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Dreams II (w/ Emily Rohm)TobinMuellerfolk (545)vocal (197)acoustic (812)harp (82)love (1469)classical (816)showtune (13)musical (26)lullaby (79)romance (74)new age (165)Creature (17)Frankenstein (5)Dreams (118)dream (157)Emily Rohm (11)tobin (86)dreamy (42)
Turn The KeyTobinMuellerfolk (545)harp (82)adult contemporary (17)easy listening (67)spiritual (68)inspirational (109)family (55)love (1469)ethereal (36)
Without Doubtnyakkilullaby (79)loop (46)loops (169)loop only (4)loops only (72)harp (82)modified loops (55)
Personent HodiekristyjoChristmas (284)Holiday (146)Latin (117)harp (82)cello (82)bells (78)
A Penny For Your ThoughtsJoannaJoanna (44)vocals (151)singer (32)orchestral (141)penny (1)love (1469)clarinet (46)harp (82)strings (402)
Just Check It feat. JDKhaosAncient RhymerHolistik (44)G1 (14)Kurbstomp (55)URG (20)U.R.G. (25)Underground Rap Generals (19)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)Blue Mule (1)Club (174)Dance (780)Freestyle (14)Drunk (30)Alcohol (12)Drugs (57)Sexually (1)Suggestive (2)Lyrics (43)Just (15)Check (3)It (72)Just Check It (2)Superhero (5)Bass (374)Electroclash (2)Trance (387)Rave (41)p.dot (3)The Path That We Walk (1)Prism (2)Color (7)Insight (2)Who (24)What (39)When (19)Where (7)Why (28)Canuck (1)Canada (26)Canadian (5)Champion (2)Loud (79)Fool (13)Trick (3)Harp (82)
Round WindowmandolinquentWorld War One (4)mandolin (61)Revolving Doris (11)harp (82)Ypres (2)Rebsie (48)mandolinquent (20)
The Blue Mangwhooseharp (82)voice (56)
Nostalgia Waltzkristyjomemories (66)quiet (53)thoughtful (5)clarinet (46)harp (82)
Call Me HolistikHolistikhip-hop (88)rap (311)Holistik (44)Kurbstomp (55)Carson (13)defining (1)orchestra (289)piano (957)harp (82)
Bubbling BrookCameronharp (82)solo (125)improvisation (103)
Reverie of my Child at SlumberRickB1strings (402)cinematic (124)dreams (118)lullaby (79)soundtrack (289)fantasy (37)orchestral (141)symphony (76)world music (18)jam pack 4 (19)children (83)dreams (118)harp (82)tranquility (7)flute (193)
promisethoddij0j0 (1)harp (82)harmonica (54)blues (741)soul (144)love (1469)
Autumn's AllemandeVicDieseldance (780)renaissance (52)medieval (22)recorder (48)lute (5)harp (82)dulcian (1)krumhorn (2)courtly suite (10)
Puski duskiapbeducation (7)languages (1)multi-lingual (1)educational (10)puski (1)duski (1)pusky (1)dusky (1)apu (1)in middle ocean (1)sardines (3)bath-time (1)bathtime (1)kids (46)children (83)spanish (37)german (16)french (21)korean (2)english (161)harp (82)collaboration (131)collab (90)
Going PlacesReinholt56Classical (816)harp (82)brass (53)woodwind (33)percussion (78)fun (253)build-up (2)integration (1)arrangement. (1)
The Leaving Song*MJGharp (82)leaving (25) (0)
Lady in the snow. (Why are you crying?)thatcomposerguyminimalistic (5)movie (49)harp (82)classical (816)
Brown Bread (with Rebsie on harp)DWLdeath (198)happiness (50)gabriel (6)harp (82)calypso (6)
Canon go Boomrockaholic392harp (82)canon (12)rythm (3)love (1469)magic (23)castles (3)unicorns (3)
Of Scooters and SquaresScootersAndSquaresInstrumental (832)piano (957)cello (82)double bass (9)harp (82)classical (816)emotional (41)
Snare+Orchestra=BrillianceScootersAndSquaresPiano (957)Classical (816)Harp (82)Flute (193)Celesta (3)Calm (63)Soothing (37)Snare (12)
Five Awayrockaholic392harp (82)time signature (1)fusion (213)experimental (505)fun (253)
Gentle Breezeskristyjoclarinet (46)flute (193)harp (82)quiet (53)restful (1)
fall back leap forwardpeaseblossomharp (82)
Shetland Harpfabien0784harp (82)flute (193)violin (104)
Dance at Merry's TavernAndronisAndronis (17)folk (545)tavern (1)renaissance (52)fife (2)harp (82)guitar (1349)
Oregon SunrisejlbowlerClassical (816)flute (193)harp (82)Fierro (3)
Dreams (MJRF)TobinMuellerCreature (17)Emily Rohm (11)dreams (118)Reunion Festival (4)harp (82)lullaby (79)Tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)
Rainy March (MJRF 2009 recharge mix)drakonisrain (140)thunder (26)harp (82)french horn (9)cello (82)march (41)myth (12)game (54)bungie (2)harmony assistant (18)drakonis (77)
Lazy River (w/TERRAPLANE)WillyBparty (45)fun (253)old school (17)rock and roll (25)harp (82)harmonica (54)
The Ice Maiden's Gavotte (remix)richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)loops only (72)glockenspiel (8)harp (82)tympani (5)gavotte (1)
Lollapalooza for Percussion, Brass, Basses, Cello and Harprichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)tympani (5)brass (53)harp (82)
Harpe Du Soirfabien0784harp (82)evening (9)
CurrentsSeanLawrencedrum (76)bass (374)drum and bass (36)dnb (38)break (40)breakbeat (69)breakcore (5)electronic (563)electronica (379)harp (82)hard (103)core (7)hardcore (53)
The Sea of Sunsetalfredthepelicansunset (25)harp (82)melody (34)calm (63)
With Bated Breath Ichristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)classical (816)music (391)orchestra (289)flute (193)harp (82)strings (402) (0)
Downtf10musicblues (741)indie rock (41)harmonica (54)harp (82)
'Take A Note To My Love'christopherpslyTake (26)A (136)Note (4)To (103)My (104)Love (1469)classical (816)harp (82)flute (193)orchestra (289)christopher (190)sly (195)
"Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace" - An English Country DanceLonePineMusicgreen (34)sleeves (1)greensleeves (4)recorder (48)bass (374)tenor (15)alto (9)soprano (12)kelhorn (3)harp (82)harpsichord (29)dance (780)renaissance (52)english (161)country (178)viola (21)violin (104)
WHEN THE WOODS ARE FREE PART 3alfredthepelicanclassical (816)romantic (64)harp (82)jazzy (37)instrumental (832)orchestral (141)
Violin Concerto No 1 - 1st Movementchristopherpslyviolin (104)concerto (27)composer (159)christopher (190)sly (195)english (161)orchestra (289)flute (193)harp (82)
Bits 1DrToastyScore (38)Ambient (831)Orchestral (141)Harp (82)Bassoon (37)Cello (82)
Bro .. with A-man and gadzookslyzakharp (82)friendship (21)sixties (11)psychedelic (124)wail (3)synergy (1)support (1) (0)
814DrToastytaiko (1)strings (402)harp (82)rock (1959)orchestral (141)orchestra (289)stormdrum (1)vienna (2)piano (957)scary (42)bells (78)