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last night (plywood dub mix)1 a.m.last (21)night (129)last night (2)dub (63)downbeat (7)trip hop (62)trip (47)hop (34)lounge (42)echo (29)delay (17)beats (174)nu (2)funk (357)nufunk (2)mix (27)downtempo (96)blunt (2)beats (174)blunted (1)jam (94)lynch (3)david lynch (2)voice (56)beautiful (37)drift (10)drifting (23)orbit (8) (0)
Watch YourselfAncient RhymerKurbstomp (55)URG (20)U.R.G. (25)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)Mexico (14)Violence (18)Revenge (14)Street Poetry (2)Terror (19)Haunting (37)Taunting (1)Trip Hop (62)Tequila (6)Alter Ego (3)Underground Rap Generals (19)
Hijack!Ancient RhymerHolistik (44)Kurbstomp (55)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)URG (20)U.R.G. (25)Underground Rap Generals (19)Fast (162)Hijack (1)Thief (2)Pawn (1)Grab (1)Snatch (2)Steal (1)Whiplash (1)Flute (193)Strings (402)DnB (38)Trip Hop (62)Hip Hop (417)
Cage Of RageAncient RhymerKurbstomp (55)URG (20)U.R.G. (25)Underground Rap Generals (19)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)Holistik (44)G1 (14)Mexico (14)Violence (18)CIA (1)DEA (1)FBI (4)Revenge (14)Irony (8)Street Poetry (2)Terror (19)Haunting (37)Trip Hop (62)Hip Hop (417)Tequila (6)Alter Ego (3)Family (55)Fake (9)Story (64)Legend (7)Tail (1)Metaphysical (2)Sprit (2)Spiritual (68)Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde (1)Fiction (4)Dark (422)Destructive (1)Cybernetic (2)Puppet (10)Gun (21)Troops (4)Bust (2)Revelation (7)
drums, flutes, bellsaeonoiretrance (387)trip hop (62)
I've Got No StringsKharismaticStrings (402)Freedom (80)peace (176)Neo-Soul (1)Jazz (983)Female (24)Soul (144)Hip Hop (417)Laid Back (17)Trip Hop (62)
Love IsonesweetworldLove (1469)Is (65)Poison (11)Linda (12)Courtien (11)Eddie (6)Simmens (4)Downtempo (96)Trip hop (62)
day tripperKabonedowntempo (96)trip-hop (18)trip hop (62)ambient (831)mash-up (1)mashup (4)mash up (2)day (51)tripper (1)day tripper (1)beatles (26)jimi hendrix (7) (0)
Aurorealsherrill56electronica (379)imagery (4)trip hop (62)spectral (2)lofty (7)poetic (10)
Converging (instrumental)alexweilerConverging (1)alexweiler (5)echoroom (24)racerat (16)dark (422)electro (185)eclipse (8)
high rollerjibba1320trance (387)techno (472)trip hop (62)dance (780)club (174)ambient (831)psycadelic (1)
The Migraine from Hell!Reinholt56Migraine (2)lo-fi (39)song in there somewhere (1)abstract (34)Trip hop (62)rock (1959)annoying (7)waste of time (1)get a life (1)tipping the scales (1)see a psychiatrist quick (1)
The Re-IncarnationAncient RhymerKurbstomp Records (16)Kurbstomp (55)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)Hip Hop (417)Trip Hop (62)Dark (422)Bass (374)Breakbeat (69)Break (40)Breaks (25)Holistik (44)Carson (13)Beat Box (5)Soul (144)Spirit (25)Darkness (38)Reincarnation (5)Return (12)Expletive (1)Hard (103)Space (234)Echo (29)BC (2)British Columbia (2)Canada (26)West (10)Coast (2)
Fly 2Sir Basship hop (417)trip hop (62)alternative (400)experimental (505)Bass (374)fly (33)free (69)create desire (1)
God BrotherSir BassTrip hop (62)metal (274)rock (1959)rap (311)hip hop (417) (0)
Regret - Spitlogic (Remixed by Diviner)DivinerHip Hop (417)Trip Hop (62)Remix (126)Meaningful (2)Insightful (2)Introspective (7)
J Come BDaniel Lamberttrip hop (62)vinyl (3)ballad (259)inspired (4) (0)
exploding starjibba1320funk (357)dance (780)club (174)trip hop (62)
Underground as a Subwaywillbill808hip hop (417)rap (311)trip hop (62)underground (26)subway (8)willbill808 (92)dj straight 8 (78)
Tripped Upwillbill808trip hop (62)techno (472)willbill808 (92)dj straight 8 (78)tripped (1)up (50)
radiobagelhead reckonerbageltogoRadiohead (7)Remix (126)Trip Hop (62)bagel (5)
SolitudekylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
My ColorskylegrayGKchristian (137)god (270)christian rap (6)gospel (65)jesus (141)hip hop (417)hip-hop (88)hip-hop/rap (4)jesus (141)jesus christ (9)remix (126)my colors (2)rock (1959)rap-rock (2)raprock (2)rap/rock (2)metal (274)heavy metal (62)gospel (65)pop (694)techno (472)trip hop (62)trip-hop (18)darkcore (6)trance (387)gk (6)kyle (9)kylegraygk (6)kyle gray (6)gray (9)god (270)God (270)Love (1469)inspirational (109)worthy (4)praise (48)solitude (14)punk (155)sic (2)punk rock (10)punk-rock (3)emo (98)
Field Recordings Of A New SpeciesKicbaldark (422)ambient (831)downtempo (96)trip hop (62)synth (386)saxophone (56)conga (4)percussion (78)soundscape (49) (0)
Snowy Samurai Garden FightbageltogoSoundtrack (289)Trip Hop (62)Samurai (4)Hip Hop (417)
Attention!...IncrediblebageltogoHip Hop (417)International (33)Trip Hop (62)
HelianthusAcetyleneJukeboxjazz (983)trip hop (62) (0)
Love what you got(Colab With Sweet79)Dj French ToastTrip hop (62)Magda (1)hiphop (37)Sweet79 (1)Dj Frenchy T (1)Benny (3)
Falling Stars ForgottenKicbalTrip Hop (62)Vocals (151)Female Vocals (12)Harmonies (35)Break Beat (8)Saxophone (56)Pop (694)Beats (174)lyrics (43)Ethereal (36)Layers (13)Melody (34)Arpeggio (6)Kicbal (2)Chroma Specter (2)
Forever Echoing into Spacewillbill808trip hop (62)willbill808 (92)dj straight 8 (78)forever (27)echoing (1)into (8)space (234)jazzy (37)chords (9)
irrelevant part onekaishintrip hop (62)
A Dream Within A DreamVaisviltrip hop (62)
Frozen SavannahMKVXtrip hop (62)hip hop (417)ambient (831)strings (402)vibraphone (11)flow (14)beats (174)electronic (563)electronica (379)techno (472)trance (387)synths (68)machines (2)etc. (18)
Yamlajat Bagelbageltogoexperimental (505)punjabi (3)remix (126)open collaboration (12)open collaborations (8)hip hop (417)trip hop (62)
Just Wait(WheelofKarmaMix)AcetyleneJukeboxTrip Hop (62)Rhythm and Blues (11)Karma (9) (0)
Falling Stars Forgotten (Final)KicbalTrip Hop (62)Vocals (151)Female Vocals (12)Harmonies (35)Break Beat (8)Saxophone (56)Pop (694)Beats (174)lyrics (43)Ethereal (36)Layers (13)Melody (34)Arpeggio (6)Kicbal (2)Chroma Specter (2)relationships (43)
Main Teri Tu MeraAcetyleneJukeboxpunjabi (3)trip hop (62) (0)
tv timemahler24trip hop (62) (0)
Liquid fluid pouring down the snoring facesaSHguitARtrip hop (62)psychedelic (124)electric (100)guitar (1349)psycho (16)dreamy (42)
Empty Sky Over the NileAcetyleneJukeboxTrip Hop (62)Middle-Eastern (5)Electronic (563)Ethnic-International (3)Experimental (505)DJ Sphinx rocks the party while Zen Monks tear it up on shakuhachi. (1)
Radonisgrid stalkerReaktor 5 (35)Battery 3 (2)Absynth 3 (1)Kontakt 3 (2)Grid Stalker (86)Trip Hop (62)
Ambrosial NacelleUltrabeastElectronica (379)Classical (816)Trip Hop (62)