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A song to get your noodle going- Ashes Arise Feat. DOSDOSMetal (274)Screaming (17)Screamo (6)hardcore (53)Collab (90)Ashes (4)Arise (3)Ashes Arise (2)DOS (12) (0)
Traffic Light Destruction- Ashes Arise Feat. DOSDOSHardcore (53)screaming (17)metal (274)death (198)screamo (6)DOS (12)Ashses (1)Arise (3)Ashes Arise (2) (0)
Deck The Halls(DOS's version)DOSChristmas (284)halls (4)deck (2)the (254)dos (12) (0)
Good Choices Lead To HappinessDOSAcoustic (812)Guitar (1349)Greatness (2)Happy (163)good (182)things (12)make (18)fake (9)? (18)what (39)how? (1)DOS (12)deadication (6)dedication (15)of (103)sufacation (4)
RMWIS Ashes Arise F. DOSDOSHardcore (53)ashes (4)arise (3)dos (12)screaming (17)death (198)vocals (151)guitar (1349)
A So Called PoemDOSdos (12)poem (27)dramatic (34)emo (98)
A Reason To Breathe(The After Chapter Featuring Deadication Of Sufcation)DOSdeath (198)die (24)DOS (12)The (254)Chapter (1)After (3)Collab (90)Collaboration (131)The After Chapter (1)Scream (21)guitar (1349)Drums (314)bass (374)vocals (151)vox (15)hardcore (53)Kevin (23)featuring (3)deadication (6)of (103)sufacation (4)deadication of sufacation (5)dumb (16)pee (2)penis (8)dumbass (2)doo doo (1)what (39)how (14)why (28)? (18)
The Sight Of My EyesDOSDeath (198)cool (98)hardcore (53)metal (274)kevin (23)bmth (2)DOS (12)deadication (6)of (103)sufacatio (2)deadicationofsufacation (2)scream (21)guitar (1349)drums (314)bass (374)screaming (17) (0)
Popularity Doesn't Last Forever(Demo EP)DOShardcore (53)emo (98)screamo (6)guitar (1349)drums (314)screams (7)growls (2)DOS (12)DofS (4)Deadication Of Sufacation (5)Deadication (6)of (103)Sufacation (4)
Popularity Doesn't Last Forever(V2)DOShardcore (53)emo (98)screamo (6)guitar (1349)drums (314)screams (7)growls (2)DOS (12)DofS (4)Deadication Of Sufacation (5)Deadication (6)of (103)Sufacation (4)
Suck(cess) featuring Dedication Of SufacationDOSdeath (198)hardcore (53)guitar (1349)deadication of sufacation (5)dedication (15)DH (1)dark (422)hatred (3)dark hatred (1)drums (314)screams (7)DOS (12)DofS (4)