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Mermaid (w/Electro Estate)ledebutantAbandonment (7)mermaids (2)David Hasselhoff (5)water (69)love (1469)recovery (5)healing (20)lies (32)female vocal (9)collaboration (131)brandon:p. Electro Estate (1)Electro Club Crew (1)
House of Cards (...When I Sing)TobinMuellerfolk (545)contemporary folk (2)pop (694)knowing no answers (1)uncertainty (3)unbelief (1)lie (14)lies (32)lying (2)transitory (1)temporary (1)garbage (6)electric piano (18)organ (108)fingerstyle guitar (37)songwriter (24)tobin (86)throw away (2)folk rock (45)A Bit Of Light (14)
Eye to EyejgurnerPolitics (49)religion (46)dissatisfaction (2)lies (32)hate (62)
Man of GodcjorgensenLove (1469)lies (32)women (21)religion (46)poetry (147)
Impossible Truthurbnitelet (16)cat (29)out (47)reality (28)lies (32)truth (46)reporters (1)youth (17)darren (12)urbnite (12)locke (3)lock (5)hammer (4)
Broken Liesmoorlandtlies (32)truth (46)dance (780)club (174)broken (77)lies (32)
born again liar reduxAppleVenuspolitical (50)industrial (167)dance (780)electro (185)pop (694)rock (1959)spoken word (78)Bush (58)lies (32)liar (4)war (168)iraq (42)
Born Again Liar (Final Mix)AppleVenusbush (58)iraq (42)war (168)lies (32)liar (4) (0)
I Do Believe I DojgurnerLove (1469)Lies (32)Betrayal (14)Remorese (1)Rumors (1)80s (45)Retro (35)
Lip Sync lies (by the Monggz)cjdaleylies (32)
"Durge To Surge"dwwave
You LieSudraLies (32)cheating (7)retro (35) (0)
A New Face In TownTheSkankBrothersFace (32)Mule (1)Chaps (1)Chapesses (1)GQ (1)Plastic (8)Lies (32)
Take It BackharoldsteeleTake it back (1)lies (32)Tears (44)Cried (1)Fears (2)Walls (6)Pain (93)Stumbling (2)Dream (157)
Sharing Beds with Historyguitapicklies (32)
Time And AgainHarnTime (141)thief (2)robs (1)moment (8)mirror (11)never (25)lies (32)memory (32)time (141)can't (8)have (15)
American Nightsefrostamerica (43)ghost (43)lies (32)night (129)nights (15)american (40)
An Echo Never Lies (LIOLI 9 Entry)Slashh!An (8)Echo (29)Never (25)Lies (32)
Father of...RainguitarLies (32)Evil. (1)
CHEATERneverminebetrayal (14)lies (32)hurt (26)cheater (1) (0)
Lies with the TruthjgurnerLies (32)disillusionment (3)
They Don't LieLes_Klootruth (46)lies (32)Les_Kloo (37)
HorsePaddyNavinCaryatidhorse (11)church (27)faith (62)fake (9)lies (32)
PromisejgurnerPromises (3)Lies (32)Relationships (43)
Book of LiesRobJVMbook (4)lies (32)book of lies (1)Rob K (1)Rob Kosinski (1)RUSH (8)
The Butcher's Bill - collabDWLWW1 (2)Vesta Tilley (2)music hall (3)western front (1)flanders fields (1)lies (32)patriotism (6)
The Butcher's Bill - collabDWLmusic hall (3)vesta tilley (2)marie lloyd (1)ww1 (2)lies (32)patriotism (6)death (198)destruction (20)carnage (1)sangre (1)mort (1)good old days (1)leonard sachs (1)