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The Gathering Stormobbsterstrings (402)orchestral (141)experimental (505)alternative (400)
Borate Zone: Please EatTobinMuellerexperimental (505)alternative rock (47)Twilight Zone (4)Rod Serling (5)collaboration (131)organ (108)
Ωmegå (Part 1)obbsterExperimental (505)alternative (400)sigur ros (8)
Individualism, CollectivismThe Composertuba (16)acoustic piano (15)organ (108)experimental (505)
SBPMT aka ADSIAGJDGOLDDThe Composermusic concreté (2)kitchen (4)experimental (505)MetaSynth (3)
If Everybody Worked As Hard As MeThe ComposerPiano (957)vocal (197)experimental (505)Max/MSP (5)
366˚The Composerexperimental (505)vocal (197)MetaSynth (3)electronic (563)continuous (2)circular (2)Alban Berg (1)Wozzeck (1)
No12The Composermidi (73)experimental (505)
Ωmegå (Part 3)obbstersigur ros (8)soothing (37)strings (402)alternative (400)experimental (505)
The Crazy OrganThe ComposerMax/MSP (5)Organ (108)crazy (86)experimental (505)
Bells and Spells (with Rollo)cjhoosebells (78)spells (5)eerie (15)collab (90)dark (422)experimental (505)Halloween (69)poetry (147)
Out of C4The ComposerMax/MSP (5)experimental (505)
Def Rattledomdinodark (422)experimental (505)guitar (1349)powerful (8)choir (45)vocal (197)energetic (13)energy (42)
jertzleinaDwar (168)women (21)experimental (505)
Earthrise on IoDrDanelectronic (563)experimental (505)orchestral (141)fx (16)space (234)trance (387)
Metallic landscapeGrellIndustrial (167)ambient (831)experimental (505)pollution (4)
Imitating the oceanGrellambient (831)experimental (505)
Techno funkGrelltechno (472)electronic (563)funk (357)amtient groove (1)experimental (505)
More TImemacgalveralternative (400)rock and roll (25)punk (155)experimental (505)dark (422)rock (1959)house (194)dance (780)noise (85)velveeta. (1)
Purple FusionClevortrevorSexual (3)raunchy (2)pulsing (13)heavy beat (2)heavy breathing (1)experimental (505)
No Reason, But There's A Cachepoodyglitzdance (780)club (174)house (194)trance (387)breakbeat (69)funk (357)techno (472)experimental (505)middle (6)east (7)drum (76)bass (374)synth (386)rhythm (43)hybrid (2)
ShipWreckedjakgetar69Shipwrecked (1)bass (374)synth (386)ambient (831)experimental (505)
Work In ProgressThatNationExperimental (505)Work in Progress (17)ThatNation (4)Awesome! (1)
ClockworksAEROjetExperimental (505)machine (31)clock (86)no loops (38)guitar (1349)fx (16)ambient (831)texture (2)technology (7)
quagmiremulliexperimental (505)alternative (400)industrial (167)
trancendentalflossmulligroove (158)trance (387)ambient (831)techno (472)experimental (505)
uncle monkeymullialternative rock (47)experimental (505)industrial (167)
Thoughtsdayve57thought (7)abstract (34)experimental (505)crazy (86)zoned out (1)
Metallic SymphonyAmbooindustrial (167)electronic (563)experimental (505)
Echo'sAmbooEcho's (1)experimental (505)other (58)
Jamminxx2112xxRock Instrumental (15)Rock (1959)Experimental (505)Jam Band (9)
time stress fractureStun Nutztime (141)clock (86)stress (10)rabid animal (1)fracture (1)fissure (1)crack (10)experimental (505)electronic (563)IDM (37)glitch (35)minced loops (1)sound effects (8)chime (1)tick (2)tock (2)grandfather clock (1)
Sky Dive into the Oceannorick.hSpace (234)Ambient (831)Abstract (34)Experimental (505)Noise (85)Electronic (563)instrumental (832)
Death Together (Remix)screamalexzaccoustic (105)experimental (505)emo (98)screamalexz (31)chance motta (12)goth (74)poetry (147)poet (39)mellow (151)
oo aa eeStun Nutzoo (2)aa (2)ee (6)ooh (3)aah (1)gasp (1)choke (1)sex (99)life (255)death (198)wedding (23)funeral (10)quirky (24)abstract (34)experimental (505)soundeffects (3)chimes (7)typewriter (1)bells (78)bass (374)clicks (1)
Mezmorizee_moffTechno (472)Dance (780)Club (174)Experimental (505)Freestyle (14)New (167)
duska dawnaaeonoireexperimental (505)electronica (379)rapture (2)sonik synth (1) (0)
no one knowsmulliindustrial (167)soundtrack (289)game (54)rock (1959)experimental (505)
Ekstase #1Teufeldark (422)sticky (4)experimental (505)electronical (1)
RegolithCVsymelectric (100)break (40)beat (137)breakbeat (69)experimental (505)gabber (4)7 (7)drum (76)instrumental (832)venetian (1)abstract (34)
Decoherencechikoppiquantum (4)violence (18)experimental (505)beauty (45)
creamedaeonoirecreamed (1)experimental (505)electro (185)sinful synths (1)
The Cold Stare Of Silencedarksun48Indie (192)Independent (9)Post Rock (12)Rock (1959)Ambient (831)Ethereal (36)Progressive (220)Experimental (505)Emotional (41)
Chaos of the SubconsciousTobinMuellerclassical (816)neo-classical (27)experimental (505)20th Century (6)Twentieth Century (2)solo piano (27)piano (957)13 Masks (7)chaos (36)subconscious (1)Ligeti (2)Shostakovich (2)Scriabin (1)Stravinsky (7)Bartok (4)Beethoven (15)TobinMueller (61)tobin (86)
airplanes and thunderstormssvendogexperimental (505)natural (6) (0)
State of AffairsSuicideEvolutionMetal (274)Rock (1959)Experimental (505)
Don't Mind MeSuicideEvolutionexperimental (505)
EmergentBubowskiAmbient (831)Soundtrack (289)Experimental (505)Absynth (4)
Snow Is FallingHannahHannah (2)six years old (1)snow (82)experimental (505)
ExperimentalBudmasExperimental (505)Buddy (6)Budmas (2)Riff (20)
Just an IdeaBenSExperimental (505)Funky (92)Logic (20)
Improv Session 1 (Ivy Remix)derrenleepooleExperimental (505)noise (85)soundscape (49)AFX (2)bass (374)industrial (167)
Improv Session 1 (Slycer Remix)derrenleepooleExperimental (505)soundscape (49)noisescape (1)bass (374)percussion (78)Derren (2)
HeptagonosSecaModeSecaMode (25)heptagonos (1)experimental (505)7/8 (5)siete (1)
Solar Windskristyjokristyjo (7)ambient (831)experimental (505)electronic (563)solar (3)winds (20)sun (110) (0)
Cosmicobbsterelectronic (563)progressive (220)experimental (505)ambient (831)art-rock (5)
You DemoBudmasYou (195)Demo (43)You Demo (1)String (15)String of Outcries (1)Outcries (1)Buddy (6)Budmas (2)Buddy Masters (1)Masters (1)Warrior (9)Guitar (1349)Rock (1959)Hard Rock (100)Metal (274)Heavy Metal (62)Experimental (505)
Cannibal Catcatxincat (29)rock (1959)chill (162)hardcore (53)other (58)alternative (400)experimental (505)
Chorus of the Curedonbot24Dance (780)Experimental (505)Club (174)Trance (387)Easy Listening (67)Phat (4)
Snowing Daddytimothy devineGuitar (1349)Experimental (505)Jazz (983)
move alonggoniofunk (357)surf (45)reggae (85)rock (1959)experimental (505)bass (374)rock (1959)
I Miss Nothingsonicdeviantzappa (3)vai (5)guitar (1349)rock (1959)experimental (505)heavy (204)metal (274)alternative (400)avant-garde (10)
rythm1gonioafro-rock (1)drum n bass (62)ambient (831)dub (63)experimental (505)funk (357)trance trip hop (1)open collaborations (8)latin (117)dance (780)breakbeat (69)rock (1959)art rock (39)
Tryingmacfreddyballad (259)piano (957)emotional (41)experimental (505)
Even Chaos Has StructureReinholt56Noise (85)noise (85)reeds (2)chords (9)chatter (2)silence (22)experimental (505)sour (3)without (7)the (254)sweet (50) (0)
ImprovisationmacfreddyPiano (957)accoustic (105)slow (120)easy listening (67)experimental (505)melodic (94)
Lacklustereuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)
Reserve at the Moment of Expulsioneuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)indie (192)industrial (167)
Robber Barreneuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)
Demand of Thyselfeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Into This Lone Maneuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Do I Don't Remember Wheneuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Stammeringeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Fear Wandering Helplesseuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Slowdown to a Crawleuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Battered Boneeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Telleuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
The Tides do Marcheuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Approacheuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Long Retrievaleuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
All Disguise Felleuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)the countdown (12)
Wrap Your Tender Legs Around Meeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
Deeper Hueeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
Dazzleeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
Can We Pursueeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
Dance Scoreeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
Here Come the Cannibalseuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
Belladonna Moanseuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
After Let Downeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
Voice Deviceeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)indie (192)industrial (167)poetry (147)spoken word (78)Reticent (12)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)confession of faith (52)
SNOW IN THE DESERTmariusdjexperimental (505)drum and bass (36)crazy (86)synth (386)
CHRONICLES OF NARNIA (trance-mix)djdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
TOUCHDOWN (wreckless-remix)djdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
PARASITEdjdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
WINDSTORMdjdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
DROP THE BASSdjdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
THE DAY NOWdjdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
AFTER DARKdjdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
XolatronBabtunde Interstellartrippy (50)mandolin (61)effects (25)drums (314)experimental (505)psychedelic (124)bluegrass (31)jam (94)death metal (13)
Mysteriemacfreddymelodic (94)experimental (505)piano (957)circus (17)
FedorukBabtunde Interstellarexperimental (505)trippy (50)mandolin (61)effects (25)bass (374)drums (314)space (234)jam (94)jazz (983)improv (57)
The Hunt For Peaceleapfrogunicornsworld (236)experimental (505)koto (8)acoustic (812)hawaii (25)indie (192) (0)
Wavesliderleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)hawaii (25)wave (21)electronic (563)
Friendly Beastleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)hawaii (25)rock (1959)biter (1)neverending (1)story (64)crunchy (5)piano (957)electronic (563)
Global A-Teamleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)horns (54)world (236)hawaii (25)theme (26)television (11)
Wednesday Nightsleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)hawaii (25)jam (94)electronic (563)world (236)
The Dreaming Foolleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)corgan (2)pumpkins (3)hawaii (25)honolulu (4)dream (157)garageband (82)loop (46)ukulele (27)guitar (1349)piano (957) (0)
South Shore Swellleapfrogunicornshawaii (25)jack (11)johnson (19)honolulu (4)indie (192)experimental (505)guitar (1349)synth (386)pop (694)alternative (400)surf (45)shore (4)wave (21)guitars (83)horns (54)dub (63)flute (193) (0)
After Five Years - i-outlaw 2.4euphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)poetics (31)poet (39)
Dirty TricksturboborhoDnb (38)electronic (563)spoken word (78)experimental (505)hip hop (417)
Smokesherrill56acoustic (812)experimental (505)ambience (18)hand drums (2)musical (26)atmospheric (35)moody (52)
Down Highleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)pop (694)lips (9)flaming (2)guitar (1349)keyboard (80)hawaii (25)downtempo (96)electronic (563)electric (100)chill (162)sleep (62)lullabye (2)
The Chase Is Onleapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)electronic (563)guitar (1349)electric (100)hawaii (25)world (236)dream (157)run (32)pressure (14)stress (10)chase (17)prey (2)race (9)human (10)league (2)victorian (4)trance (387)
The Dreaming Fool (vocals)leapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)corgan (2)pumpkins (3)hawaii (25)honolulu (4)dream (157)garageband (82)loop (46)ukulele (27)guitar (1349)piano (957)time (141)waste (5)anger (34)hatred (3)precious (2)earth (51)love (1469) (0)
sequesteredmichael2about as metal as i get (1)why do things sound so different in iTunes without headphones on? (1)experimental (505)indie rock (41)art rock (39)
Street LifeWarren SmithSynthesizer (74)M-Audio Keystation 49e (4)Warren Smith (49)Street Song (1)experimental (505)
MEDIKATEdjdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
COSMOS 2013djdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
Florida Deep (2007 remix)djdeewreckambient (831)beats (174)breakbeat (69)dance (780)djdeewreck (12)drum n bass (62)electronica (379)experimental (505)games soundtrack (10)hip hop (417)house (194)instrumentals (34)loops (169)new york (35)r&b (92)techno (472)techno hardcore (10)trance (387)wreckless beats (13)
e-bow sizzlemichael2post rock (12)indie rock (41)experimental (505)other (58)e bow (1)melancholy (80)dazed and confused (2)
LIOLI #4raceratLIOLI 4 (3)LIOLI (56)train (45)experimental (505)racerat (16)sonny jim (10)
It Comes Down To This (collab w/jgurner and Macaudion)Ed Hannifinexperimental (505)finding my way (2)electric (100)guitar (1349)slow (120)piano (957)jgurner (5)Macaudion (10)
It Comes Down To This (remix) (collab w/jgurner and Macaudion)Ed Hannifinexperimental (505)repentant (1)finding my way (2)electric (100)guitar (1349)slow (120)piano (957)jgurner (5)Macaudion (10)
Love Revolutionleapfrogunicornsindie (192)rock (1959)experimental (505)protest (30)love (1469)revolution (28)hawaii (25)violence (18)war (168)peace (176)guitar (1349) (0)
Kings Of The Earthleapfrogunicornsindie (192)rock (1959)experimental (505)hawaii (25)king (22)david (8)earth (51) (0)
The Last Great WarRoxyleeRoxylee (45)Obstructions (1)Amagi (1)war (168)experimental (505)spoken word (78)creepy. (1)
Dark IsisLizard*Whistledark goddess (2)isis (2)esoteric (9)ethereal (36)experimental (505)
The FuryFrankAxtellfree jazz (5)experimental (505)outside (20)heavy guitar (1)rock guitar (36)metal (274)loud (79)hard rock (100)rock fusion (2)
L.O.L.@LIOLIDivinerambient (831)dub (63)experimental (505)
Distubingly relaxedDivinerambient (831)middle eastern drums (1)experimental (505)movie soundtrack (10)
Experimental EchoesDivinerAmbient (831)Experimental (505)Echolive (2)
Experimental Echoes (seasick version)DivinerExperimental (505)ambient (831)echolive (2)leslie simulater (1)
Fascinating and illogicalDivinerExperimental (505)Ambient (831)Dark (422)Haunting flute (2)
Earthly DelightsDivinerExperimental (505)ambient (831)breakbeat (69)
Kyrie (experimental/biba_nova)MystifiedKyrie (4)bmc (32)sbc (68)biba_nova (33)Mystified (167)experimental (505)
Judge Drunk MonkDivinerExperimental (505)Dub (63)Illbient (2)strangeness (1)
Experimental1willbill808experimental (505)
R2D2,C3PO+V4C01 w/ rschletty + rebsieDivinerExperimental (505)Breakbeat (69)Voice4Choice (5)V4C01 (7)rschletty (65)rebsie (48)
Ruinmulliunderground (26)experimental (505)alternative rock (47)
Fire sound musicwillbill808fire (55)alarm (4)new (167)experimental (505)
Escargoleapfrogunicornsindie (192)pop (694)experimental (505)hawaii (25)aloha (5)waves (32)goodbye (46)friend (129)artist (18)electronic (563)downtempo (96) (0)
Matador Of Designleapfrogunicornsend (36)goodbye (46)design (2)bull (6)matador (1)retire (1)finish (1)rock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)experimental (505)downtempo (96)fight (32)blood (33)spain (15)hawaii (25)aloha (5) (0)
EVP Series #4: Amusing Ourselves to DeathMystifiedbmc (32)sbc (68)Mystified (167)biba_nova (33)EVP (7)imagination (40)cinematic (124)experimental (505)laughter (12)
Tunnelsleapfrogunicornsmidnight (20)tunnels (1)time (141)work (34)loss (85)hawaii (25)indie (192)experimental (505)guitar (1349)emo (98)aloha (5)hole (5)down (49)sad (189)opportunity (1)pressure (14)pop (694)alternative (400)rock (1959)
Get the comfy chairDivinerExperimental (505)Ambient (831)
Ex/Rainbow DancerBoiAfricalove (1469)break up (15)romance (74)ballad (259)experimental (505)love song (76)heartache (16)heart break (3)
FlooredDaniel LambertIDM (37)experimental (505)jazz. (2)
Yes,dearDivinerDark ambient (8)experimental (505)star trek (8)
Down High (vocals)leapfrogunicornssun (110)end (36)earth (51)fly (33)eternity (8)space (234)universe (24)phoenix (7)fire (55)core (7)crust (1)armageddon (5)love (1469)god (270)hawaii (25)downtempo (96)indie (192)experimental (505)aloha (5)mahalo (1)surf (45)
8studiophiletecho (6)odd (13)experimental (505)
Delay on Ten (w/Mystified)michael2shoegaze (17)mysti mountain chop (1)experimental (505)droney (3)slo-core (10)spacey (20)
Your own trip (Short trip mix)DivinerExperimental (505)trippy (50)humourous (1)humous and tzatziki (1)
Dub Preco (The heavy, heavy mushroom mash mix) ft. Craft+LecoDivinerExperimental (505)Dub (63)Hip Hop (417)Mashy (1)Heavy on the dub (1)
What Seeks the Landeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)Matt Cooper (3)Joe McDonald (3)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)
Upshiteuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)Matt Cooper (3)Joe McDonald (3)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)
See it as it Endseuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)Matt Cooper (3)Joe McDonald (3)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)
three degrees of dissonanceMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)dissonance (6)longing (40)sorrow (32)experimental (505)improvisation (103)
Fly 2Sir Basship hop (417)trip hop (62)alternative (400)experimental (505)Bass (374)fly (33)free (69)create desire (1)
Blue Grass FusionReinholt56Deliverance (2)Blue grass (2)Jazz Fusion (77)Experimental (505)Electronica (379)
Zee BopSir BassReggae (85)rap (311)experimental (505)Sir Bass (7)
Awlâd al-hâratinâ dhikremburkeArabic (19)Fusion (213)Experimental (505)Middle Eastern (26)
Funk Yo' Mama (sample)emburkeFunk (357)Experimental (505)Alternative (400)clavinet (2)organ (108)guitar (1349)bass (374)horns (54)reeds (2)synths (68)drums (314)
YadhtriB YppaHMystifiedhappy birthday (4)biba_nova (33)bmc (32)experimental (505)sbc (68)Mystified (167)backwards-forwards (1)turning back the clock?? (1)
the law of timejibba1320ambient (831)meditation (65)electronic (563)experimental (505)
atmospherejibba1320techno (472)trance (387)club (174)dance (780)electronic (563)ambient (831)experimental (505)
Forever And A Dayaegri_somniaRift (4)Experimental (505)College (7)
Soundtrack Montagesundaydriversoundtrack (289)film (111)video (28)ambient (831)noise (85)art (81)creative (11)mix (27)montage (1)techno (472)experimental (505)electronic (563)background (14)dramatic (34)
Jason's Loop Songsundaydriverflute (193)percussion (78)fx (16)noise (85)strange (32)insane (17)crazy (86)humor (43)silly (43)drums (314)synth (386)analog (26)experimental (505)loop (46)
Marble on a JourneyMystifiedmarble (2)journey (85)Mystified (167)experimental (505)sbc (68)
Pontius Pyroatriskteenindie (192)experimental (505)noise (85)electro (185)
Up PsydeDivinerPsy (6)trance (387)techno (472)experimental (505)
The EclipseobbsterElectronic (563)Ambient (831)New Age (165)Sci-Fi (32)Experimental (505)
HangtimeFrankAxtellblues (741)rock (1959)progressive rock (90)experimental (505)avant garde (24)acid jazz (29)jam band (9)
Please Help, You Look ResponsibleGlaikitambient (831)downtempo (96)electronic (563)experimental (505)
What Was I Talking About?Glaikitexperimental (505)electronic (563)down beat (2)
The whole CABANZA !GnosticVelvetanalog sequencers (1)knobs (1)oscillators (2)custom hardware delay box (1)experimental (505)early techno (1)no wave (7)analog synthesizers (1)
Oralfingerdidge VibrationsGlaikitexperimental (505)dark (422)didgeridoo (20)spoken word (78)vocal (197)
Organ SurgeryGlaikitexperimental (505)electronic (563)drums (314)organ (108)breakbeat (69) (0)
SalviaGlaikitexperimental (505)electronic (563)salvia (2)hypnotic (14)repetitive (18)dark (422)
Entranced - one in a million rmxDaniel Lambertballad (259)glitch (35)idm (37)psychedelic (124)experimental (505)
Five Awayrockaholic392harp (82)time signature (1)fusion (213)experimental (505)fun (253)
The Altered Staterockaholic392evil (52)fast (162)techno (472)tri-tone (1)experimental (505)techno (472)trance (387)metal (274)
If Only I Could!decentpieprog (53)indie (192)experimental (505)polyrhythmic (3)compound time (1)
State of EmergencyFrankAxtellrock (1959)blues (741)experimental (505)guitar (1349)
LIOLI7--Industrielle #1--CaptureMystifiedMystified (167)LIOLI7 (7)sbc (68)industrial (167)experimental (505)vocal (197)mechanical (3)light (158)composition (13)dismantling (1)
2 weeksDaniel Lambertelectro-pop (2)idm (37)experimental (505)glitch (35)electronic (563)
Creator Of DarkborisluxxKraftwerk (9)Skinny Puppy (3)Boris Luxx (58)Sample (26)Experimental (505)
Someone's Dream #1Reinholt56Santana (18)Tangerine Dream (3)Reinholt's Dream Space (1)experimental (505)electronica (379)cinematic (124)
Time Tiptoes By (Trying it On Mix)Reinholt56Clock (86)time (141)bending (1)flies (6)boundary (2)tiptoes (1)playful (5)experimental (505) (0)
Off the Top (Five Extra Arms vs. Lavalamp)lavalamplavalamp (87)five extra arms (8)david armbruster (75)experimental (505) (0)
Bellydancing Fire Hydrantshavingronaldscarfusion (213)experimental (505)breakbeats (3)jazz (983)funk (357)psy funk (1)jungle (38)other (58)
Scattered MemoriesKori ArashiProgressive (220)metal (274)rock (1959)acoustic (812)solos (15)guitar (1349)prog (53)experimental (505)
Drifting Out of SanityKori ArashiProg (53)progressive (220)metal (274)rock (1959)fusion (213)jazz (983)experimental (505)guitar (1349)solos (15)
Flowjakgetar69experimental (505)filters (4)
Circuitsrockaholic392magical (10)airplanes (2)experimental (505)dark (422)chick corea (1)chick (3)corea (1)
Bob the Tennis PlayerspannerotooleAd lib (1)Open Mic (4)Experimental (505)
Space Voyage (Final)edpdxNew age (165)
What's 2+2?TheWhizziesdumb (16)dumbface (2)stupid (36)classroom (2)comedy (83)experimental (505)children's music (14)
Coprolitic Converter (Slow Fast Mix)DivinerExperimental (505)Mostly Midi (1)Mostly Harmless (1)
Work it (New Style)logics8Experimental (505)Garageband (82)Soundtrack Pro (1)
HumantheAplanelectronic (563)electro (185)electronica (379)trance (387)trip-hop (18)break-beat (1)ambient (831)synths (68)samples (30)program (2)music (391)new (167)upbeat (69)soundscape (49)dance (780)production (6)uplifting (25)musical (26)piano (957)techno (472)dance (780)energetic (13)sounds (14)progressive (220)rock (1959)hard rock (100)experimental (505)listen-able (1)breakbeat (69)ambient (831)layers (13)textures (3)beats (174) (0)
rumbling and grumblingtakadinafunk (357)instrumental (832)experimental (505)
Gossamer dissectedStun NutzIndustrial (167)electronic (563)effects (25)experimental (505)clarinet (46)loud (79)noisy (7)distortion (47)Gossamer (1)dissected (2)
Magdalen with a Different Faceeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)
She'll Findeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
Harlot as Half Shadeeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
clear the aireuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
tried to beeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
Where art Thoueuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
Rascal(nikov)euphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
look beforewardeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)
Minimal PleasuresSOSProductionsMinimal techno (1)experimental (505)electronic (563)bass (374)drums (314)
Cities Of The Red NightMellowshipcities (3)of (103)the (254)red (27)night (129)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)experimental (505)solo (125)reverse (9)rock (1959)
cut and runeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Purse Your Lipseuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Never Even Started avec le femmeeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Kingdom of Wanton Shiteuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Waves of Murky Drifteuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
slum lordeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Give Ineuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
Left too Dryeuphoreadoralternative (400)experimental (505)poetry (147)lack (31)euphoreador (52)junKbox (41)josh hinck (43)indyish (32)poemovie (32)confession of faith (52)i-outlaw (31)indie (192)art (81)music (391)poetics (31)poet (39)gothic (79)goth (74)metal (274)industrial (167)dark wave (22)ebm (29)eclectic (35)spoken word (78)experimental (505)emo (98)chineSeXXX (19)american (40)idolatry (19)
I'll walk awayBeccaJohnsonElectro (185)dance (780)pop (694)experimental (505)
Azzhat 3000Mellowshipazzhat (1)hat (6)ass (22)azz (1)3000 (1)electronic (563)idm (37)drum n bass (62)dnb (38)experimental (505)breakbeat (69)fun (253)mellowship (64)mellow (151)ship (20)
A Storm Comingapocafunkwar (168)religion (46)greed (20)dark (422)experimental (505)heavy (204)apocalyptic (6)
bagel catedral 2.0bageltogoJapanese (48)MidiOrleans (1)La Catedral Preludio (1)downtempo (96)electronica (379)dub (63)experimental (505)
TremmorCraizeeMusicTechno (472)Dark (422)Experimental (505)edgy (8)CraizeeMusic (5) (0)
Quel Fromagepoodyglitzelectronic (563)trance (387)experimental (505)moog (32)space (234)fromage (2)arturia (6)protools (8)soundscape (49)analog (26)sequencer (1)collage (9)cinematic (124)soundtrack (289)film (111)score (38)trippy (50)psychedelic (124)filter (6)
Invention #18 (Narration for Pulleys)WildlifeAnalysisMandolin (61)space (234)pulleys (1)experimental (505)ambient (831)
Ghost Town Flyer by Outlandish Kinradiocurlygypsy hip hop (8)acid jazz (29)fusion (213)alternative (400)original (78)experimental (505)dance (780)trance (387)
Scattered Memories Pt. IIKori ArashiAmbient (831)Dream (157)Thought (7)Progressive (220)Rock (1959)Solo (125)Guitar (1349)Virtuoso (7)Jazz (983)Fusion (213)Experimental (505)
Valley of Steam by Deep ChillradiocurlyChill (162)acid jazz (29)techno (472)dance (780)trance (387)dancy (12)trancy (10)hip hop (417)hippity hoppity (8)experimental (505)ambient (831)laid back (17)deep chill (4)radiocurly.com (12)
These City Streets by Cyborg TranceradiocurlyExperimental (505)very experimental (1)extremely experimental (1)
Faraway Romance by Deep Chillradiocurlydancy (12)trancy (10)hip hop (417)chill (162)ambient (831)dance (780)trance (387)acid jazz (29)experimental (505)lounge (42)deep chill (4)hippity hoppity (8) (0)
The Cosmic ForgeKori ArashiGuitar (1349)Solo (125)Virtuoso (7)Kori (12)Arashi (12)Heavy (204)Metal (274)Dramatic (34)Epic (62)Beat (137)Big (22)Industrial (167)Experimental (505)Cosmic (11)Forge (1)
Water Journeynitekatt2009Experimental (505)film score sound (1)
VexMellowshipelectronic (563)experimental (505)live (168)ableton (19)mellowship (64)
End of Miles by Radio CurlyradiocurlyEnd of Miles (1)experimental (505)acid jazz (29)radiocurly.com (12)Chris Loft (7)
Last Miles by Radio CurlyradiocurlyLast Miles (2)acid jazz (29)experimental (505)dancy (12)trancy (10)hippity hoppity (8) (0)
Hourly Procedures by Cyborg Tranceradiocurlyhourly procedures (1)experimental (505)radiocurly.com (12)Chris Loft (7)cyborg trance (6)
the memory of starsMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)stars (62)ambience (18)experimental (505)imagination (40)creation (11)possibilities (1)
Kit ChenDWHguitar (1349)experimental (505)frusciante (1)ambient (831)
Synthetic Nirvanaapocafunkeclectic (35)funky (92)percussion (78)arabic (19)instrumental (832)experimental (505)
TaurusMellowshipelectronic (563)experimental (505)drum n bass (62)breakbeat (69)aphex twin (21)mellowship (64)squarepusher (15)taurus (2)instrumental (832)dance (780)club (174)
Cosmic Radiation #1 (Bare Bones Mix)Reinholt56Background noise (3)radiation (3)vastness (2)emptiness (6)Ambience (18)otherworldly (4)experiMENTAL (505)
SonriaSuicideEvolutionExperimental (505)
Wishing WellSuicideEvolutionEasy listening (67)Experimental (505)new stuff (1) (0)
ShrugMellowshipdrum n bass (62)electronic (563)experimental (505)techno (472)shrug (1)mellowship (64)mellow (151)ship (20)reason (35)propellerhead (8)
Etherapocafunkbeats (174)trumpet (105)harmonica (54)atmospheric (35)experimental (505)
Primordial Reckoningawigzeambient (831)crowd (12)sax (98)experimental (505)
bored of this?fremsleyAmbient (831)Drone (26)Electronic (563)IDM (37)fremsley (8)Glasgow (15)Dumfries (13)Scotland (10)experimental (505)Background Music (3)
DroopT_Being_esqAmbient (831)Experimental (505)Trance (387)
FootprintsAcetyleneJukeboxjazz (983)nu-jazz (3)Drum n Bass (62)electronica (379)Wayne Shorter (3)electronica (379)experimental (505) (0)
Life Plus 30085Mellowshiplife (255)plus (1)30 (1)0 (1)85 (2)mellowship (64)drum n bass (62)electronic (563)new (167)drum (76)bass (374)macbook (16)reason (35)propellerhead (8)aphex twin (21)squarepusher (15)tuss (2)the (254)new (167)instrumental (832)experimental (505)
Funkonomic Stimulus PlanAcetyleneJukeboxfunk (357)glitch (35)jazz (983)NUjazz (51)experimental (505) (0)
Pur SeverMellowshipMellowship (64)dance (780)trance (387)ambient (831)house (194)club (174)new (167)experimental (505)korg (35)emx-1 (17)
Hand OutMellowshipnew (167)other (58)experimental (505)korg (35)electronic (563)hand out (1)
Earth ScapeReinholt56Earth (51)sounds (14)diversity (2)natural (6)un-natural (1)Ambient (831)Experimental (505)a happy mixture of both (1)almost otherworldly (1)
Dance To My BeatMellowshipMellowship (64)dance (780)to (103)my (104)beat (137)new (167)experimental (505)electronic (563)
Dance To My Beat OutroMellowshipMellowship (64)live (168)dance (780)to (103)my (104)beat (137)outro (5)new (167)electronic (563)experimental (505)other (58)
Gin and Tonic PleasebageltogoHip Hop (417)R&B (92)Funk (357)Experimental (505)
Start Your Grey Matter...apocafunkexperimental (505)beats (174)eclectic (35)noise (85)dark (422)guitar (1349)keyboard (80)
Dark Desert Nightbageltogohip hop (417)rap (311)experimental (505)movie soundtrack (10)cinematic soundtrack (15)Arabian (2)
DendritesAcetyleneJukeboxexperimental (505)techno (472)dendrites (1)Nodal (1) (0)
Project Ominouscyrus0302beats (174)synth (386)techno (472)hip hop (417)experimental (505)ambient (831)fruity loops (3)soundtrack (289)
SmuhugRaquiellecollage (9)ambient (831)voices (21)experimental (505)political (50)religious (26)
OpenMellowshipelectronic (563)electronica (379)electro (185)new (167)other (58)experimental (505)ableton (19)live (168)macbook (16)compute (1)open (27)up (50)jam (94)chill (162)ambient (831)techno (472)dance (780)pop (694)mellowship (64)fractal (12)fraqtal (11)
A Semblance of OrderReinholt56Ambiental (11)Space Ambient (25)Experimental (505)chaos (36)semblance of order (2)musical state space (1)out of chaos comes order (1)a journey through the minds eye (1)
Seemingly Unexpected SentinaljohnnybluesInstrumental (832)Journey (85)Psychedelic (124)long (33)experimental (505)ambient (831)sonic (5)electronic. (4)
The Oort Shuffle (An Ambientle Mix)Reinholt56Ambient (831)experimental (505)Oort Cloud (1)space (234)Space Ambient (25)pressure (14)oxygen (3)atmosphere (15)lack of atmosphere (1)vacuum (5)drifting (23)
Firmer thenm1experimental (505)bleak (4)
The Good BoundlessVaisviljazz (983)electro (185)other (58)vocal (197)experimental (505)
Lost At SeaMannequinRacescalm (63)radio communication (1)bloops (1)blips (4)screeching noise (1)instrumental (832)experimental (505)water (69)sample (26)
SR-71Ren-Tin-10Lockheed (1)SR-71 (1)experimental (505)acid rock (2)
The Final FrontieralexfinalElectronica (379)Experimental (505)Progressive (220)Alternative (400)Psychedelic (124)Dance (780)Mood Music (2)
Little BirdieTonyAzemiatony (18)azemia (16)ukulele (27)solo (125)folk (545)experimental (505) (0)
As I watch you pass from this planetary mass... farewell to Jessicacarlajpattersonmemorial (7)experimental (505)improvisational (9)live improv (1)
Willin (rough edit)carzloverWillin (1)Electronic (563)Techno (472)Experimental (505)
Man Down For LoveeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
DenominationeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
Carnal GethsemeneeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
ForageeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
What Are You Looking ForeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
TopographyeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
Retreat Down the Long HauleuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
God Damned You Charred EartheuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
Rift ValleyeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)
The Mush and the MighteuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)electronica (379)electro (185)
Too Far to be RememberedeuphoreadorConfession of Faith (52)Josh Hinck (43)euphoreador (52)goth (74)industrial (167)experimental (505)metal (274)gothic (79)alternative (400)art (81)dominatrix (11)poetry (147)poems (11)music (391)avant garde (24)poetics (31)poet (39)i-outlaw (31)emo (98)stoner rock (11)progressive (220)spoken word (78)video (28)performances (11)gloom (13)ChineSeXXX (19)American (40)Idolatry (19)heavy metal (62)life and Death in Dark noir (11)adrift (13)darkwave (32)electronica (379)electro (185)
Broken by: Spitlogic (Apocafunk mix)apocafunkbroken (77)flow (14)dark (422)experimental (505)beats (174)piano (957)hip hop (417)
Evolution SymphonyDharma_Logosclassical (816)techno (472)experimental (505)harpsichord (29)garage band (17)synthesizers (14)loops (169)
bass vs. sitar round 1bageltogositar (22)indian (29)experimental (505)hip hop (417)open collaboration (12)
Yamlajat Bagelbageltogoexperimental (505)punjabi (3)remix (126)open collaboration (12)open collaborations (8)hip hop (417)trip hop (62)
WaterloopDemeter7Experimental (505)Chinese Water Torture (1)Demeter7 (20)Char (88)
L'Aube et l'EspoirSymphony101experimental (505)instrumental (832)symphonic rock (4)amateur (3)
Nightmare (take 1)RoaringGirlnoise (85)experimental (505)
OneironautKori ArashiDream (157)Lucid (6)Prog (53)Rock (1959)Progressive (220)Jazz (983)Experimental (505)Fusion (213)Kori (12)Arashi (12)Oneiros (1)
Circuit Bent Fun (working title)MannequinRaceselectronic (563)experimental (505)circuit bent (1)game sounds (1)modulated (1)guitar (1349)drums (314)
Tuba Man (working title)MannequinRacestuba (16)indie (192)groovy (30)industrial (167)clocks (4)gears (1)spokes (1)electronic (563)experimental (505)
All Good Bagel (remix of De La Soul and Chaka Kahn)bageltogode la soul (1)chaka kahn (1)hip hop (417)rap (311)remix (126)indian (29)experimental (505)
Frantic ComputerGreenChilliMusiccomputer (20)frantic (3)experimental (505)
Seth the IncarnateedwarkeElectronic (563)Electro pop (4)Instrumental (832)experimental (505)
DR34D-B3475AcetyleneJukeboxDub (63)Industrial (167)Jazz(instrumental) Nujazz (1)Experimental (505)Gothic Rock (3)Orcs (1)Ringwraiths (1) (0)
Keep Makin' Progress on the StakeAncestor_Machineexperimental (505)choral (20)jazz (983)funk (357)70s rock (1)psychedelia (6)keep makin' progress on the stake (1)ancestor machine (1)germany (27)belgium (1)brussels (1)
Great DisappointmentCraizeeMusicexperimental (505)techno (472)trance (387)electronic (563)
Just Like MeCraizeeMusicexperimental (505)soft rock (20)
FlootLoopzH3nryflute (193)drums (314)ethnic (67)tribal (36)experimental (505)
The Callingdarkwingsaliens (27)techno (472)experimental (505)prog. rock (1)aphex twin (21)
PsychologyAemyninsanity (28)orchestral (141)crazy (86)weird (61)experimental (505)uneasy (5)circus (17)creepy (34)human (10)mind (49)psycho (16)nightmares (6)carnival (10)clowns (1)frustration (15)frustrating (1)trauma (1)
i wanna go homedimm witnessmoog (32)synth (386)experimental (505)electronic (563)
Disparate Parts (An Experiment in Kind)Reinholt56Chaos (36)rhythm (43)arhythm (1)percussion (78)bass (374)together (28)apart (6)experimental (505)
Cup for the Saintsli3detect0rpoetry (147)hip hop (417)fusion (213)experimental (505) (0)
crystallinetelecaster29ambient (831)progressive rock (90)experimental (505)alternative (400)electronica (379)
Nightmare Gallery, Part 1. Short ride in a pine box.CounterHarmonyDepressive (2)experimental (505)Metal (274)black metal (3)
for jmtelecaster29guitar (1349)instrumental (832)folk (545)experimental (505)celtic (130)john martyn (3)
Nightmare Gallery, Part:2. Train InfernalCounterHarmonyTrain (45)destruction (20)experimental (505)Rock (1959)nightmare (27)
Modern AgeJetSmith88jet (6)smith (2)house (194)jazz (983)nujazz (51)electronic (563)experimental (505)127 (1)bpm (2)
Metastasis (A Crystal Growth Mix)Reinholt56Crystals (1)crystal growth (1)sci-fi (32)experimental (505)spreading (1)
Zinc OxideAcetyleneJukeboxJazz(instrumental) (4)NUjazz (51)Electronic (563)Experimental (505)Trip-Hop (18)space-jazz odyssey (1) (0)
ThirteenDWHataxia (1)turtleneck (1)bass (374)guitar (1349)drums (314)experimental (505)
Frau BuchlaoldlibmikeExperimental (505)percussive (2)Buchla (1)
Magnetic Anomaly FanfareAcetyleneJukeboxExperimental (505)Electronic (563)Magnetic Anomaly (1) (0)
Abstract Realities #1Reinholt56Abstract (34)experimental (505)Ouroboros (1)theres nothing new under the sun (1)what comes around comes around (1)infinity is but a length of time held together by space and concepts (1)
Bells and Drums ImprovDoug SomersExperimental (505)Bells (78)Drums (314)Arpeggiator (3)
Like RealMaximum_Luxelectronica (379)experimental (505)space (234)synthesizer (74)like (30)real (18)maximum (4)lux (4)
She's A GhostMaximum_LuxMaximum (4)Lux (4)She's A Ghost (1)Psychedelic (124)Electronica (379)Experimental (505)
Space TragedyMaximum_Luxmaximum (4)lux (4)space (234)tragedy (9)electronica (379)dance (780)experimental (505)
Empty Sky Over the NileAcetyleneJukeboxTrip Hop (62)Middle-Eastern (5)Electronic (563)Ethnic-International (3)Experimental (505)DJ Sphinx rocks the party while Zen Monks tear it up on shakuhachi. (1)
The System Will KnowMontagIndustrial (167)Krautrock (2)Experimental (505)Psychotronic (9)Indietronic (1)Electronic (563)
Eating Satellitesatriskteenat (17)risk (7)teen (16)eating (5)satellites (4)indie (192)noise (85)electronic (563)experimental (505)
Slalom #5Reinholt56Slalom (3)experimental (505)snow slopes (1)revamped (2)
No.14 (physics)NikosPhysics (6)space jam (3)space guitar (1)experimental (505)
Tharsis HighlandsDJShadowkatAmbient (831)Experimental (505)
Eating Satellites (UK Radio Edit)atriskteenindie (192)teen (16)at (17)noise (85)h4h (2)experimental (505)risk (7)electronica (379)
H4H (Rough Edit)atriskteenindie (192)teen (16)at (17)noise (85)h4h (2)experimental (505)risk (7)electronica (379)
Round MidnightAcetyleneJukeboxJazz(instrumental} (1)NUjazz (51)Jazz fusion (77)Experimental (505)Downtempo.Psychedelic (1)Thelonious Monk (3)What was in that cocktail anyway? (1)
Electricity Drips (In Three Waves)DJShadowkatAmbient (831)experimental (505)
My Eyeshuntysinred (27)eyes (45)beat (137)box (7)beatbox (3)experimental (505)
HyperonVaisvilvaisvil (10)electronic (563)experimental (505)raga (10)
_'The Sounds' _ 'I Make Mine'_TvRickyAmbient (831)Experimental (505)World (236)International (33)
Tu Seulement Tucarlajpattersonexperimental (505)improvisational (9)vocal (197)jazz (983)bass (374)
"Fanfare to a Bygone Future"LonePineMusicsteampunk (5)experimental (505)renaissance (52)Henry (4)Purcell (6)violin (104)hammond (5)novachord (1)
Imaginary FriendMaximum_Luxmaximum lux (12)imaginary friend (1)garageband (82)midi (73)keyboard (80)electronica (379)experimental (505)80s (45)
_'Basics & More'_featuring_'A1K3M1'TvRickyExperimental (505)World (236)International (33)Zipped (2)Too Cold (1)Dip Layed (1)
Green MandalaOrpheuselectronic (563)experimental (505)mandala (1)garageband (82)orpheus (6)
Chain ReactionMaximum_Luxmaximum lux (12)chain reaction (1)electrorock (1)experimental (505)midi (73)casio (8)80's (40)eighties (7)synths (68)
Fire Damaged Club Hitatriskteenindie (192)electronic (563)noise (85)experimental (505)at risk teen (2)
No patience (instrumental)hongshanfunk (357)rock (1959)groove (158)trance (387)lead (20)experimental (505)
A Tasteful Bloodlettingatriskteenindie (192)electro (185)electronic (563)noise (85)experimental (505)techno (472)bloodletting (1)tasteful (1)
TelemurderMaximum_Luxmaximum lux (12)telemurder (1)electro (185)rock (1959)experimental (505)
Something Else (Remix)CraizeeMusicMass Effect (5)MassEffect (2)Soundtrack (289)Sound Track (5)Electronic (563)Techno (472)Video Game (15)Trance (387)Dance (780)Experimental (505)
Choreographing Arsonatriskteenarson (2)at risk teen (2)shoegazer (5)house (194)my bloody valentine (1)noise (85)experimental (505)electronic (563)indie (192)
BirdspaceH3nryJazz (983)electronic (563)synthesizer (74)experimental (505)
ExaminationsaSHguitARelectronic (563)experimental (505)weird (61)dark (422)
Time to DieNormalpower (66)noise (85)electronic (563)experimental (505)udr (2)ebm (29)tucson (2)seattle (13)
Daft Minuetatriskteenindie (192)electronica (379)experimental (505)noise (85)DIY (2)
ambient driftdesakotaambient (831)downtempo (96)drift (10)experimental (505)trippy (50)
Camino EmbrujadoAcetyleneJukeboxDub (63)NUjazz (51)Jazz(instrumental) (4)Experimental (505)Art Rock (39)Ambient (831) (0)
OysterDrToastyElectronic (563)Electronica (379)Rock (1959)Experimental (505)
The Devil's Dislocationatriskteenindie (192)experimental (505)electronic (563)noise (85)at (17)risk (7)teen (16)devil (34)alternative (400)
Gates Of HeavenmystragHeaven (48)Sky (65)Aery (1)Ambient (831)Rock (1959)Instrumental (832)Experimental (505)
Chameli (preview)SeanLawrenceglitch (35)noise (85)experimental (505)electronic (563)
Infected Monsters, Storming Gatecrasheratriskteenat (17)risk (7)teen (16)dance (780)electronic (563)indie (192)noise (85)DIY (2)experimental (505)alternative (400)EDM (13)
(SRC 2013) SECCHI A CME0054Corporal Beefexperimental (505)electronic (563)
It happened just like thisoldlibmikeexperimental (505)soundscape (49)
Lucy has a childDanielexperimental (505)electro (185)dance (780)hardcore (53)dadgar (92)mohajer (9)daniel (8) (0)
Lucy has a childDanielElectronic (563)dadgar (92)mohajer (9)experimental (505)
Clash of the BellsJakesterLSynth (386)Wind (60)experimental (505)
The Mendelbrot SetbilldancourtneyElectronic (563)experimental (505)synth (386)guitar (1349)bass (374)
Back to Samsara (Just One More Time)billdancourtneyinstrumental (832)electronic (563)ambient (831)psychedelic (124)experimental (505) (0)
Back to Samsara (Just One More Time)billdancourtneyExperimental (505)Ambient (831)Psychedelic (124)
There's Something in the IcebilldancourtneySamples (30)Experimental (505)Horror (30)Sci-Fi (32)Synth (386)Reaktor5 (2)Battery4 (2) (0)
Sounds from the Carlaversecarlajpattersonexperimental (505)avant garde (24)autotune reinvented (1)vocal landscaping (1)
In Progresslyzakimprovisational (9)ipad (73)experimental (505)collabotation (1)