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New DayjgurnerMelancholy (80)bourbon (1)depression (39) (0)
I am sureseltersmelancholy (80)soothing (37)relaxing (65)bitter (10)sweet (50)Lo-fi (39)
A word isnt always what you needseltersmelancholy (80)lo-fi (39)soothing (37)dreamy (42)nice (100)alcohol (12)gonore (2)gonarrhea (2)clap (7)
Last Leaves of AutumnMystifiedautumn (41)melancholy (80)leaves (12)piano (957)
Come What MayCIPHERInstrumental (832)Guitar (1349)melancholy (80)swing (64)halftime (1)waffles (35)belly (5)nice (100)sweet (50)piano (957)cipher (23)easy (36)sad (189)happy (163)vomit (2)crap (46)hack (6)
Satisfy (collab with Bronco)seltersBronco (6)Selters (13)Melancholy (80)Soothing (37)sad (189)tired (19) (0)
Future PlainsGenEarMelodic (94)Driving (45)Dance (780)Melancholy (80) (0)
A Dream FrozenDJ_Veitemo (98)mellow (151)sad (189)melancholy (80)
Feel (w rschletty)mint01strings (402)pop (694)orchestra (289)melancholy (80)recitation (1)
Fleeting SunsetHolistikmelancholy (80)poetic (10)piano (957)reverb (64)holistik (44)sunset (25)fleeting (3)
Saving Great Turtle (w rschletty)mint01rschletty (65)acoustic (812)nylon (1)picking (8)folk (545)narrative (1)inspirational (109)melancholy (80)turtle (4)pop (694)mainstream (8)m.o.r. (1) (0)
How Many.....jgurnerFrench horn (9)Melancholy (80)Lonliness (12)
Wine Into Water (3rd in Woman In Bar trilogy)JoannaWoman (37)Bar (21)wine (19)melancholy (80)haunting (37)vocals (151)Joanna (44)enicholsIC (2)UncletupeloFan (1)
Trail of Tears (w rschletty)mint01Indians (3)trail (3)of (103)tears (44)strings (402)pop (694)protest (30)history (23)American (40)acoustic (812)melancholy (80)sadness (43)
Rocking PachelbelHenkeHenke (38)Pachelbel (4)melancholy (80)
My SongSmokeyVWnew (167)beginning (8)spring (112)melancholy (80)
Stayed At Homemichael2slide guitar never would have happened without George Harrison (1)pop (694)melancholy (80)indie (192)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)alternative (400) (0)
Slo-Boy Meets Snakecharmermichael2ambient (831)slo-core (10)melancholy (80)instrumental (832)post rock (12)lonely (64) (0)
Wrinkled on the Floormichael2space (234)melancholy (80)psych-pop (2)psychedelic (124)slo-core (10)post-rock (17)
Flames Grow Tallmichael2indie folk (3)freak folk (2)folk (545)fingerpicked (2)melancholy (80)indie (192)psych-folk (3)stay away from drugs (1) (0)
never walk awaymichael2melancholy (80)melodica (7)i'm not really sad at all (ever) (1)indie (192)
Caught You Smilingmichael2minimal indie (1)metronome (2)melancholy (80) (0)
Can't Help What I Am (LIOLI)michael2poor little guy (1)LIOLI (56)melancholy (80)
e-bow sizzlemichael2post rock (12)indie rock (41)experimental (505)other (58)e bow (1)melancholy (80)dazed and confused (2)
Oceanmichael2melancholy (80)slo-core (10)you need to put the delay on everything (1)my typical fare (1)
Sweet Little Girlsherrill56acoustic (812)lullaby (79)harmony (88)delicate (10)melancholy (80)
Faith Drives You Homemichael2faith (62)melancholy (80) (0)
So Farmichael2melancholy (80)lo-fi (39) (0)
Past the Skymichael2indie rock (41)lo-fi (39)i heart cat power (1)melancholy (80)
Green Fields of Canada (Space Re-Mix)michael2melancholy (80)irish (69)traditional (103)folk (545)psych-folk (3)psychedelic (124)ambient (831)drone (26)thanks Rebsie (1)
MelancholyEnrique GilMelancholy (80)
All My Friendsmichael2tom waits ripoff (1)wannabe paul westerberg (1)i will always love keith richards (1)piano is such a testy thing (1)melancholy (80)michael2 (15)sadcore (4) (0)
Down in the Valley (collab w/ Buckhorn)michael2prison (8)melancholy (80)songs about jail (1)public domain (2)collaboration (131)indie folk (3)if Leadbelly were a white man living in the digital age (1)
Quinto DíaSecaModesecamode (25)quinto (1)día (1)fifth (3)day (51)guitar (1349)orchestral (141)melancholy (80)longing (40)spanish (37)
Regent's Park (w/stevel)sonic_magpieSonic Magpie (12)stevel (39)biba_nova (33)Mystified (167)particledots (40)Day For Night (12)walking (19)Regent's Park (1)foghorn (14)England (37)melancholy (80)doomy-gloomy (1)improvisation (103)
On The Morningquarkheadchristmas (284)melancholy (80)joyful (5)
Fade a Littlequarkheadmelancholy (80)soft (85)mellow (151)acoustic (812)
My Time Machine12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
My Time Machine (Coffee House version)12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
My Time Machine (downloadable)12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
Emerging From SolitudeSinJimMusicPiano (957)Classical (816)Sad (189)Melancholy (80)Emotional (41)Strings (402)
Twist My Bionic ArmTheMeaningOfLifemelancholy (80)mellow (151)robots (18)bionic (1)
like rain...MystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)blue (60)rain (140)introspection (4)melancholy (80)clouds (30)sunshine (30)hope (132)smile (40)friends (78)journey (85)patience (6)compassion (9)forgiveness (22)rainbow (17)
You Don't Knowchronologicdream (157)melancholy (80)loss (85)
Negative Space (First Verse)ElPeruanohip hop (417)spoken word (78)melancholy (80)blank (1)negative (1)space (234)thoughtful (5)introspective (7)
Can't Let Go Of Youabitran128Soft (85)Rock (1959)Slow (120)Jazzy (37)Classical (816)Cello (82)Ballad (259)Melancholy (80)
Can't Let Go Of Youabitran128Soft (85)Rock (1959)Slow (120)Jazzy (37)Classical (816)Cello (82)Ballad (259)Melancholy (80)
Winter StarjgurnerWinter (77)loneliness (22)melancholy (80)star (22)relationships (43)
Your Shining Eyes - Thomas BatesonLonePineMusicyour (58)shining (8)eyes (45)renaissance (52)madrigal (5)love (1469)recorder (48)instrumental (832)melancholy (80)
Melancholy March of MadnessTheAppleDragonMelancholy (80)March (41)of (103)Madness (22)Film Scoring (14) (0)
New Genesismichael2melancholy (80)
AnathemaPatriciaGirlpiano (957)classical (816)sad (189)melancholy (80)roland (14)live (168)Logic Express (7) (0)
The Aura of that windy nightPatriciaGirlNew age (165)Piano (957)ambient (831)wind (60)wind chimes (5)starry night (1)synths (68)melancholy (80)mellow (151)smooth (120) (0)
ThereforeBriguy777Film (111)dramatic (34)drama (23)sad (189)melancholy (80)movie (49)soundtrack (289)Bulimia (1)teenage (3)
Boxmichael2lo-fi yet not really (1)melancholy (80) (0)
Rain-TimeFire_AngelSadness (43)melancholy (80)rain (140)thunder (26)mood (21)
Rain Time (Final?)Fire_AngelSadness (43)melancholy (80)rain (140)thunder (26)mood (21)
Rain TimeFire_AngelRain (140)Thunder (26)Mood (21)Moods (1)Movie (49)sadness (43)melancholy (80)
untitled 4/12/12 piece--ANYONE WITH LYRICS?indigobluSedate (3)Hypnotic (14)Melancholy (80)Insular (1)Moody (52)Arpeggiated (2)
Ritual Dance (Old faulty mix).Fire_AngelDance (780)Waltz (52)orchestra (289)orchestral (141)melancholy (80)
Ritual DanceFire_AngelDance (780)Waltz (52)orchestra (289)orchestral (141)melancholy (80)
Despairflagg1337Hard Rock (100)melancholy (80)moody (52)double bass (9)
A Minor MelancholyPeterB7858Melancholy (80)acoustic (812)