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more than one way to skin a catmikkinylundEh (2)Ah (5)Oh (8)Ih (1)So. Le (1)Ra (3)Me (104)Ri (2)Etc. (18)
The Last Timedrumgodvirtuosoemo (98)punk (155)pop (694)rock (1959)acoustic (812)loop (46)vocal (197)etc. (18)
SlumberingBoris the Bullslumbering (1)fade (12)fade into (1)tongue (11)long (33)shallow (2)empty (11)ugly (9)wondering (5)falling (29)unthinking (1)feel (117)without (7)without love (1)boris (9)boris the bull (2)bull (6)flim (1)flam (1)bingle (1)floip (1)redrum (1)belly (5)whopper (1)etc. (18)
Mexican Girl (w/cjdaley)five_extra_armsMexican (5)Girl (144)Katyraven (1)Knot (1)Twisted (5)Chewing (3)Arms (6)Alarms (1)Mannequin (1)Stumble (7)Bite (6)Weekend (4)Vibraslap (2)etc. (18)
Band-Mate of YearsBoris the Bullband (136)mate (2)of (103)years (11)band-mate (1)wedding (23)marriage (35)divorce (14)love (1469)teflon (1)vim (1)salt (5)salty (2)snow (82)drunk (30)belt (2)nincompoop (1)etc. (18)
Mind ControlKyasheMusicfunk (357)jazz (983)trumpet (105)mind (49)control (27)digital (14)synth (386)bass (374)drums (314)etc. (18)
Corpse Grindersewer rodCorpse (4)Grinder (2)etc. (18)
The Diametric Inclination Of BeingAlimarAlimar (136)Diametric (3)Inclination (3)Being (7)Symphonic (35)Orchestration (27)Film Scoring (14)Bombastic (13)Etc. (18)
MADNESS IN THE HOUSEBarretokBlues (741)Madness (22)House (194)Insane (17)cool (98)etc. (18)
The Cassini ProbeReinholt56Cassini Probe (1)Solar System (7)journey (85)electronics (2)autonomous (1)exploration (13)to baldly go (1)etc. (18)etc. (18)
Frozen SavannahMKVXtrip hop (62)hip hop (417)ambient (831)strings (402)vibraphone (11)flow (14)beats (174)electronic (563)electronica (379)techno (472)trance (387)synths (68)machines (2)etc. (18)
A Minor Story in RedKyasheMusicjazz (983)minor (12)blues (741)red (27)story (64)trumpet (105)rhodes (15)drums (314)etc. (18)
Goody Goodymichaeljaykleindid he really knock his head on the mic at the beginning? (1)how come nobody ever says "They still write songs like that" (1)two-timing double-crossing cheaters (1)bursting into bedrooms with a camera (1)Close Cover Before Striking School of Art (1)etc. (18)
Bye Bye BlackbirdmichaeljaykleinSong Keywords (1)"Shmawk (1)shmawk (1)shmawk!" (1)Steve Allen (1)double-sided tape (1)Judge Joseph A. Wapner (1)Kilroy was here... (1)Mammy Yokums (1)foot powder (1)ants (3)don't upload your song under the artwork thing and don't upload your artwork in the song file thing (1)and if anyone has ever done this tell me if it still worked okay (1)etc. (18)
Get HappymichaeljaykleinNostradamus (3)noisy and unsatisfying irritable mix (1)what you will sound like if you gargle with Anbesol™ (1)no Farina dog tags heard on this one that I'm aware of (1)The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (1)Miracle Whip (1)Frosty the Snowman (1)etc. (18)
They Can't Take that Away from Memichaeljaykleinokay this one is not bad but it's not good either (I know this) (1)warping (1)grapefruit (6)bad toupees (1)Julius LaRosa (1)Blackjack Chewing Gum (1)45 RPM adaptors (1)etc. (18)