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The Blue Elephant Songdaneblue (60)elephant (7)friend (129)beach (31)team (1)sand (27)warm (25)ocean (61)breeze (11)fantasy (37)dream (157)dreams (118)emo (98)acoustic (812)piano (957)voice (56)singer (32)songwriter (24)vocalist (3)
EcstasyLeonLeon (26)ecstasy (4)love (1469)romance (74)fantasy (37)latin (117)seduction (3)
FantasyAlannahFantasy (37)dreams (118)lonely (64)
All for the hand of a LadyelfdaughterCeltic (130)bodhran (4)fantasy (37)medieval (22)
Riddles in the DarkelfdaughterLOTR (3)Lord of the Rings (4)the hobbit (2)bilbo (2)fantasy (37)
CotF: Dance of the NaiadsAndronisfairies (9)fae (4)faeries (4)faeri (2)peri (2)fay (2)fairy (10)naiad (1)naiads (1)fantasy (37)classical (816)piano (957)suite (13)program music (4)dance (780)ballet (20)Andronis (17)
CotF: Spanish DanceAndronisfairies (9)fae (4)faeries (4)faeri (2)peri (2)fay (2)fairy (10)fantasy (37)classical (816)piano (957)suite (13)program music (4)Spanish (37)Spain (15)latin (117)dance (780)ballet (20)Andronis (17)
The Faries Stay Close To MeLpd42Dreamlike (6)Fantasy (37)epic (62)cinematic... (1)
Reverie of my Child at SlumberRickB1strings (402)cinematic (124)dreams (118)lullaby (79)soundtrack (289)fantasy (37)orchestral (141)symphony (76)world music (18)jam pack 4 (19)children (83)dreams (118)harp (82)tranquility (7)flute (193)
Summer Dancefairymagic17Fairy (10)dancing (26)pretty (29)children (83)faery (1)magical (10)fantasy (37)
Moorlandt's ReverieRickB1Cinematic (124)orchestral (141)strings (402)dream (157)vocals (151)child (32)lullaby (79)fantasy (37)imagination (40)
Hollow EarthMystifiedhollow earth (3)science fiction (16)fantasy (37)journey (85)sbc (68)Mystified (167)
MicroscopyborisluxxSmooth (120)electronic (563)Boris Luxx (58)synth (386)keyboard (80)July 4th (1)melodic (94)lighthearted (4)fantasy (37)dark (422)light (158)
Trance Fantasycyberquartz23Trance (387)Fantasy (37)Good (182)Great (44)Awesome (81)
Motorcycle GirlDWL80s (45)Eighties (7)synths (68)grunge (35)motorcycle (7)girl (144)fantasy (37)reality (28)bollox (1)grass is greener (1)Hollywood (16)
YESTERDAY'S DICEBarretokNostalgia (23)yearning (5)daydreaming (2)love (1469)relationships (43)fantasy (37)poetry (147)fate (12)
THE PAINTINGBarretokArt (81)painting (1)Spain (15)Hemingway (1)fantasy (37)dreams (118)prostitutes (1)Venice (3)church (27)midgets (1)trip (47)
The EVIL Robotic UnicornTheWhizziesevil (52)robotic (3)unicorn (3)synth (386)electronic (563)loops (169)children's music (14)kids (46)fantasy (37)story (64)funny (85)
Lost Boy SurrenderBoiAfricachildhood (17)fantasy (37)dreams (118)child soldier (1)city life (2)
Lost Boy Surrender [Unmix]BoiAfricalost (82)fantasy (37)childhood (17)adolescence (2)
Of Leaf and StreamVaisvilmusic (391)new age (165)easy listening (67)guitar (1349)fantasy (37)
Snowpeak Temple (Act II)Ancient RhymerKurbstomp (55)Kurbstomp Records (16)Holistik (44)JDK (38)Ancient Rhymer (38)Snowpeak (1)Temple (6)Obsinea (3)Fantasy (37)Adanacmorf (5)Tyrant (1)Warrior (9)Fighter (3)Music Box (7)Sword (2)Rising (8)
Fantasy Lady (ft Awigze)lengoldFantasy (37)Lady (14)Eastern (21)
Goblin fireGrifionGoblin (1)fire (55)fantasy (37)Fantasy-Goth (2)RPG metal (1)
LunacyChimalusLunacy (4)horror (30)terror (19)hallucination (6)dream (157)nightmare (27)fantasy (37)imagine (5)imagination (40)ghost (43)eidolon (3)
The Shadow Hallsalfredthepelicanfantasy (37)instrumental (832)synth sounds (1)halls (4)shadow (17)
Dreaming of the City LightsMorning LightAmbient (831)vocal (197)fantasy (37)City Lights (1)
Lover-BoyJ.A.StewartSex (99)lover (18)fantasy (37)satisfaction (1)guaranteed (2)wild (18)free (69)
Adharine's LullabyValleyPastorWorld (236)lullaby (79)fantasy (37)Celtic (130)folk (545)
Space is Acesuperiorsuitpiano (957)dreams are magic (1)fantasy (37)space (234)outer (2)journey (85)
No Place Like HomeTobinMuellerSoprano Sax (13)Woody Mankowski (18)duet (32)piano (957)jazz (983)instrumental (832)Over The Rainbow (1)fantasy (37)TobinMueller (61)
Steel and SkinReinholt56Robot (24)Bendar (1)Isaac Asimov (2)fantasy (37)science fiction (16)sci fi (6)distant past (1)far future (1)dream on (1)