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IcarusTobinMuellerjazz (983)blues (741)alternative (400)vocal (197)keyboards (40)improvisation (103)saxophone (56)soprano sax (13)obsession (20)joy (67)Icarus (7)Pilgrim Village (11)
Woman at the Wellkrtaylopiano (957)improvisation (103)
Upon Reflection #1Mystifiedimprovisation (103)piano solo (15)piano (957)meditation (65)reflection (15)
New World BluesKomrade Kblues (741)fiddle (31)violin (104)acoustic (812)distortion (47)effects (25)roots (20)Komrade K (21)improv (57)improvisation (103)improvised (53)lament (23)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
Icarus II (w/ Texasfeel)TobinMuellerA Bit Of Light (14)jazz (983)blues (741)fusion (213)alternative (400)keyboards (40)improvisation (103)improvised (53)saxophone (56)soprano sax (13)obsession (20)joy (67)dolphins (5)Metamorphoses (1)myth (12)mythology (10)collaboration (131)Icarus (7)electric guitar (40)TEXASFEEL (21)McCaslin (3)Bowie (11)progressive rock (90)tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)sax (98)
Set an example #2Komrade KFairground (1)Electronica (379)minimalist (13)screaming ersatz guitar (1)organ (108)sinister (5)side show (1)freak show (2)improvisation (103)wot no fiddle? (3)Komrade K (21)
The Trees They Do Grow HighEd Hannifinfolk (545)improvisation (103)lead (20)guitar (1349)fingerpicking (50)lo-fi (39)
Midnight Clear/variationsthetilerMidnight Clear (1)Savior (9)Jesus (141)improvisation (103)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar (1349)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92)folk (545)
Kind of Electricrikelectric piano (18)improvisation (103)
Euripide, AtenieseDuoAzzoniimprovisation (103)poetry (147)piano (957)voice (56)Seferis (1)Euripides (1)
Forse un MattinoDuoAzzoniimprovisation (103)poetry (147)piano (957)voice (56)Montale (1)
Lucky RidePhilos60Freestyle fantasy language (3)TVI (1)improvisation (103)
Never SurrenderAEROjetBebop (17)fast (162)jazz (983)piano (957)hyper (6)no loops (38)improv (57)improvised (53)improvisation (103)chaos (36)chaotic (7)stressful (1)stress (10)anger (34)insanity (28)despair (19)
Memory of friends gone byVicDieselviol (1)gamba (2)improvisation (103)
InterboroiG.STUDiOJazz (983)Instrumental (832)Fusion (213)Sax (98)Improvisation (103)
Explodegkellertechno (472)trance (387)solo (125)synth (386)improvisation (103)improv (57)
meiteijap joint jerkimprovisation (103)slide guitar (13)remix. (2)
shinenjap joint jerkimprovisation (103)sitar (22)fuzz. (1)
I Can't Play the UkuleleJoannaukulele (27)Joanna (44)vocals (151)improvisation (103)
Up The Down Bound Escalator (featuring T.Togawa)iG.STUDiOsax (98)guitar (1349)improvisation (103)collaboration (131)drive (15)riff (20)solo. (1)
Piano/Guitar Blues ImprovJohn Stebbejazz (983)guitar (1349)improv (57)improvisation (103)blues (741)piano (957)France (13)Indianapolis (1)
Bubbling BrookCameronharp (82)solo (125)improvisation (103)
Stand UpJoannaJoanna (44)jazz (983)believe (32)fusion (213)vocal (197)singing (34)singer (32)jazzy (37)improvisation (103)improv (57)
Peace & LovePhilos60Peace (176)Love (1469)improvisation (103)
Pentagon Pushergeoff stocktonjazz (983)fusion (213)odd-meter (1)odd time signature (1)improvisation (103)ballad (259)
*ADMIRATION*Philos60Admiration (1)vocal (197)improvisation (103)
You'll Never Get the Answer if You Ask the Wrong QuestionB. Flatguitar (1349)jazz (983)improvisation (103)
The Natives are Restless - the coming of IkhabodVicDieselflute (193)native american (23)indian (29)improvisation (103)flutecore (5)
Late-Winter WaltzMystifiedMystified (167)improvisation (103)Valentine (15)
Vocal Improvisation 1MystifiedMystified (167)improvisation (103)
Everyone Relies on Timemichael2spaghetti western on acid (1)disgruntled at times (1)who am i ? (1)lo-fi (39)indie rock (41)psychedelic (124)synth wierdness (1)analog (26)improvisation (103)sexually ambigous but assured of my manliness (1)sine (7)oscillating faster than the speed of sound (1)
Last CalliG.STUDiOjazz (983)blues (741)swing (64)sax (98)tenor (15)bass (374)trumpet (105)improvisation (103)
6:20 pmrucamiguitar (1349)piano (957)mood (21)intrumental (5)improvisation (103)no notes (1)mic (6) (0)
knotted windpipeStun Nutzclarinet (46)improvisation (103)electronic (563)editing (1)glitch (35)noise (85)psychedelic (124)wankery (1)free jazz (5)squeak (3)honk (2)beep (5)
three degrees of dissonanceMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)dissonance (6)longing (40)sorrow (32)experimental (505)improvisation (103)
Painful (remixed)MystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)painful (4)improvisation (103)my first song! (1)
Shine Your Lighttelefanfunk (357)Jaco (4)Pastorius (1)Rocco (3)Prestia (1)Old School (17)Funk Bootsy (1)Collins (1)Funkadelic (3)guitar (1349)vocals (151)optimism (3)James Brown (5)Tower of Power (2)Gibson (4)SG (2)solo (125)improvisation (103)rock (1959)dance (780)
A Silvery Pink DayPhilos60fantasy language (4)improvisation (103)
Love Is EnoughPhilos60improvisation (103)freestyle vocal (1)
Regent's Park (w/stevel)sonic_magpieSonic Magpie (12)stevel (39)biba_nova (33)Mystified (167)particledots (40)Day For Night (12)walking (19)Regent's Park (1)foghorn (14)England (37)melancholy (80)doomy-gloomy (1)improvisation (103)
LillNisseCori AnderImprovisation (103)Curry-style guitar (4)
in winter's spellMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)meditations (1)winter (77)spell (7)improvisation (103)piano (957)bittersweet (16)sleep (62)forgetting (2)
FivesFrankAxtellguitar (1349)rock (1959)jazz (983)improvisation (103)blues (741)
Last Call (alt. take)iG.STUDiOsax (98)tenor sax (16)jazz (983)improvisation (103)iG.STUDiO (28)Ilya Gerasimenko (3)
A Choir To Preach ToiG.STUDiOjazz (983)rock (1959)fusion (213)world (236)sax (98)guitar (1349)sitar (22)bass (374)tenor sax (16)improvisation (103)iG.STUDiO (28)Ilya Gerasimenko (3)
the road I travel...MystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)improvisation (103)journey (85)life (255)traveling (9)roads (4)scenery (10)solitude (14)peace (176)serenity (13)sadness (43)joy (67)wonder (99)Light (158)Life (255)darkness (38)longing (40)meditation (65)inspiration (12)nature (72)sunlight (4)shadow (17)sparkles (2)creating (1)transcending (2)
inchwormMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)nature (72)beauty (45)green (34)inchworm (1)forest (23)magical (10)inspiring (6)meditation (65)ambient (831)piano (957)improvisation (103)
TornadoFrankAxtellguitar (1349)blues (741)rock (1959)improvisation (103)
A Purple Orange SkyFrankAxtellguitar (1349)jazz (983)rock (1959)blues (741)improvisation (103)
At The Top Of The WorldFrankAxtellguitar (1349)world beat (3)blues (741)rock (1959)jazz (983)improvisation (103)
The Big Bangapocafunkjam (94)groove (158)funky (92)horns (54)driving (45)beat (137)guitar (1349)improvisation (103)
row, row, row your boat (new mic test)MystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)microphone test (1)improvisation (103)a cappella (27)
MrPc 12/08nitekatt2009jazz (983)piano (957)bass (374)improvisation (103)
Prelude In A Minor Version 2 / Much LongerthetilerChopin (16)improvisation (103)acoustical fingerstyle guitar (1)guitar solo (124)
Rainy DaysFrankAxtellguitar (1349)blues (741)rock (1959)improvisation (103)
The Nairobi ExpressFrankAxtellguitar (1349)fusion (213)jazz (983)improvisation (103)rock (1959)
Daughter's Missed TouchquixoticgazerPiano (957)New Age (165)Instrumental (832)Improvisation (103) (0)
Baby's Got The MovesFrankAxtellblues (741)rock (1959)guitar (1349)improvisation (103)
ExplorationsFrankAxtelljazz rock (21)jazz fusion (77)guitar (1349)rock (1959)rock guitar (36)improvisation (103)modal jazz (4)blues (741)
Up 211FrankAxtellguitar (1349)rock (1959)blues (741)improvisation (103)
Up 211 remixFrankAxtellguitar (1349)rock (1959)jazz fusion (77)jazz rock (21)improvisation (103)blues (741)
14 Degree's North (improv)sentinaljazz (983)fusion (213)mellow (151)art (81)new (167)abstract (34)improvisation (103)
ZevatronFrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)guitar (1349)rock (1959)blues (741)improvisation (103)
The Ocean ManFrankAxtellrock guitar (36)jazz fusion (77)improvisation (103)jazz rock (21)guitar (1349)blues (741)rock (1959)guitar (1349)
The Minds Eye / remixFrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)jazz funk (2)jazz rock (21)improvisation (103)rock guitar (36)guitar (1349)
Satellites WatchingFrankAxtellrock guitar (36)blues guitar (23)improvisation (103)psychedelic (124)
Bandwidth BoogiePete_NBRock (1959)improvisation (103)improv (57)
Luna NuevaFrankAxtelljazz fusion (77)blues (741)guitar (1349)jazz rock (21)rock (1959)improvisation (103)
Luna Nueva remixFrankAxtelljazz (983)rock (1959)jazz rock (21)fusion (213)guitar (1349)improvisation (103)blues (741)
Kiev Decays to DustVaisvilmicrotonal (5)piano (957)solo (125)improvisation (103)
Improvisation No. 2 for MandyUnderThePianoManPiano (957)Improvisation (103)
Ever Coming Homealfredthepelicanimprovisation (103)classical (816)nylon guitar (5)acoustic (812)
In My DreamsUnderThePianoManpiano (957)art (81)flowers (33)improvisation (103)Mia Weinberg (1)Craig Addy (2)
scatterbraintelecaster29free-form (2)jazz (983)improvisation (103)improv (57)fusion (213)fretless (16)
DistractionoldlibmikeCombo Jazz (1)Jazz Instrumental (4)Improvisation (103)
A Ballad For The UnfortunateaRcTipImprovisation (103)hardware (5)random elements (1)
Collapsible Improvbudlive (168)improvisation (103) (0)
Collapsible Improvbudlive (168)improvisation (103)
Sound Rhythm Final Sectionbudlive (168)improvisation (103)
Roulette Final Sectionbudlive (168)improvisation (103)
Concerto on CaladanUltrabeastClassical (816)Electronica (379)Improvisation (103)
Concerto on ArrakisUltrabeastClassical (816)Electronica (379)Improvisation (103)
Moonlight Sonata on Enceladus (Beethoven cover)UltrabeastClassical (816)Electronica (379)Chiptune (9)EDM (13)Beethoven (15)Improvisation (103)
Junction 364, Planet HephaestusUltrabeastClassical (816)piano (957)improvisation (103)