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OrganismMagritteBach (40)pipe organ (4)organ (108)baroque (34)toccata (1)fugue (10)march (41)loops (169)orchestra (289)orchestral (141)classical (816)experiment (48)magritte (5)
Feudal Timesjakgetar69classical (816)baroque (34)organ (108)horn (9)
We Welcome HimBowmanLost Islands on an Imaginary Sea (3)Purcell (6)Baroque (34)Bach (40)Classical (816)Harpsichord (29)
Little Fugue #1BowmanBaroque (34)fugue (10)
Favourite Words (bibanova collab)Mystifiedfavourite (3)favorite (3)words (21)theremin (9)baroque (34)vocoder (21)electronic (563)
A Lesson in LOGICMystifiedMystified (167)biba_nova (33)sbc (68)bmc (32)LOGIC (20)lessons (3)baroque (34)PHX Sessions (2)
Spring Giguegeorgeptingleygigue (1)Baroque (34)dance (780)Celtic (130)
Curry de la baroqueCori AnderBaroque (34)Church music (2)Church organ (2)Johannes Curry (2)
The Queen's MinuetVicDieseldance (780)minuet (1)waltz (52)renaissance (52)baroque (34)recorder (48)harpsichord (29)courtly suite (10)
Je Me Souviensjigumabaroque (34)
SISCOM/EVP--time slowed and stopped (v2)sonic_magpiesonic magpie (12)bmc (32)particledots (40)biba_nova (33)Mystified (167)sbc (68)baroque (34)EVP (7)ghosts (27)surreal (8)ethereal (36)
Mepitha F_minorlegatoClassical (816)Baroque (34)Piano (957)Choir (45) (0)
Trio from J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 1LonePineMusicbaroque (34)bach (40)trio (26)brandenburg (2)concerto (27)horn (9)oboe (37)
Chorus from Handel's Messiah: "And The Glory Of The Lord"LonePineMusicmessiah (5)handel (3)george friderick handel (1)music (391)vocoder (21)baroque (34)choir (45)choral (20)glory (12)synthesizer (74)fm (1)synthesis (3)
Miniature for Guitar and String Orchestrabitfeldclassical (816)guitar (1349)baroque (34)
Vivace from Sonata in C minor (Pescetti)georgeptingleyclassical (816)piano (957)Baroque (34)keyboard (80)Venice (3)
Minuet in Dminor(J.S.Bach)AcetyleneJukeboxjazz(instrumental) (4)NUjazz (51)Baroque (34)classical (816)J.S.Bach (5) (0)
Vivaldi - 'La Follia'LonePineMusicgamba (2)recorder (48)vivaldi (2)lute (5)baroque (34)
Scherzo in A minor (v2)georgeptingleyBach (40)Baroque (34)Partita in A minor (2)Scherzo (6)solo piano (27)classical piano (7)
Toccata & FugueH3nryBach (40)classical (816)baroque (34)symphonic (35)
Toccata & Fugue (take 2)H3nryBach (40)classical (816)baroque (34)symphonic (35)
The Cook's EstampieVicDieselcourtly suite (10)recorder (48)harpsichord (29)renaissance (52)baroque (34)
Rondeau867-5309Scott Horwath (13)Baroque (34)Renaissance (52)Fully Orchestrated Score (1)
Baroquen TranquilityLittle_Hooligantranquility (7)baroque (34)classical (816)