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When In Disgrace: Sonnet 29 (vox and git by TheTiler)Postludes Triolove (1469)desire (23)covetousness (2)jealousy (12)disgrace (4)bootless (2)heaven (48)lark (2)fortune (5)success (13)sonnet (5)sonnets (2)Shakespeare (12)Sonnet 29 (2)Breakers (2)Postludes Trio (4)thetiler (13)Tiler (3)Bill Furner (3)rschletty (65)Schletty (45)Richard Schletty (9)dadai (41)Miller (4)Jack Miller (9)when in disgrace with fortune (2)violin (104)Travis (7)picking (8)Travis picking (1)guitar (1349)
When in Disgrace: acoustic version by SchlettyPostludes Triolove (1469)desire (23)covetousness (2)jealousy (12)disgrace (4)bootless (2)heaven (48)lark (2)fortune (5)success (13)sonnet (5)sonnets (2)Shakespeare (12)Sonnet 29 (2)Breakers (2)Postludes Trio (4)rschletty (65)Schletty (45)Richard Schletty (9)dadai (41)Miller (4)Jack Miller (9)when in disgrace with fortune (2)harmonica (54)Hohner (2)guitar (1349)
Minstrel Boy A Go-Go w/ R.SchlettyalfalphaWHAT-no 'lounge' category...?! (1)Bert Kaempfert (1)James Last (1)Ray Conniff (1)martini (1)Richard Schletty (9)alfalpha (25)alfalpha lacks originality (1)alfalpha lacks taste (1)what a worry (1)Voice4Choice (5)Chikoppi (13)ultra lounge (1)'that Happy Feeling' (1)Swinging Safari (1)living in the past (1) (0)
StackedWarren SmithWarren Smith (49)Richard Schletty (9)St Paul (1)energy (42)energy crisis (1)stack (1)political (50)Bush (58)McCain (1)Obama (17)
Going to the Club (Beat Up Mix)abstractrealityabstractreality (239)Logic Express (7)Richard Schletty (9)Going to the Club (3)