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a lesson in rock 'n' rollmikkinylundrock (1959)blues (741)power (66)booze (10)attitude (3)fun (253)
CheckPowerTriopowertrio (1)power (66)trio (26)chakeres (12)perceptualvortex (48)katchoolik (27)john (15)johnny (15)dave (5)david (8)thomas (3)fun (253)virtual (4)band (136)rock (1959)blues (741)jazz (983)metal (274)cool (98)bad (33) (0)
Seethingdomdinorelentless (4)rise (15)powerful (8)fast (162)slow (120)power (66)crush (9)grow (5)
Power Onmatthewmoore63power (66)electronica (379)
Jedi Left BehindeasyesteemerPower (66)foolish (5)jedi (3)starwars (1)emperor (1) (0)
Whisper EvermorePeter Greenstonedarkness (38)vocals (151)world (236)awe (6)trepidation (2)power (66)
Say you don't love meapbpop (694)rock (1959)power (66)folk (545)
Say you don't love me (edit)apbpop (694)rock (1959)folk (545)power (66)
Power SurgeLightTronicsPower (66)Surge (2)LightTronics (29)gummy bears (1)
Rage of the MaestroDarkstalker Xsharp (2)synth (386)electronica (379)hard (103)pace (5)speed (36)hardcore (53)drum (76)high (22)rage (12)maestro (3)beat (137)power (66)action (28)
Inner LimitsDarkstalker Xpower (66)synth (386)lead (20)line (4)techno (472)breakbeat (69)robot (24)bass (374)touch (6)speed (36)drum (76)drums (314)cymbal (4)
Mental DistortionDarkstalker Xsynth (386)techno (472)hard (103)power (66)drum (76)bass (374)hyper (6)jump (12)sound (35)music (391)cymbal (4)mental (12)distortion (47)strenght (9)
Burst FeelingDarkstalker Xdance (780)club (174)trance (387)techno (472)song (277)singing (34)female (24)vocal (197)burst (2)feeling (35)power (66)music (391)lyric (3)lyrics (43)synth (386)electronica (379)
Mystic BurstDarkstalker Xpower (66)fast (162)synth (386)might (8)mystic (5)hyper (6)happy (163)drums (314)feeling (35)pad (4)bass (374)might (8)
Maximun ExpressionDarkstalker Xdance (780)club (174)electronica (379)move (13)movement (52)moving (17)power (66)bass (374)synth (386)
Shining Dawn(Stalker Mix)Darkstalker Xpower (66)synth (386)life (255)shining (8)dawn (18)stalker (6)melody (34)synth (386)dance (780)power (66)jump (12)wave (21)
Sharp BreathDarkstalker Xpower (66)synth (386)might (8)strenght (9)melody (34)music (391)beat (137)drum (76)bass (374)dark (422)catchy (34)
Fury (Power Within)cyberquartz23Fury (4)Power (66)Within (3)
Believe it to be seenDay For NightBelieve (32)seen (1)power (66)pop (694)low fi (2)guitars (83)bass (374)drums (314)Mystified (167)Stevel (39)DFN (6)
Blank SurfaceDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
~Relentless~Darkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
UnconsciousnessDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
Unconsciousness SpeedMIXDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
HorizonrucamiAsian (20)Soundtrack (289)horizon (5)strings (402)woods (23)flute (193)kicks (1)power (66) (0)
I Love You In The WorlddecentpieEnglish (161)Rock (1959)vocals (151)hit (8)catchy (34)power (66)
I'll Follow YoudecentpieEnglish (161)Rock (1959)Power (66)
Love, Fire and BlooddecentpieRock (1959)Slide (36)Power (66)
Closer NowdecentpiePower (66)Lyric (3)Sensitive (3)ROCKin' (2)
Fire In The SkydecentpieEnglish (161)Rock (1959)Power (66)Lyrics (43)High Vocals (1) (0)
Ever AfterdecentpieRock (1959)Guitar solo (124)Key change (2)Tricky (1)Power (66)Sax solo (1)
I Can't Waitdecentpiepower (66)rock (1959)pop (694)single (11) (0)
We Wont BitePOWER-of-STYLEold school funk (1)west coast (4)power (66)style (3)cali (4)
Extreme SerenityDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
PeacemakerDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
I Never Sleep (INTRO)MKVXtechno (472)idea (2)trance (387)dance (780)electronic (563)electronica (379)moves (1)power (66)beats (174)bass (374)synth (386)keyboard (80)reason (35)propellerhead reason (1)way cool (1)high school (10)teen (16)
BeastUrbanPawneerock (1959)instrumental (832)funereal (4)mcneil (8)guitar (1349)power (66)trio (26)grind (14)doom (15)
Drag BallUrbanPawneerock (1959)grunge (35)guitar (1349)bass (374)drums (314)power (66)trio (26)instrumental (832)mcneil (8)
The Dirt Insideeasyesteemercrime (14)lie (14)deceit (3)sadness (43)anger fear (1)revenge (14)power (66)abuse (9)authority (2)
UltraBeaten (w/ sonnyjim)raceratconflict (5)Obama (17)address (1)crisis (5)the ideals of our forebearers (1)violence (18)prosperity (2)rule of law (1)rights of man (1)power (66)deceit (3)pride (13)we will defeat you (1)
Worlds Aparteasyesteemerorchestral (141)dynamic (12)inspirational (109)power (66) (0)
Falling AsleepeasyesteemerSoundtrack (289)inspirational (109)power (66)
Dark Days of Darcieasyesteemerevil (52)control (27)metal (274)idiot (11)power (66)abuse (9)torment (3)stupid (36)dumb (16)
Sleep Walkin'MovizSleep (62)walkin' (1)people (41)power (66)never (25)knew (2)
May 2ndskindelpeace (176)celebration (15)sun (110)power (66)pray (18)sage (5)world (236)children (83)
The righteousapbfun (253)power (66)pop (694)rock (1959)
The Lollipop Lady's LamentDWLmoney (61)power (66)inequality (2)immorality (1)greed (20)sadness (43)
The MusicSmashCutToAwesomethe music (1)rock (1959)power (66)vegan (1)zombie (19)grunge (35)aemyn (21)zephyr (3)connolly (4)eamon (1)donnelly (1)
Time to DieNormalpower (66)noise (85)electronic (563)experimental (505)udr (2)ebm (29)tucson (2)seattle (13)
It's TrueMovizTrue (19)Power (66)Universe (24)truth sea (1) (0)
Broken Time (Full Band Version)indigoblusea (74)dreams (118)catastrophe (7)gulls (2)perched (2)hulls (2)rusted (2)vehicles (2)broken (77)time (141)intertwined (4)night (129)city (43)light (158)power (66)dive (6)kiss (24)home (76)chrome (5)door (11)floor (7)flood (14)adversary (2)compassion (9)pity (4)grind (14)love (1469)morning (59)fly (33)away (35)disarray (2)dangling (3) (0)
Broken Time (Full Band Version)indigoblusea (74)dreams (118)catastrophe (7)gulls (2)perched (2)hulls (2)rusted (2)vehicles (2)broken (77)time (141)intertwined (4)night (129)city (43)light (158)power (66)dive (6)kiss (24)home (76)chrome (5)door (11)floor (7)flood (14)adversary (2)compassion (9)pity (4)grind (14)love (1469)morning (59)fly (33)away (35)disarray (2)dangling (3) (0)
It's True (remix)MovizTrue (19)Power (66)Universe (24)truth (46)sea (74)books (6)high (22) (0)
Yahweh My Hopeuncle808usReligious (26)Faith (62)Holy (14)Yahweh (2)Heaven (48)Peace (176)Power (66)Healing (20) (0)
Out Of Controluncle808usControl (27)influence (2)manage (1)actions (1)controlling (1)controlled (1)sway (3)power (66)authority (2)command (1)dominance (2)government (15)mastery (4)leadership (1)rule (2)sovereignty (1)supremacy (1)ascendancy; charge (1)management (1)direction (1)supervision (1)superintendence. (1)
Fear No More The Heat O' The SunJohnnyCanuckFear (60)sun (110)death (198)power (66)dust (11)freedom (80)consequences (3)
Force Feduncle808uspower (66) feed (1)force (5)update (2)apple (13)greed (20) (0)