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Afraid of Girlsrovert10Daughter (13)touch (6)pervert (2)girls (26)afraid (6)
New Century Girlsfive_extra_armsNew Wave (28)girls (26)
in your headmiqrelationships (43)love (1469)girls (26) (0)
The MovementKharismaticClub (174)Party (45)Fun (253)Girls (26)
The Active GirlsstevelActive (2)Girls (26)acoustic (812)stevel (39)silly (43)daft (4)bit (5)immature (2)
Dissatisfied w/Echoroomraceratdissatisfied (1)Anna Karina (1)Saint (2)sinner (3)thinner (1)house (194)lust (18)smells (3)drink (11)skin (9)european (7)waiter (1)thumb (2)home (76)sleep (62)crash (23)pool (7)undress (1)distress (4)tension (21)boys (9)girls (26)
Hang on to Your Red CoatParanoid Androidfolk (545)pop (694)song (277)lyrics (43)inspirational (109)happy (163)sad (189)girls (26)lady (14)love (1469)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)
Road Trip!tempieroad trip (6)school (29)summer (122)cars (14)girls (26)motel (1)truckers (1)
Girls on PatrolPaddyNavinCaryatidGirls (26)Patrol (3)Rock (1959)Alternative (400)NanoPAD (1)Killers (2) (0)
The Math SongthekurtisprojectMath (3)Song (277)School (29)Girls (26)books (6)paper (3)sit (2)x (23)y (2) (0)
New Century Girls MJRFfive_extra_armsnew (167)century (1)girls (26)munchkins (3)
Unwantedraceratunwanted (2)un-needed (1)mistreated (1)boys (9)girls (26)
If these Boots could TalkLivingstonewomen (21)girls (26)motorcycle (7)route 66 (2)Texas (8)Chicago (33)hunting (5)sports (1)boots (9)talk (7)walk (20)carolinas (1)relatinships (1)
The Tempie Sound - LioLi9tempieparty (45)girls (26)house party (1)white boy gets funky (1)motorcycle with windshield (1)leather pants and a monkey (1)
Mean Girlsdynamite_van_pipeDyanmite Van Pipe (1)dynamite (2)van (2)pipe (2)tempie (5)paddy (14)mean (10)girls (26)mean girls (1)
The Golden Ruletempielife (255)happiness (50)rock n roll (27)cars (14)girls (26)divorce (14)etc (10)
Canton Girls (with guitar)MonkatonCanton (2)Girls (26)pound (4)love (1469)blind (13)
Stars (Alt. Vocal)PaddyNavinCaryatidindie (192)late night (2)dazed and confused (2)paddy (14)caryatid (13)stars (62)gas station (1)cars (14)girls (26)
Tailpipetempietailpipe (1)girls (26)short shorts (2)hiking boots (1)camel lights (1)rolling around (1)
Dead Milkmentempiesummer (122)skateboard (3)milkmen (1)girls (26)suburbs (2)thrasher (1)
Himalayatempieamusement (1)carnival (10)family vacation (1)girls (26)duran duran (4)