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Revolution's Son (v2, w/ dchapman, twon, Alimar, Audiocracy)TobinMuellerprogressive rock (90)art rock (39)arena rock (6)organ (108)collaboration (131)epic (62)father (56)son (30)Audiocracy (8)Yes (27)ELP (8)Kansas (5)revolution (28)parenting (3)social conscience (2)social (4)twon (8)twonicus (8)alimar (136)dchapman (3)tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)The Lost Records (3)
Revolution's Son (w/ twonicus)TobinMuellerprogressive rock (90)art rock (39)arena rock (6)organ (108)collaboration (131)epic (62)father (56)son (30)B3 (10)
A Promise (w/ Woody Mankowski)TobinMuellerjazz (983)vocal (197)jazz vocals (4)R&B (92)quartet (21)saxophone (56)tenor sax (16)showtune (13)musical (26)piano (957)acoustic (812)death (198)mother (51)son (30)Woody (21)Creature (17)Frankenstein (5)tobin (86)nightclub (8)ensemble (12)TobinMueller (61)Mother's Day (3)
My SonRickWGod (270)Son (30)Lord (34)love (1469)cross (10)resurrection (7)forgiveness (22)Christian (137)religious (26)inspirational (109)folk (545)
When I Met Jesussaved777Father (56)Son (30)Holy Spirit (13)God (270)Jesus (141)
El DíamandolinquentBlair (5)murderer (1)salsa (14)son (30)pencil tool (61)
Just Don't Go With The Flowsaved777God (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit (13)Father (56)Son (30)Saviour (4)Light (158)
In The Arms Of The Father (Nina da Costa)saved777God (270)Jesus (141)Father (56)Son (30)Love (1469)Holy Spirit (13)
All Your Heart (Henry Alone)saved777God (270)Jesus (141)Holy Spirit (13)Father (56)Son (30)
Our Son BillyRickWson (30)ballad (259)love (1469)dad (16)fishin' (1)
Speak Truth To Power (w/ twon, Darren Chapmen, Audiocracy)TobinMuellerprogressive rock (90)art rock (39)arena rock (6)rock opera (9)father (56)son (30)Audiocracy (8)anarchy (3)metal (274)hard rock (100)revolution (28)social conscience (2)social (4)twon (8)twonicus (8)dchapman (3)tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)
The Return Of The Prodigal Son (featuring Holistik)Leonwinner (2)loser (4)hope (132)prodigal (3)son (30)return (12)Leon (26)Holistik (44)
Father To Sonpsexnycfather (56)son (30)advice (12)teen (16)
Jacobs Trail>Spirits Gatherin'(Studio Version)MJGSon (30)choices (4)Life (255)spirits (7) (0)
GonersorensenThe Amazing Ebow (2)
What's OnSashkaWhat (39)What's (4)On (52)Sashka (1)Hypocrite (1)War (168)Iraq (42)Car (25)Pollution (4)Money (61)Son (30)Beat (137)Drive (15)Meat (8)Greenpeace (1)Wrong (12)Stupid (36)You (195)Hoe (2)Women (21)Women's (1)Rights (6)Right (13)Show (10)Treat (5)Lady (14)Pray (18)Bills (1)Faith (62)Fun (253)Demonstration (1)Peace (176)
Dont Give Up on GodLivingstoneGOD (270)FAITH (62)ADDICTION (12)EDEN (2)DISGRACEFUL (1)JESUS (141)FATHER (56)SON (30)CITY (43)PAIN (93)PRAYERS (3)PRAY (18)
Tainted Familydadgarusdadgar (92)dadgarus (81)hard rock (100)rock (1959)family (55)tainted (1)mother (51)father (56)son (30)fury (4)cruelty (3)
Prodigal Son (Hard Rock Instrumental)sewer rodprodigal (3)son (30)
Tale of Two Sons (w/Scott Carmichael & Richard Schletty)Dadai.2prodigal (3)son (30)salvation (10)mercy (10)
My Fathers SonPockBluesmanFather (56)Son (30)
Ballad of the Gunslingersewer rodballad (259)of (103)the (254)gun (21)toting (1)son (30)of (103)a (136)bitch (12)gunslinger (1)
'Till You, Young Manfunteach1son (30)love (1469)man (46)heart (150) (0)