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Jumping RiverThatNationcollaboration (131)open for ideas (1)simple (43)catchy (34)
Sharp BreathDarkstalker Xpower (66)synth (386)might (8)strenght (9)melody (34)music (391)beat (137)drum (76)bass (374)dark (422)catchy (34)
Red Indian RockReinholt56Rock (1959)Trance-ish (1)catchy (34)unmemorable (1)echoes of red indians dancing (1)kidding myself (1)
Pound Sign GlorybenjhannahIndie (192)Rock (1959)Punk (155)Acoustic (812)Happy (163)Catchy (34)
Elephant TuxParanoid AndroidSamples (30)instrumental (832)synth (386)synthesizer (74)electronic (563)dance (780)bass line (3)beats (174)hip hop (417)catchy (34)
Would it be differentapbBoldt (2)Fitch (1)metal (274)pop (694)guitar (1349)banjo (42)nostalgia (23)catchy (34)explosions (8)
Carnival Lions (New Version)benjhannahGypsy (21)punk (155)Carnival (10)Fun (253)Catchy (34)Rock (1959)
Carnival Lions (Finished Version)benjhannahGypsy (21)punk (155)Carnival (10)Fun (253)Catchy (34)Rock (1959)
Leave It OutbenjhannahPunk (155)Acoustic (812)Pop (694)Punk (155)Ska (19)Catchy (34)
In My Headrsorensen
From the MoorsAxgrinderBig (22)Dynamic (12)Catchy (34)melodic (94)strong (12)
Fork In The RoadHollywoodJetsetPop punk (11)pop (694)rock (1959)awesome (81)powerpop (11)punk (155)catchy (34)chicago. (1)
I Love You In The WorlddecentpieEnglish (161)Rock (1959)vocals (151)hit (8)catchy (34)power (66)
In My Head Againrsorensen
Three Small WordsHollywoodJetsetPopPunk (2)Pop (694)Rock (1959)Powerpop (11)punk (155)awesome (81)catchy (34)chicago (33)
Tell EveryoneHollywoodJetsetRock (1959)Pop (694)Pop punk (11)Powerpop (11)Catchy (34)awesome (81)chicago (33)punk (155) (0)
Superlative dayapbsuperlative (1)beautiful (37)wonderful (6)wonder (99)fabulous (1)marvelous (1)extraordinary (1)awesome (81)steak (1)kidney (1)pie (7)catchy (34)positive (10)fun (253)light-hearted (1)whimsical (7)amusing (1)
The lighthouse keeperapbcatchy (34)fun (253)romp (3)lighthouse (3)keeper (4)chewing the fat (1)pootle (1)flumps (1)wall of sound (8)
Tuesdays With MauryHollywoodJetsetTuesdays (1)With (40)Maury (1)Hollywood (16)Jetset (6)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Pop Punk (11)Chicago (33)awesome (81)catchy (34)
Dark CircusAxgrinderOrgan (108)Hippy (2)Circus. Dark (1)Catchy (34)
Michigan BeerHollywoodJetsetMichigan (5)Beer (60)Acoustic (812)Rock (1959)Hollywood (16)Jetset (6)catchy (34)summer (122)chill (162)
Blue Skies And Best FriendsSixFeetUnderTheStarsAcoustic (812)SixFeetUnderTheStars (1)Six (9)Feet (12)Under (8)The (254)Stars (62)pop (694)rock (1959)catchy (34)fun (253)summer (122)
Never Enough.HollywoodJetsetNever (25)Enough (8)Rock (1959)Pop (694)Punk (155)Chicago (33)Catchy (34)Fun (253)
Tell me (feat. ia)apbinfectious (3)lilla melodifestivalen 2010 (1)dance (780)fun (253)catchy (34)
Somethings wrong with you 2apbcatchy (34)perky (1)bouncy (29)pop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)mainstream (8)fun (253)somethings wrong with you (1)