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Up In the Skyledebutantlo-fi (39)zoo (1)tamborine (2)cowbell (17)whirly (2)orangutans (1)monkeys (14)dead mice (1)crickets (7)
I am sureseltersmelancholy (80)soothing (37)relaxing (65)bitter (10)sweet (50)Lo-fi (39)
A word isnt always what you needseltersmelancholy (80)lo-fi (39)soothing (37)dreamy (42)nice (100)alcohol (12)gonore (2)gonarrhea (2)clap (7)
The Trees They Do Grow HighEd Hannifinfolk (545)improvisation (103)lead (20)guitar (1349)fingerpicking (50)lo-fi (39)
Get Next To Meneckbonesdetroit (22)lo-fi (39)rock n roll (27)neckbones (2)
Carport (All In Your Mind Mix)quintessonGarage (20)House (194)Chillout (62)Chill out (13)grime (1)ambient (831)lo-fi (39)uk garage (1)uk (10)instrumental (832)euro (11)pop (694)
He could have been another manseltersSelters (13)Magnus Torbjørnsen (1)Lo-fi (39)
Ain't It A ShameSea Monk SevenLeadbelly (1)Cobain (2)Lanegan (1)lo-fi (39)
IntruclafosodVideo game (15)lobit (4)lo-fi (39)fosod (4)TT (3)tiny tom (1) (0)
Caterpillarfosodlobit (4)lo-bit (3)lo-fi (39)video game (15)8-bit (11)16-bit (1)
DracuRockfosodlo-bit (3)lo-fi (39)lobit (4)lofi (3)video game (15)nintendo (12)
quiet onStun Nutzlo-fi (39)lullaby (79)quiet (53)sleep (62)
Like A Personmichael2Acoustic (812)Psychedelic (124)Freak Folk (2)Syd Barett (1)Pink Floyd (21)Lo-Fi (39)
I Can Be Happymichael2sunshine (30)pop (694)indie (192)lo-fi (39)alternative (400)girl groups (1)spector (1)
Dustmichael2ballad of shame (1)pop (694)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)predictable yet fairly enjoyable (at least for me) (1)prom ballad (2) (0)
Right As Rainmichael2drinking beer in an indie dive bar with a cute girl in glasses (1)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)corduroys and thrift store t-shirts (1)party had to end sometime (1)alternative (400)pop (694)indie-poop (1)endlessly touring in a broken down van (1)those are the only chords i know (1)playing for free beer and gas money (1)
Outsidemichael2psychedelic (124)space (234)spacerock (2)sci-fi cabaret (1)the loneliness of interstellar travel (1)indie (192)lo-fi (39)cinematic (124)
Sea-foam Greenmichael2pixies rip-off (1)old-skool indie (1)boy/girl harmonies (4)self deprecation (1)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)pop (694)alternative to what? (1)
Change Memichael2psych-pop (2)lo-fi (39)indie rock (41)psychedelic (124)i should probably stop using my wifes tights as a poor mans pop filter (1)i really really like spacemen 3 (1)wall of sound (8)a swirling morass of fuzz (1)more fuzz please (1)
Darcymichael2sad (189)sadder (2)saddest (2)drugs are bad for you (2)boy/girl harmonies (4)indie (192)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39) (0)
Even If It's Liesmichael2should have got Nico to sing this one (1)I'm sure that everytime i got my heart broke it was my own fault (2)lo-fi (39)indie rock (41)boy/girl harmonies (4)sadcore (4) (0)
Everyone Relies on Timemichael2spaghetti western on acid (1)disgruntled at times (1)who am i ? (1)lo-fi (39)indie rock (41)psychedelic (124)synth wierdness (1)analog (26)improvisation (103)sexually ambigous but assured of my manliness (1)sine (7)oscillating faster than the speed of sound (1)
Stayed At Homemichael2slide guitar never would have happened without George Harrison (1)pop (694)melancholy (80)indie (192)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)alternative (400) (0)
So Farmichael2melancholy (80)lo-fi (39) (0)
Past the Skymichael2indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)i heart cat power (1)melancholy (80)
The Migraine from Hell!Reinholt56Migraine (2)lo-fi (39)song in there somewhere (1)abstract (34)Trip hop (62)rock (1959)annoying (7)waste of time (1)get a life (1)tipping the scales (1)see a psychiatrist quick (1)
Pretty Girlfriendmichael2indie pop (4)boy/girl harmonies (4)cuddlecore (1)lo-fi (39)
tunnelVaisvilambient (831)lo-fi (39)
Man DividedPaddyNavinCaryatidlofi (3)lo-fi (39)
Fanfare for the Common DACH3nryApple II (4)ALF (4)Filter sweeps (1)electronic (563)8-bit (11)lo-fi (39)
Cellar Dweller -Live Recordingssewer rodCrap (46)lo-fi (39)fun (253)disgusting (4)sometimes (12)hard (103)