass (36)upshot (1)guitar rig (18)
Forever NeverEftosIndustrial (167)coldwave (6)avantgarde (27)classical (816)darkwave (32)goth (74)gothic (79)ebm (29)metal (274)
Bully Demo13 9-18-06Smarmy_DaveMetal (274)Hardcore (53)Metalcore (3)
What does the woman know of looping? Version 1cowzill1Looping (3)Metal (274)Woman (37)
Feel the PainMetalMacHeavy (204)Metal (274)
My SongGuitariusShred (14)Guitar (1349)guitarius (1)scott (5)kerr (1)steve (7)vai (5)satriani (2)malmsteen (1)yngwie (1)my (104)song (277)YJM (1)virtuoso (7)hard rock (100)metal (274)van (2)halen (1)
You Still Bring Me DownSuicideEvolutionmetal (274)hard rock (100)experimental medal (1)
Lets start this shitSuicideEvolutionmetal (274)rock (1959) (0)
State of AffairsSuicideEvolutionMetal (274)Rock (1959)Experimental (505)
Bully Demo15 11-02-06Smarmy_DaveHardcore (53)Metal (274)Metalcore (3)Japan (62)
Pika Pika ThundergrooveKori ArashiPikachu (2)Pokemon (21)Metal (274)Heavy (204)Funny (85)Comedy (83)
Downshift 116JRDrock (1959)metal (274)instrumental (832)guitar (1349)
LZ StompJRDRock (1959)Metal (274)Guitar (1349)Instrumental (832)
Hammer DownJRDRock (1959)Metal (274)Instrumental (832)Guitar (1349)
Zero To SixtyJRDRock (1959)Metal (274)Instrumental (832)Guitar (1349)
You DemoBudmasYou (195)Demo (43)You Demo (1)String (15)String of Outcries (1)Outcries (1)Buddy (6)Budmas (2)Buddy Masters (1)Masters (1)Warrior (9)Guitar (1349)Rock (1959)Hard Rock (100)Metal (274)Heavy Metal (62)Experimental (505)
Speak Truth To Power (w/ twon, Darren Chapmen, Audiocracy)TobinMuellerprogressive rock (90)art rock (39)arena rock (6)rock opera (9)father (56)son (30)Audiocracy (8)anarchy (3)metal (274)hard rock (100)revolution (28)social conscience (2)social (4)twon (8)twonicus (8)dchapman (3)tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)
I Miss Nothingsonicdeviantzappa (3)vai (5)guitar (1349)rock (1959)experimental (505)heavy (204)metal (274)alternative (400)avant-garde (10)
BallbusterCIPHERAngry (27)Mean (10)Bitch (12)work (34)frustration (15)waffles (35)slayer (1)double bass (9)creeping (3)death (198)pink slip (1)mental case (1)hding (1)Bush (58)baby (58)Idol (4)war (168)America (43)Cipher (23)metal (274)midi (73)
CornucopiaGirkDnB (38)Fusion (213)Trip (47)Hop (34)Heavy (204)Metal (274)Wah-Wah (3)Rock (1959)Eastern (21)Turkish (9)Harmonic (4)Minor (12)Bowed Guitar (1)Reverse Guitar (1)Crash (23)Cymbal (4)Hard bass (1)Canon (12)Orchestral (141)Rotor plectrum trill (1)Nascent Chant (1)Dervish (1)
Celluloid SpaceshipCIPHERSpace (234)Metal (274)Bush (58)Rosie is a pig (1)trippy (50)eerie (15)haunting (37)death (198)waffles (35)instrumental (832)
Desert of My LifeDharma LogosAaron (2)Wooldridge (1)desert (39)desert of my life (1)metal (274)rock (1959)guitar (1349)solos (15)
ThrowdownCIPHERtechno (472)bass (374)angry (27)fast (162)metal (274)heavy (204)waffles (35)Bush (58)death (198)tongue (11)thumper (1)war (168)mix (27)crap (46)
SacrificeThomazhard (103)rock (1959)metal (274)ballad (259)guitar (1349) (0)
The Gonad Song (explicit metal improv comedy)Dharma Logoscomedy (83)parody (30)metal (274)rock (1959)hard rock (100)acoustic rock (40)guitar (1349)guitar solos (6)shredding (8)i'll kick you in the gonads if you don't shut the hell up (1)gonad song (1)explicit lyrics (1)experiment (48)teaching myself to use garageband (1)i'm a one hit wonder because after hearing this the guys at work don't want to hear my serious songs (1)why are you wasting your time reading this? (1)
A GhostRiders KeepsakeMJGalternative (400)metal (274)rock (1959)instrumental (832)live (168) (0)
BallbustedCIPHERmetal (274)gross (1)loud (79)obnoxious (1)waffles (35)PAris (19)Hilton (3)killer (13)dog (42)cipher (23)wack (1)violent (4)metal (274)crash (23)smash (4)burn (4) (0)
Kick Some Ass (collab w/ Skean)Dharma LogosSkean (69)Dharma Logos (1)rock (1959)colab (5)collab (90)collaboration (131)rock (1959)LIOLI (56)hard rock (100)metal (274)guitar (1349)loop master (1)headache music (1)
Tell Em' How To Sell ItbenjhannahHeavy (204)Funk (357)Punk (155)Metal (274)Rap (311)Rage (12)
The FuryFrankAxtellfree jazz (5)experimental (505)outside (20)heavy guitar (1)rock guitar (36)metal (274)loud (79)hard rock (100)rock fusion (2)
Venus Flyby (Instrumental) V 1.0alexweilerMetal (274)Electronic (563)80ies (4)
Would it be differentapbBoldt (2)Fitch (1)metal (274)pop (694)guitar (1349)banjo (42)nostalgia (23)catchy (34)explosions (8)
Fun Camppenguimetal (274)rock (1959)alternative (400)tool (6)iron maiden (1)
deathmarchbdavissoundtracks (7)rock (1959)metal (274)horror (30)
Would it be different (w/sonnyjim/jiguma)apbcollab (90)collaboration (131)metal (274)pop (694)
Kicking and Screamingtwonicusheavy (204)metal (274)prog (53)acid rock (2)
PharaohMontgomery CaliforniaPharaoh (1)Egypt (10)Metal (274)Ancient Darkenss (1)Heavy (204)
Odyssey of Fortitude (Remastered)Kori ArashiDisciples (1)Alchemist (3)Dragon (13)Epic (62)Metal (274)Progressive (220)Guitar Solo (124)Funny (85)Speed (36)
Brave ThoughtjfaazMetal (274)Rock (1959)Heavy Metal (62)Hard Rock (100)Cinematic (124)
UntitledSongdeathmetaldudemetal (274)guitar (1349)
What Seeks the Landeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)Matt Cooper (3)Joe McDonald (3)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)
Upshiteuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)Matt Cooper (3)Joe McDonald (3)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)
See it as it Endseuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)Matt Cooper (3)Joe McDonald (3)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)
Fade into the FlamesRujiFade (12)into (8)the (254)flames (3)metal (274) (0)
God BrotherSir BassTrip hop (62)metal (274)rock (1959)rap (311)hip hop (417) (0)
Overdrive (Live Version)Montgomery Californiarock (1959)hard rock (100)overdrive (5)metal (274)live (168)
Out of My Mindrsorensenintense (32)
Twa Corbies (v1)carlazTraditional (103)Medieval (22)Folk (545)Metal (274)Crows (4)Death. (3)
EquilibriumAgrippa93Metal (274)Techno (472)Industrial (167)Occult (5)Balance (4)
Who smoked the dimebagblastingcapsMetal (274)dimebag (2)blastingcaps (1)beer (60)
Realizeaegri_somniaRock (1959)Realize (3)Rift (4)Upbeat (69)Metal (274)Distorted (29)
Twa Corbies (v2)carlazTraditional (103)Medieval (22)Folk (545)Scottish (17)Metal (274)Crows (4)Death. (3)
With or Without A Mutated HaddockJustmescrewingaroundMetal (274)electric (100)strange (32)pacey (1)
Twa CorbiescarlazTraditional (103)Medieval (22)Folk (545)Scottish (17)Metal (274)Crows (4)Death. (3)
The Altered Staterockaholic392evil (52)fast (162)techno (472)tri-tone (1)experimental (505)techno (472)trance (387)metal (274)
Headbanger 5 (LIOLI 7)Doug SomersLIOLI7 (7)Headbanger (1)Metal (274)Rock (1959)
Resonanceobbsterprogressive (220)rock (1959)metal (274)
The Bitter Truth/Acceptancerockaholic392acceptance (6)anger (34)angry (27)metal (274)heavy (204)sad (189)minimalist (13)new-age (7)orchestra (289)evil (52)
Riptide (Demo)obbsterProgressive (220)Metal (274)Rock (1959) (0)
sLaMMnJ_daWg707Rock (1959)Metal (274)Sample (26)WAve (21)Loop (46)
ShRaPN3LL (3)J_daWg707Dark (422)Industrial (167)Metal (274)Hardcore (53)
Scattered MemoriesKori ArashiProgressive (220)metal (274)rock (1959)acoustic (812)solos (15)guitar (1349)prog (53)experimental (505)
Drifting Out of SanityKori ArashiProg (53)progressive (220)metal (274)rock (1959)fusion (213)jazz (983)experimental (505)guitar (1349)solos (15)
I am the ThunderKori ArashiFirewind (1)Dragonforce (1)Angra (1)speed (36)metal (274)heavy (204)fast (162)insane (17)guitar (1349)solos (15)solo (125)instrumental (832)virtuoso (7)shred (14)shredding (8)
Null SpaceKori ArashiIndustrial (167)Metal (274)thrash (9)heavy (204)dark (422)simple (43)future (23)futuristic (5)machine (31)gothic (79)instrumental (832)
The Twilight SymphonyKori Arashisymphonic (35)metal (274)heavy (204)mellow (151)slow (120)variety (1)kirby (1)dream (157)land (13)journey (85)dreamlike (6)symphony (76)twilight (10)kori (12)arashi (12)
Sunrise SerpentKori ArashiSpyro (1)Dragon (13)funk (357)metal (274)fusion (213)big beat (4)blues (741)solos (15)guitar (1349)virtuoso (7)mushishi (1)awesomeness (4)
My Mini CooperKori ArashiMini (2)Cooper (1)Awesomeness (4)Comedy (83)Instrumental (832)Guitar (1349)Virtuoso (7)Heavy (204)Metal (274)Speed (36)Thrash (9)
City of PyramidsAgrippa93Metal (274)occult (5)
Blue Lightningjordan-coffinBlue Lightning (1)Jordan (3)Coffin (3)Ibanez (8)Carvin (2)Metal (274)Rock (1959)Blues (741)
Dont know yetvictorias_playgroundmetallica (3)victorias playground (2)metal (274)
Terraformersjordan-coffinTerraformers (1)Jordan Coffin (1)Carvin (2)Ibanez (8)RG (47)Rock (1959)Metal (274)Instrumental (832)Solo (125)
Magdalen with a Different Faceeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)
She'll Findeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
Harlot as Half Shadeeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
clear the aireuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
tried to beeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
Where art Thoueuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
Rascal(nikov)euphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
look beforewardeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
My ColorskylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
cut and runeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Purse Your Lipseuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Never Even Started avec le femmeeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Kingdom of Wanton Shiteuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Waves of Murky Drifteuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
slum lordeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Give Ineuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Left too Dryeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Path of DissentionCraizeeMusicshredding (8)shredders (1)guitar solo (124)industrial (167)halloween (69)gothic (79)dark (422)moving (17)metal (274) (0)
SolitudekylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
Jackalsfalofalo 6 (8)ian (93)baird (81)vial (6)number (10)three (18)jackals (3)metal (274)
The Cosmic ForgeKori ArashiGuitar (1349)Solo (125)Virtuoso (7)Kori (12)Arashi (12)Heavy (204)Metal (274)Dramatic (34)Epic (62)Beat (137)Big (22)Industrial (167)Experimental (505)Cosmic (11)Forge (1)
The Fear SongtwonicusHard rock (100)rock (1959)heavy (204)whimsical (7)metal (274)grunge (35)
Scent of Deathsewer rodDeath (198)metal (274)scent (2)
Aluminum WaifRelic67heavy (204)metal (274)robots (18)shouting (6)
Dont Yell Rape, Then Hold My HandDufresnevtDufrese (1)Dont (6)yell (3)rape (8)Metal (274)Awesome (81)Rock (1959)Chariot (1)Brown (10)Note (4)Music (391)
Laughing Atfalofalo (18)6 (15)falo 6 (8)ian (93)baird (81)laughing (12)at (17)nikola (2)metal (274)heavy (204)
Euphoria's Game (feat. Gaylen Sharp) remasteredapocafunkguitar (1349)heavy (204)rock (1959)alternative (400)metal (274)atmospheric (35)eclectic (35)euphoria (4)
Let me bedadgarusdark (422)metal (274)evil (52)destiny (8)hell (37)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)let (16)be (112)
Grunge My Metal (v.1)TonyAzemiaMetal (274)Solo (125)Guitar (1349)rock (1959)
These DemonsguitarfreakMetal (274)Demon (4)Aemyn (21)
Wolves of the SkyKori ArashiKori (12)Arashi (12)Symphonic (35)Cinematic (124)Metal (274)Drama (23)Evil (52)Heavy (204)WWII (4)Dog (42)Fight (32)Bombers (2)Violent (4)
The Dark Sideabitran128Rock (1959)Metal (274)Orchestral (141)Dark (422)Symphonic (35)
Summerabitran128Rock (1959)Upbeat (69)Metal (274)DIstorted (29)Guitars (83)Summer (122)Optimistic (2)
Deathly Hand of Warbdavishorror (30)war (168)metal (274)soundtrack (289)
My Little SongobbsterRock (1959)Alternative (400)Hard Rock (100)Metal (274)
Fuck you Danny CarlsonFleshFestMetal (274)rock (1959)growl (2)
NamelessFacelessFleshFestRock (1959)metal (274)superbadass sweep piicking that makes my fingers go bananas. (1)
Sweet MarissaFleshFestrock (1959)metal (274) (0)
Danny You are a Mother EfferFleshFestmessages (1)metal (274)
Roaming (Heavy Remix)alexweilerGuitars (83)heavy (204)metal (274)electronic (563)distortion (47)
The Devil's Got The Blues [Death-Blues]guitarfreakDevil (34)Blues (741)Metal (274)Death (198)Comedy (83)Funny (85)Scream (21)Satan (15)Haha (7)Stop Reading The Damn Keywords You Dummy ;] (1)Noodles (1)
Can't Stop MyselfVaisvilmetal (274)thrash (9)gothic (79)heavy (204)ex wife (1)driven to suicide (1)
Dark Days of Darcieasyesteemerevil (52)control (27)metal (274)idiot (11)power (66)abuse (9)torment (3)stupid (36)dumb (16)
The Demons' Feastabitran128Halloween (69)Scary (42)Dark (422)Demonic (3)Supernatural (8)Occult (5)Monsters (9)Witches (4)Ghosts (27)Metal (274)Rock (1959)Symphonic (35)Orchestra (289)
The Demons' Feastabitran128Halloween (69)Scary (42)Dark (422)Demonic (3)Supernatural (8)Occult (5)Monsters (9)Witches (4)Ghosts (27)Metal (274)Rock (1959)Symphonic (35)Orchestra (289)
Man Down For LoveeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
DenominationeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
Carnal GethsemeneeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
ForageeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
Unleash the HedgehogKori ArashiSonic (5)Hedgehog (2)Kori (12)Arashi (12)Industrial (167)Extreme (2)VG (1)Metal (274)
What Are You Looking ForeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
TopographyeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
Retreat Down the Long HauleuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
God Damned You Charred EartheuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
Rift ValleyeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
The Mush and the MighteuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)electronica (379)electro (185)
FakeAemynMetal (274)Aemyn (21)Aemyn (21)Heavy (204) (0)
Too Far to be RememberedeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)electronica (379)electro (185)
Forever Wasting TimeAgrippa93Industrial (167)metal (274)time (141)
Hair (with Reggie_Pole/Maxjsl37)maxjsl37Rock (1959)hard rock (100)metal (274)art rock (39)
Ghost DancingMetalPhilpower rock (1)progressive rock (90)metal (274) (0)
Visceral VanityStrainsOfCainemetal (274)rock (1959)visceral (7)vanity (6)strainsofcaine (3)brutal (7)death (198)female (24)fronted (1)
Addictmelhoff13metal (274)addict (1)music (391)money (61) (0)
Calm Before the Stormmelhoff13metal (274)storm (27)destroy to recreate (1)
Evocation (Transmutation)Agrippa93Metal (274)Progressive (220)Industrial (167)Occult (5)Pagan (6)
The Alternative Ending with Jiguma and othersDWLmovie (49)hitchcock (2)mexican (5)spanish (37)metal (274)
Motion BlurMetalPhilÆthereal (4)metal (274)death metal (13)progressive metal (2) (0)
Fry MeDirtyWinstonheavy (204)light (158)metal (274)disaster (9)pizza (10)italian (57)food (17) (0)
Free FallfasteddieHeavy (204)Metal (274)fasteddie (39)Free (69)Fall (29)Etudes of Pain and Suffering in Em (1)fun (253)
I Love Rats - Live at the 20th Centuryalanfraserrock (1959)electric (100)guitar (1349)speed (36)metal (274)hard (103)fast (162)live (168)concert (10)
What You Left BehindStrainsOfCainewhat (39)you (195)left (8)behind (5)metal (274)industrial (167)rock (1959)
The OthersChipytingProgressive rock (90)metal (274) (0)
AGONIZER (with Mike_D and Fasteddie)StrainsOfCaineAGONIZER (1)strains (2)of (103)caine (2)fasteddie (39)mike_d (4)metal (274)otep (1)poet (39)
The WraithfasteddieWraith (1)Death (198)Metal (274)fasteddie (39)kitties (11)bunnies (13)
Falling Up Stairsrjspark1980metal (274)heavy metal (62)double bass (9)Garage Band (17)GarageBand (82)thrash (9)thrash metal (3)stoner metal (1)electronic (563)
Even WhenDanBrownJrDan Brown Jr (10)Jesus (141)Praise and worship (3)praise (48)worship (56)Chrsit (1)Christian (137)Metal (274)guitar solo (124)leads (1)guitar (1349)
Blood Is Boiling (By Faeble)The ComposerMetal (274)thrash (9)screaming (17)singing (34)heavy (204)
Mothballs (Featuring Gaylen75)fasteddieGaylen75 (6)fasteddie (39)progressive (220)rock (1959)metal (274)power ballad (5)heavy (204)Gaylen is a badass (1)
The Callingdarkwingsaliens (27)techno (472)experimental (505)prog. rock (1)aphex twin (21)
Galloping victoryCounterHarmonyHarmony (88)metal (274)dual (1)guitars (83)NWOBHM (1)
A.I.CounterHarmonyAndroid (2)twilight zone (4)Metal (274)alternative (400)harmony (88)
Nightmare Gallery, Part 1. Short ride in a pine box.CounterHarmonyDepressive (2)experimental (505)Metal (274)black metal (3)
LeviathanCounterHarmonyLeviathan (2)Metal (274)Guitar (1349)Harmony (88)
Nightmare Gallery, Part 3: Awaken to RealityCounterHarmonyDark (422)nightmare (27)Hell (37)metal (274)harmony (88)
Longing for SilenceAgrippa93metal (274)industrial (167)serial killer (2)murder (44)insanity (28)guitars (83)progressive. (1)
AloneCounterHarmonyMetal (274)harmony (88)last (21)alive (9)alone (59)
Panda EscapeTheTwitchingPatternMetal (274)United Kingdom (1)Instrumental (832)
Galacia 2nd MovementDragonasInstrumental (832)rock (1959)progressive (220)metal (274)guitar (1349)
IsolationCounterHarmonyHarmony (88)metal (274)alone (59)jail (8)guitar (1349)
Don't tell me why...gator4040rock (1959)metal (274)alternative (400)guitar (1349)
Transitionseftosrxoriginal (78)eftos (97)industrial (167)techno (472)metal (274)
A Taste Of What Is To ComefremsleyA (136)Metal (274)Heavy (204)Low (14)Rock (1959)Noise (85)detuned (1)
ShineKicbalShine (16)Chroma (2)Specter (2)Rock (1959)Guitar (1349)Electric (100)Synth (386)Vocals (151)lyrics (43)intense (32)metal (274)industrial (167)alternative (400)drums (314)programming (4)loud (79)aggressive (12)
In The LightDanBrownJrHard Rock (100)Metal (274)Great Guitar (1)Solo (125)Lead guitar (4)amazing guitar (3)Guitar work (2)
Razor WirePaddyNavinCaryatidmetal (274)world war one (4)trenches (1)remembrance (5)caryatif (1)
At the Mountains of MadnessPaddyNavinCaryatidLovecraft (3)madness (22)metallica (3)metal (274)
Chris Is A ManT_Being_esqMetal (274)mad (16)insane (17)stupid (36)fun (253)
Possessed To KillMack_DangerMetal (274)Possessed (1)To (103)Kill (15)Dead Cowboy Rebellion (1)Angry (27)Killer (13)Mack Danger (1)Heavy Music (1)Crunge (1) (0)
Drive Your Love AwayUncleNazzLove (1469)Rock (1959)metal (274)
Addiction For Life (A Lack Thereof)sewer rodlethargic (2)apathetic (2)a (136)lack (31)of (103)life (255)snuck (1)a (136)death (198)metal (274)growl (2)in (105)ha (1)ha (1)
Taking the BlackPaddyNavinCaryatidmetal (274)game of thrones (2)winterfell (1)wall (9)
An Ending, We Deserve.Aemynsymphonic (35)metal (274)hard (103)rock (1959)heavy (204)orchestral (141)symphony (76)
Forever NeverEftoseftos (97)industrial (167)sequel (2)metal (274)noise (85)
Beginning of the Endsewer rodbrutal (7)metal (274)beginning (8)of (103)the (254)end (36)
Stingraygrid stalkergrid stalker (86)stingray (2)Ibanez JEM (2)Warwick LX5 (1)Progressive Rock (90)Psychedelic (124)Metal (274)Othe (1)
For Once In Our LivesDanBrownJrDan Brown Jr (10)New music (1)country (178)rock (1959)acoustic (812)metal (274)
The Last Time (demo)Aemynvegan zombie (1)australia (17)metal (274)
March of the Tidal WavesDragonasMarch of the Tidal Waves (2)Dragonas (30)Clan Dragonas (7)John Dragoo (10)metal (274)video game music (1)folk (545)folk metal (1)black metal. (1)
You Will Taste DirtAemynrock (1959)hard rock (100)metal (274)heavy (204)australian (8)local (2)coffs harbour (2)bowraville (2)
ChangingAemynrock (1959)hard rock (100)metal (274)heavy (204)australian (8)local (2)coffs harbour (2)bowraville (2)
'Oh Yeah!' by the band Oh Yeah!dantimmermansJoy Metal (1)Metal (274)Heavy Metal (62)Primal Joy (1)
Darden MoorCashed-Inmetal (274)
Down With You draftAemynMetal (274)Hard Rock (100)Rock (1959)Heavy (204)
Lower High [draft]Aemynheavy (204)rock (1959)aemyn (21)connolly (4)hard rock (100)metal (274)
She Sounds Like Bloodfalofalo (18)6 (15)metal (274)sounds (14)blood (33)death (198)legion (1)
In Training To Diefalofalo (18)6 (15)ian (93)baird (81)training (2)die (24)arjuna (3)sound (35)metal (274)blast (3)war (168)chaos (36) (0)